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My dad did not buy the car new but it is in ecxelant condition. I read about all the lights comming on and I am going to try to change the battery first. My father told me the car just sat for a long time and the batt...
i have changed the transmision oil, drove car for two days, now no gear responds,engine starts up fine, but when shifted to R,D,2 and 4 car does not move. please help me understand what can be the problem.
I took it to get the climate control module and when I got it back the lights dint work the wipers didn't work the doors don't lock
Can I put the air recirculation button on permanently? It keeps going off every few minutes.
Had new pan and filter installed along with re-programing Still does it. HELP
Noticed clutch slipping and revving during acceleration or hill climb. replaced clutch plate, slave cylinder and thrust release bearing. after clutch bleeding now pedal solid hard. unable to depress to engage or dese...
Across my dash cat fault check booth has no codes stored in computer. Don't know what it means or how to clear it thanks for any help ronnie
so how much estimated will the parts and labor cost ?
the engine light came on went starting it has to grind and grind to start you can hear a growling noise in the back of car
Car was running fine earlier. Turned car off. About 10 minutes later started car and it was running rough with restricted performance message stalled and wouldn't start again. Coils and plugs are fine.
the brake pad and rotter are recently change from & rear but still said something wrong with the park brake. beside engine system default and DCS not available as soon it appear on scream the car low his power to 0 an...
Also, where can I find a C2032 battery for my car remote lock ?
Problem was noticed yesterday. Seems like something is blocking the entrance.