I go and start up my car and as I'm driving, the engine light comes on, the screen on the odometer says "Cruise Control Not Available", I cannot pass more than 3000 RPM's and the car bucks everytime I get to to 3000. As soon as I make 55 mph it turns off and when I slow down or come to a stop for a moment, it comes on again. Please help? and whats wrong and price to fix? My car has a lot of problems and I want to get these fixed.

The master cylinder that also serves as the clutch cooler has already been replaced. The leak from the slave indicates this may be the problem. I have received a wide range of prices.

before start the fan the water is evaporating from water tank no pressure while pressing the hose (normal)every day i have to add water no leak at all

its and awd but the rear tires only work, I noticed it when it we had some snow here in upstate New York

2003 model 2.1ltr V6 engine

I change the transfer case and now the reverse did not work, the transmission was working perfectly before

112,000 miles - just bought and less than 100 miles engine light is on- something about cams, expensive? Also AC goes on then quits? Getting full diagnostic test on Monday. Any suggestions?

My engine light turned on and the heat indicator light turned on shortly after. How do I fix this issue?

do not experience jerking when accelerating normally or slowly

I turn my air on and it gets cold and then it stops for a while and starts back. My right front window botton Is not engaging. Can my remote be fixed?

im at my wits end! Replaced my position sensor at the throttle body with another and still have the same code. I don't know if its positioned right or if it too is bad since its a used one from the junk yard.im in need of help. I love my jag but she may have to go.

Does anybody have any tips or anything to help me out, I have to change a transmission in a 2002 jaguar x-type and I haven't done it before. Ive changed a transmission but not In this car so please help

How much is parts and labor for a driveshaft 2002 x type model

It's making a whining and vibrating noise when I pass 35

Car keeps lossing power code reader cylinder one misfire changed spark plugs still nothing any one help

Owned x type for couple months. A couple days ago i decided to clean/detail under hood. Bought a degreaser sprayed all over.. Rinsed it off with a lot of water i didnt cover any thing... Then sprayed engine detailer... This morning as i was driving i felt some shakein.. Drove back home the car has very little power and vibrates alot when im hitting 49mph... Might i sprayed or wet soe sensor or something... Any help apreciated

had rear break light replaced at sears. 3 days later could not get out of park. Shop ran diagnose replaced brake light fuse & adjusted break light switch. 3 days later could not get it out of park . Shop has had my car 2 days and cannot find the problem. Help

How much cost for repairing speedometer for jaguar 2004

I have 2005 x type sport

I was told, by the Jaguar dealership in Birmingham, that replacement of my headlights -- both have gone out, but the parking lights are still on -- would cost between $500 and $1,000, because the bumper had to be removed.

Does this sound right?

My transmisison slipped today upon excelleration. I've owned it two years the transmission has never been serviced. What firt line of defense should i take?

The transmission has never been serviced. What should i do?

car stalls out most of the time

Hi, My 2003 JAGUAR XTYPE 2.5 V6 AUTOMATIC, went into limp mode while i was going 80 mph on the freeway. The engine light came on and the limp mode light. My mechanic said its in need of a new transmission, Im hoping for something else. The car will go about 5 seconds and drive with just the engine light on and then the limp mode light will go on and car wont really accelerate. Whats weird to me is before this happened, i would be sitting in the car and listeningto music with the switch on right before you turn the car on and if i started it from that point it would go into limp mode, but i would just put it back in park and turn it off. Then it would be fine once I restarted it. Help! I really cant afford a new car or transmission. Im carless and hopeless right now.

What is the crank sensor

it was running fine then engine stopped, struggled to start , when started it will only run for 30 secs, then dies, if i wait awhile it will start and run for 30 secs,

is there a certain way to replace the coolant cap on an x type jag