It came up with crank position sensor fault so I replaced it it then come up with timing Chane fault so I replaced the timing chain and now it is coming up with throttle body fault but it seems fine it's like the computer is bad and making the car run really bad why might this be ?? It happens all the time and doesn't go away

junped car battery takes a charge.will not idle

I can hear the liquid dripping when I drive the truck and then park

My '04 Jeep Grand Cherokee Wagoneer has 104K miles and I seldom drive since I've retired (3-5000 miles per yr). When weather turns cold, the front end slightly creaks like metal on metal when I hit a pothole or rough patch. Also the steering wheel squeals slightly when turned all the way. Suggestions on front shocks/struts and remedies for both symptoms appreciated. Also what is a respectable price range for these two repairs? Thanks, Mick

Only dtc 2100 low bat voltage--battery was run down Starts. Have been having overheating issues. replaced water & thermostat. fan runs

Driving in the rain and ABS and anti-skid light came on. Cruise control will not come on

grinding and clicking when you turn or go stright

The turn signals sometimes work sometimes they do they could be on and then shuts right off the flashers work though

Jeep start up run thay put spark plugs and replace 02 sensor and thay checked 1 compression (60 lbs) but thay don't know what going on if my Jeep Liberty 2004

Put a new idle control senor in and its is still stalling while driving. stall everytime I drive

code says #6 fuel injector circuit.

So every time I press on the accelerating peddle there is a knocking noise that is loud and the car starts to stall and turn off

Is this physically possible, and what would it cost? I would accept a 2WD with non-drive axle free-wheeling if 4WD is not feasible or cost effective.

Doesn't come on .is there some other fuse or relay panel other than the one under the hood

how many hours take to put a flywheel in a jeep, and price of fly wheel for 1993 jeep Cherokee

It was running when parked went to move started no power then it died mow it wont start and says that code but it jyst keeps turning over but doesnt start??

It just turns over like it's not getting fire.

When I press the remote to open the hatch it opens and when it should stop at the open point it closes. How do I fix this please.

the screen on my radio fades in and out. took the dashboard off and there was water and rust around the radio. where is the water coming in and how can I stop the leaking?

ithas been running a little hotter than normal. changed t/stat 6 m0. ago it helped for a time but doing it again. dont want to take any long rides till resolved

After engine warms up. 5.7 engine

I have very little power when i step on the accelerator.

my Jeep has very little power when i step on the accelerator. I was told it is the input speed sensor. What is that and how much will it cost to replace it?

subsides little when driving. No trouble shifting (auto trans) , no leaks. Any ideas of what it could be. A/C also died. Could they be related?

Driving on the freeway at sixty five MPH at 2 RPMs before it gets ready to downshift it falls on its face. It feels like the transmission. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. It has 102,000 miles on it. We hooked up a computer for the motor under the steering wheel and the computer says that there is nothing wrong with the motor at all. Also the motor was recently pressure washed. The check engine light came on briefly after driving a mile but went off right away. The computer doesn't even read that the check engine light even came on.

I was driving and it shut off...like it literally locked up me... And now it's not doing anything!!!..
I need a mechanic..

Have checked wiring, but still no solution found.

Jeep has set a few years not driven often. Sometimes fuel pump kicks on fine but sometimes will not at all. Checked fuses and they are good.

Still the check engine light does not clear still states miss fire on #5, what next? Is it the fuel injector for #5?

The fan is not coming on as the engine gets hot. I have replaced the thermostat, the radiator cap, flushed the radiator, and both relays are good. What else could be causing the fan to not come on. The fan spins by hand.