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should I redo installing the thermostat or is there something I am missing. I bled it like instructed, but it is still running toward hot on temp gauge
I cannot find what this warning alert means in the Jeep manual. Does anyone know the definition of "Entretien Programme??
This occurred after maintenance of the exhaust system and it is worse when the weather is cold. It lessens in warm weather. It was not a problem before the shop put installed new exhaust system. The reason they said t...
When I got the car it needed a jump, and started right up, after sitting for months. I even drove it home a 1 mile away, no problem. Now I have a new battery and maybe a gallon of gas in the car, but when I start it...
Seems like 1 or 2 cylinders aren't firing. It's the 4.0 6 cyl. Could it be the "computer" ? Crank sensor was replaced long ago. Thanks for any suggestions.
1998 jeep grand cherokee loradp.that has 170 thousand miles. The rubber boots that covers the CV joint is all but torn away. Currently on vacation and am concerned with driving a thousand miles home. Will it be safe t...
Had misfires changed all 8 spark plugs and coils but still have code p0356
That the jeeps string wheel moves to its like about to loose control and the right wheel to other drivers looks like it going to fall off
when i accelerate the mileage disappears and the brake and abs lights come on..when i brake the AIR BAG light comes on and dings really loud.. the radio was still working saying it was playing a song on the 10 disc cd...
When the lights are off the left brake light works, the right does not. When the lights are on both tail lights work fine. When brake applied, the left side shuts off entirely and the right side does not brighten. T...
When turning wheel I hear a faint swishy sound, happens when turning wheel right or left.
Replaced spark plugs, filter, sensors.
could I possibly have something going on with my suspension? I don't know too much about suspensions so I'm wondering if I have overlooked something.
Changed spark plugs and fuel filter
Power comes into the transmission relay switch for a couple of seconds then throws code ( not sure but I think its 753 and the mechanic told me it goes into limp mode) and then kills the power. We have replaced the t...
Will a 1999 jeep grand Cherokee loradeo windshield be the same size as a 1999 jeep grand Cherokee windshield?
Dash Lights will not com on I do have light on mileage gauge and info gauge
The whistling starts after 20 mins, and gets louder.
Battery and alternator test good. Changed starter and starter relay. Got jeep to start a couple times but now only starts if I put it in neutral.
It doesn't matter if it in neutral or put it in drive if u give it gas an let off it dies like u turn it off