Also it has over size tires which rub the fender do I need a lift kit or will a good pair of shocks do the trick ????

I was wondering what gas mileage i
will have and the power I can expect. Plus the same thing if I were to lift it 3 inches and
go from 27's to 29's. Thank you

Transmission seems to be in high gear all the time.

My key turns but now i have no heater interior lights dash lights radio wipers turn signals nothing and it also drains the battery fast i figured there is a short but im not sure where to begin looking please help i need this car running

I replaced the door distribution panels but to no avail

And is it possible to test speedometer cable from transfer case by turning the gear manually ? Also if there is no movement on the gauge how than can you determine if the cable or gauge is bad ?

Went out yesterday and it will not turn over. Replaced spark plugs along with
router and cap and am getting g a spark. I am thinking maybe fuel pump.......

When I try to put my jeep in 4wheel high,it just grinds and does not engage,but I can drop it all the way down into 4wheel low and it goes right in w/o grinding and engages right,what wrong?

What is the name of this plastic housing that the heating hoses come into? its white and has about 5 different hoses coming into it. its on the left side of the engine

Whyis this? What is broken? Car can be moved in park I have to use emergency brake.

Might a vacuum leak be the cause ? Looking for ideas / possible things to look for. Any ideas ? Of course it's winter. Thanks' to all who reply ! Happy 2015 !

Automatic transmission. Replaced fuel pump about three months ago. No codes. Hard long starts and have to give a little gas to start up also, has been jumping and hesitating on take offs and turns when fuel gauge reads half tank or less. Have heard that a throttle positioning sensor going bad would cause a problem like this (but that would throw a code right?), also a sending unit/fuel pump issue would have similar symptoms. Yesterday had jeep running at idle ran fine about five minutes later it was running rough(approx. 350-400 rpms) then ran fine once I gave it some gas. I put it in drive and moved abut 20 feet and it was running very rough again (same RPMs) then just died. Now all it will do is crank over no fuel pressure in fuel rAil check valve. Last fuel up was 2 days ago ( only drove aprox150 miles + or - ) has half a tank right now. And catalitic is removed (thought a clogged cat was culprit) turns out it wasn't oops! Any help on this will be greatly appreciated

At 45mph.when I pull over, it is hard to turn with out feeling as tho I'm gonna brake something when doing do. It does make a little cvc noise during this time.. remind you it only does this after driving it at 45 for about 10..