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when I put it in drive it takes off but revs up real high a want shift into second or third but first and reverse work fine
Windows will not go down radio turn on and off The whole instrument panel is down
My Jeep went very low on power steering fluid so I took it in and they said it was leaking in the fan and the lines. And that It would run around $2400. Any thoughts?
There's a slight leak coming from the right rear axle. I got the fluid replaced about a month ago
just replaced the computer in it and also the low coolant light comes on when the coolant is full...
I was informed that the check engine light was on because I had some wiring issues with my car, dogs ripped off all cables because of a rat. shortly I had an overheated car and the water in the reservoir is boiling wh...
This sounds like playing card when put on a bicycle spoke. I've had different people say different things it could be, CV joint or drive shaft. I'm on a fixed income & can't afford to take it to a dealer. Any help I c...
and then when I'm on the highway if I go into a small bump or anything the whole front end feels like its going to fall apart really loose feeling
off. Now after 20 mins. car want start. And when it starts, it hesitate to go.When it's below 35 degrees it gives me no problem. I have spent a lot of money and still the problem is not solved.
No studdering or hesitation, engine just shuts off. Leaving all power to all components. When I try to start it up again immediately it does not turn over but whines like its out of fuel. Recently replaced the fuel ca...
The noise sounds like a flat tire when driving next to the divider on the highway. It vibrates through the pedal. steering wheel and I can hear other thing vibrate by the passenger side. When applying the brakes, its ...
Numerous mechanics can not track down the issue due to the lack of consistency or pattern. I hear guesses of body control module and wiring in the front doors.
2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited was in a low speed accident that deployed both airbags and I am just interested to see if it's worth repairing
should I redo installing the thermostat or is there something I am missing. I bled it like instructed, but it is still running toward hot on temp gauge