Front drive shaft is loose. Is this a problem with U joints?

This is a New England vehicle, 103,000 miles. A welder I know is concerned there is not enough "meat" left on the axle housing to weld. I haven't tried brushing or grinding it to verify. A found a company that makes a replacement part, but they have not responded to my email's about delivery. Everything else is fine. It will need new shocks all around.

The truck has been blowing fuses left and right since the radio was installed and now fuses look fine but fuel gauge quit working stuck on full and dome light wont go off and radio has been removed now too but still everything is acting screwy.. Also acts like a fan isn't working because thermostat rises when sitting still or going slowly but cools down when running highway speeds.

the engine is a 6 cyl 4.0 in a rear wheel drive and an automatic transmission. i need the sizes and thread counts.
there are also two nuts for the elecrical connection to the positive terminal and the solenoid. can you tell me what those are?

Alarm light on instrument panel.
"P I" .
Turn key, nothing happens, does not turn over. Just get the alarm lights.

I just replaced the flywheel and crankshaft position sensor in my 96 Cherokee Country. The vehicle will crank now but when put into gear the transmission makes a terrible noise. It was not cranked while towed. But the front tires look extremely out of line. What are possible damages from towing in this manner.

acceleration when i'm drive in it I need help what to look for and how to fix it please

I have low oil pressure when idling

cleared codes,now getting code 12 55 but still wont start????

Can't it just be welded if the crack is small?

Ac serving ads state $49.00 to service a/c systems. Why are the estimates here over $200?

How much to replace an exhaust manifold on my jeep? It was just replaced 4 years ago, shouldn't they last a bit longer?

Changed the coil.. Still nothing. Iv got power at the coil and distributor. But no spark coming from the coil. I was told if it was the cps at fault the fuel pump wouldn't kick on. But it does.please help

when going up a hill it feel like a turtle . but when I hold the pedal down it take off like jet

He also added and additional 3626.07 as additional work that needed to be done . Is replacing the transfer case assembly a safety issue that I need to fix right away?

Im a mail carrier and i get to same spot onmy rt when its warmer out and jeep wont re start. I have to wait for apprx an hour til gas smell subsides and then it will idle rough but finally start running right. Only happens when its above 65 degrees. Perfectly fine in winter time. At a loss!!!

Start. Looks like a key with line through it in top right corner of cluster

is this the range sensor and if so can it be cleaned or does it need replaced?

my rear o2 wiring harness got caught up in the drive shaft and tore two other wiring harnesses up in the process. i cannot figure out where one of them goes to. it is a round 4 pin female adapter and it has a black/blue, green/orange, black/white, tan/white wires. it plug into the wiring harness in the engine and i don't have a clue where it goes to from there. for some reason my engine is not getting any fire. i also cannot do not know the colors of the harness that plugs in to the rear o2 sensor. any help would be greatly appreciated.

driving on interstate about 60 i thought it died cause rpms went really high but went back to normal. i pulled over and stopped, when i tried to drive off i could only go about 25 mph??? with the rpms around 3-4

have no blow back at oil fill cap. motor has 265,000