I have an engine starting problem. To my surprise it starts normal for a cold start. However when I switch off the engine after a drive of 30 to 40 km approx., and try starting it, the engine is like it is stuck when I turn the key for the first time, the engine starts only when I turn the key for the second time.
Thanks in advance.

It seems to only happen when the Jeep is cold, someone told me it is my struts, that am bone to bone but would this make that sound?

has died while driving on freeway, roads, etc. Turns over, but dies...help!!!

and will Not Move onlyon reverse, and Dash shakes! Hope its not the Engine!

I shut off car right away & put water & it ran fine.

Likey original brakes (approx 80000 miles) so probably will need drums too. Going to take it to Jeep dealer. Thanks for any help.

There is a hook that does not line up and the muffler opening does not line up with the pipe

with dash control in heat position the valve activates but by passes the coolant back to engine, w/vacuum removed coolant flows thru valve & core & i hav heat. My question is have u ever seen the valve rotate on the shaft & cause this problem IE working backwards. All hoses are in correct orientation I even back flushed hoses & core, bled air & topped off coolant ??? Befuddled

I was adjusting my shift cable so I could go forward (that's fix). Now I cannot go into reverse it like the brakes are on. The reverse light comes on but the jeep will no into reverse. What did I mess up. The reverse was working before I made the adjustment. Do not know what I did?

when I drive it they start to rattle again until the transmission changes gears,the higher the rpm the louder the rattle gets.

No its not oil

What is the trade in value for 1994 jeep Cherokee with 280,000 miles

Computer scan says throttle control is bad. Is this a repair that I can complete myself?

I have changed out all the sensors. Then if you shut the jeep off and start it again it will go away for a little while.

I read that online somewhere. Is this true?

I took my car to another repair shop to have the heater core fixed. When I got it back, my remote wouldn't open the doors anymore. The light inside turns on, but the doors don't unlock. What's the problem? I'm not having any luck with the repair shop. What is the name of the part I need to fix this, and is it still available? The repair shop says they don't make it anymore. Thanks!

My jeep is throwing a po705 code the neutral safty switch but it still starts in park and neutral but I don't have back up lights in trying to find a bad wire or something does anyone have a suggestions or know the ohms it should have

I thought this site was for real but I was wrong & most people only want answers but forget helping the other person-


replaced the battery, cables, distributor cap, plugs, alternator, fuel pump and filter and still having the problem. Ill be driving and it just shuts off, let off the gas and it starts itself right back up. Any Ideas??

There no slippage nor loss of power. Bearings? How to go about repair please.

last Monday the vehicle sounded fine then on Tuesday morning as I pulled out the driveway is could hear the front axle growling- I checked to be sure I was in 2 wheel drive, all setting were A-Ok.
no codes or any sensor on the display popped-up.

replaces hubs-no help