I crossed a road that was a bit deeper then expected. Soon after my car cut out. It cranks but I have no gages on the dash not even the amp gage and I know it has battery because it still cranks. I removed the coil wire and it is getting no spark from the coil

The gl;ass still unlocks and will open but the rest of the trunk doesnt

The factory alarm should turn off when you unlock all the doors by hand but it does not

I want to use my car to haul a 3200 lb travel trailer. Will this overtax my transmission or will this work?

At what point should I invest into new tires? I have 42000 miles and I was told by the dealership I needed to replace my tires at 35000 miles. When I had my oil changed most recently, I was told they are a "3". And that they should be replaced at "2". How many miles can I drive on the stock tires?

The tire gauge light on my dashboard stays lit, even though my tires are not low. Every time I get an oil change at the dealership, they tell me it will automatically turn off after I have driven 6 miles (they reset it). However, I have now had my car for four years, the light turned on 6 months after purchase and has yet to shut off.

Not sure if it's inside or out but I've cleaned the car out. Still can't find the rattle.

Usually, it pretty tough to push down. Once it went flat the ground and I only just lightly pressed on it..

seems to be in the winter time the most

my husband decided to play with his bass booster on his phone and plug it into our stereo. now the left speaker doesn't work anymore and i think he blew it out because it was playing for a little while after that. but when it was playing after that it had really static sounds and would cut in and out. how can i replace the speaker?

my aux cord is starting to not stay in the same place and there are days i have to adjust the cord i plugged in a few times in the port to get it to play the sound right. how can i fix it or replace it?

My left side headlight went out a few months ago and i tried to replace the light bulb. after replacing it twice they still do not work unless i have my brights on. i took it to a dealership and they said it might be an electrical problem. do you know what type of electric problems this could cause and how to fix them?

I turn my engine off and my car continues to run.

My jeep grand cherokee dashboard is going out, could it be my alternator?

My air doesn't work, but my heat works just fine. What could be the problem with my air conditioning?

how can you stop water coming in from the blower motor, pass side flood keeps getting wet

Rust has started in the driver's side door. How to I keep it contained and how do I fix it?

The tire sensors keep going bad and giving inaccurate reports. How can this be fixed?

Previous owner replaced tires, but too big and now rubs fenders when I turn.

Sometimes after I drive my Jeep Grand Cherokee the tires will have a burning smell. Why is this?

He was driving the other day, turned a corner and is suddenly started running like it has 2 of 6 plug wires unplugged.

we replaced the distributor cap ( it was grooved ) the rotor and the throttle Positioning Sensor because it felt loose and suspect to me.

It is throwing a P0138, P0300, P0700 and a P0740.

what could have possibly caused all of these codes to start suddenly? A fuse? A relay? Thanks for any help you might provide!


He said it was well maintained when it was running, I have no reason to doubt him. My Q is what kind of repairs can I expect to need?

My jeep has been sitting for years, the heater valve needs replacing, as do the rear wheel cylinders? How much is that?

Car has to be warmed up before it shifts into reverse

it started 3 days ago.

I am repairing my wrecked Cherokee and cant find where to mount the two sensors

Needles bury to zero in speedometer and tachometer, and check engine light comes on. Vehicle does not die, stall, jerk or anything. .... Yet. I

I drove an hour 65/ 70 mph and was almost out of gas stopped to get gas @ some place I always do , vehicle would not start. acted like battery was dying , turn over maybe twice would not fire, and then show sign of like loss of power . tried again / nothin.
waited 20 min & started up like nothin happened 30 min later shut off again. same thing would not start . left it came back two hrs. later started up again like nothing happened drove 65 mph/ 70.45 min to store . turned off & tried to turn on came on? again came on ? like nothin happen hour later started, drove 20 min 65/70 * 20 min 30 /40 mph used short distance roughly 20 min a day later . no problem 40 mph Monday started off no problem 30 mph 20 min. & to 65/ 70 MPH 20 MIN THEN! In 4th Gear while shifting to 5th
Began to buck & loose power no throttle power at all as no gas.
Note : One two weeks prior to this I did loose my serpentine belt due to a faulty stationary fly wheel which had to be replaced But for two weeks I had no issue's what so ever! & the problem only was occurring when I shut off engine not while driving. I do hear a slight noise coming from gas tank as per pump maybe? engine turns over and gauges all seem to want to show & work but rough when try's to start but wont

After starting car and shifting car to drive, attempts at accelerating wont happen. Gas pedal touches floor.