check engine code is p0405.

Gas gauge and speedometer stopped working

My jeep will start fine but when your goin down the road it wants to cut out and not go when you give it gas it takes a while before it stops what could be wrong with it

Vehicle also stalls and sputters ,dies,won't start

I was doing donuts in the snow and heard a loud pop and the grill insert came flying off and the engine started to steam

I'm getting no spark and I changed the cps,pick up coil,ignition coil ever since I had eliminated the catalytic converter for a pipe the jeep started giving me problems,don't know if it might be the o2 sensor that goes in that area where the catalytic use to be also the obd scanner is not reading any codes the scanner starts to read and stays stuck scanning and never gives me a code and I know the scanner is good because I used it on other vehicles

I have a '95 XJ with the 4.0 6-cyl, and I went for a ride one night. It ran amazing all night until the way home. It idles at 800-900 RPM, when I touch the gas pedal it will go up to 3,000ish and start back firing and sputtering and climb no higher. But if I slowly, ever so slowly, push the pedal down it will climb up to 5,000. I don't understand. We checked multiple sensors, cut my cat off thinking it was plugged, and even added iso-heet to clear out any possible water. I've been told it's either my fuel pump or distributor cap. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Bought a new Jeep Cherokee Limited in 2001, its been well except for few repairs in the past 3-4 years. Lately, there is a whirring noise every time I accelerate and it is continuous, as though it is coming up for air...heaving breathing noise.
And, it makes noise when I turn steering to the right or left when making a turn.

Come to a complete stop but when I start to pull off its like my transmission didn't kick down to 1st gear. Give it gas rpms are real low until it kicks into 1st or 2nd gear. Sometimes I can downshift to first when it does it to get it to act right.

I had brake lights but no running lights thought I got it fixed but now the brake lights are not working. I replaced all fuses inside and out and nothing. Dash lights are out now too. What could be causing this

one owner Estate find, cant find a book value any help would be great

We drove from our house to my sister-in-laws house which is 8 miles, no problems. We left her house and got about 9 miles and suddenly in 4th gear started to lose speed, down shifted to 3rd gear and no change still lost speed. What could it be, please?

fuel pump, filter, throttle body modulator have been changed. previous symptom: high RPMs at starting. key starter switch sometimes failed-by-pass button installed directly to battery. with present problem stater will run but engine won't start using by-pass button.

My jeep cuts off in the middle of driving when it reaches 210 temp

trying to get codes to get emission test performed and scanner will not connect

I've replaced crank sensor coil plugs wires two relays in fuse box under hood cleaned throtle body wires and wrapped em properly car still stalls while driving after it starts missing and obdtwo diag still shows po123 to much voltage meter reads 5.15

I bought a fuse last friday for brake lights and signals. it blew this morning. bought a new one this morning and it blew too.

and was wondering if the head gasket was goin out or how my mechanic friend would diagnose the problem or issues