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The switch that controls direction of heat doesn't work. Only blows out front vents . Windshield fogs up on inside. Can drive for an hour on defrost & is fine. When sitting at idle, will blow cold and fog up. What needs to be replaced?

Also uses a lot of gas 13 miles to gal

Any suggestion for what might be causing problem ?

My 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee runs great. But when the outside temp is 65-70 degrees and driving at 55mph or greater and hit a small bump like a seem in the pavement or a pothole, etc... it will hesitate sputter for a few seconds. I have tried a tune-up, shocks, sway bar, steering damper, ABS, brake pads, brake calipers, throttle sensor. No luck so far.

anytime the heat or airs on

1. After remote start, engine shuts off.

2. error code p0481?

rpm and speedometer plus headlight flick on and off and other gauges comeon and off ..rpm and speed rev up and down

engine was running fine, shut it off for few minutes when i restarted it #2 cyl was dead. also affects #1 but compression is good there

O have no working wireless remote to my car until the one I order arrives. But Ive been having a issue with when I unlocked the doors of the truck after locking it the horn and singnals start to light and the horn blows. What could be wrong? Also my 6 changer cd player keeps flashing eryor and wont allow the disk to eject or play now.

my fuel pump was bad, replaced it, lasted 2 weeks then did the same thing again. then when trying to styart it was spitting out codes, so then I replaced the the main computor, two diff. sensors, new spark plugs. still wont start!

I've changed steering column and I was told by lock Smith that the key and skim in the column I installed doesn't match my computer so it can't be reprogrammed I've already spent a lot so wats easiest way to fix problem?

Can I turn off the "Automatic Mode" to avoid turning it off every engine start?

How much should a transfer case cost?? I believe, I payed too much. I payed $600 for the part and $300 for the labor for a, total of $900.

the owners Manuel states do not use power washers over 1200psi & I have no idea what the psi is at the auto car washes. Also a concern about it coming out of neutral when being pulled thru the car wash??? I am just a stupid concerned lady any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

Hey all.

I noticed that when I remote start my Jeep Grand Cherokee, it smells like gas is coming from the exhaust.

Is there a way to diagnose what is causing this and to fix it? There is no check engine light and no codes according to my OBDII reader.


I have removed it from the differential but the axle runs through the strut or shock mount - plz help soon lol

Would like to know the labor rate to pull a long block engine and swap it with a short block crate motor in the 29621 zip code. Engine is the 4 liter inline 6 cylinder

I think it's over heating, IDK.

how to fix a jeep grand Cherokee when I start it up it starts to smoke from under the hood and from the muffler real bad

The check gauges light is on and the engine does not start

few days ago my check engine light came on i put the code reader to it. it gave me po 304. from what i have read it has a mis fire. it has new timing belt distributer cap and wires and plugs. where do i go from here?

This happens before I get in.

under the hood and from the Muffler

Collal pack tune up

ok. previous owner said done this for years

Could the new resistor be faulty and have caused this ?

The vehicle will go in drive but, when it is put in reverse it won't move. just happened this morning. Could it be that the transmission is about to give up?

don,t know where it comes from

Replace or use used parts, how much would it cost

it wasnt bad at first but now oil comes out a whole lot mostly on the passenger side.can you help