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The person I bought it from states it use to work. He stored it at a friends house for a while and when he returned it the trunk would not open. When I push valet on the dash it shows valet mode. When I push the tr...
I replaced fusebox, fuel pump, relais,!!
My 2005 xj8l cintinue to pull while stopped at stop sign while still in drive? on another occasion I had to release foot off brake and allow vehicle to drove forward.If someone was in front of me I would have hit them...
while still in drive? on another occasion I had to release foot off brake iand allow vehicle to drove forward.If someone was in front of me I would have hit them from behind. this happen twice in last 2 months
you test the system to locate problem i did hear air escaping at the left rear when car was turned off and i noticed the dust cover is split on the rear shocks
For some time now, my car is showing a constant amber warning light for the airbag. Is this likely to be real fault or a fault on the circuitry? If it is the latter, how can I reset it?
What would be the first thing to do before starting
turn the car off a minute and start back up light goes out no major problem just curious
the car has been siting for a while- the battery when boosted lights come on..but the starter just clicks...
I was driving home a month ago and noticed my power was cutting out and it would die and I had to jump so I found out the alternator was bad. I havnt had the money to get it fixed until now so I figured if I charged t...
I am trying to replace the ecu on a 2004 xj8 jaguar
after starting car up went about 4 miles radio went off and on then completely went off..windshield wipers stopped...transmission fail warning came on messages then completely stopped had to pull off road with everyth...
i took it to a mechanic and he replaced the firing senssor and the engine computer and still it does not work. the engine will start rough but it is not locked or it does not overheats.
on board conputor reads restricted performance plus yellow light displayed not red light
my 2004 jaguar xj8 stalled after going through power car wash and then wont start
Replaced bulb but that didn't fix anything. What could it be? Bad relay maybe?
how do you remove and install new front sway bar bushings
It does not matter how far between braking, on the third time Fail Safe lights.
Codes said I need a new coolant temp. sensor. I have the part
I have a 1999 Jaguar xj8. it runs perfectly with no loss of power or indication of engine problems. However every few weeks I am having to top up the coolant with coolant low indications. I cannot see a leak, could th...
Recently, I tried to fill the gas tank which was almost empty. About one minute into the process of filling...gasoline began to spew out from the filler hole. Same thing happened yesterday when I was only able to p...
turn over greatly,but being told i need engine because saw scrapping at bottom of engine by using some type of camera.