Hello I appreciate all you guys answers. I have a 2005 Jag the left rear door sensor for something I don't know it is keeping my the doors from locking or and arming my system. I did the WD 40 a couple of times to no avail. Does anybody have any other suggestions? Also the wiring harness that goes through the door jamb to that door can I feel bad that rubber boot trace some wires and jump them? I don't need the light to come on over its only me driving lol

i have replaced the throttle body twice so What else might cause loss of power in my jaguar ? and what possible remedies might fix it?

and it stills continued to lose power what might cause it to continue to fail after replacement when the only code that comes up is for TPs?

The problem used to occur on long distance trips. Now it occurs on shorter trips.

Car want shift from reverse to other gears, what could be the problem is it with the shifter cable or shifter box?

key was made do not have the remote to lock/unlock doors

One is a 'S' and the other us a funny Lil symbol

The leaver to lock /unlock door from inside will not move all other doors ok !!

I purchased a used Engine Harness on E-BAY for this car the ID on the harness is 4G 762 AB but the one in my car ID is 4G 762 AA their is one breakout within the harness of the AB harness which is not on the AA harness all the rest of the bundle fit my car, can I still use this harness in my car?

Does any Jag owners have any history with this issue and or suggestions to next diagnostic test?

the repair place reset the light, but it came back on. The gear won't change from 1st gear. What can cause this?

three recent issues where shift from first to second not smooth
once traffic jam forty five minutes high heat
other two times accelerating after going over a speed bump

I can't get out of rear. And sometimes the car will not move in drive. HELP PLEASE!

am not getting any juice in the air compressor,what can I do?

Where in Atlanta is the cheapest S-type body without a engine and transmission?

i replaced the climet control unit with a rebilt one.and i still have the same proablem.can u give me some test to preform.on this car.