on/emergency break NOT on. And I cannot drive nor reverse.

If I turn the motor off and start the car, sometime 5-6 times, the emergency break light goes off and I am able to proceed. It's annoying and I know there must be a bigger problem. How is this problem resolved?

The doors unlock for about two seconds, then they lock again.

Front moror fan

I had a timing tensioner replaced and a coil pack. there is still a restrictive performance light that comes in and out. the check engine light stays on. there is the slightest sign of a tap but barely

I had the care looked at and there's a knocking noise to it and even louder when revving up the engine. I was told it could most likely be the Piston rod.. My question is whether it can be fixed and if so roughly around how much? A mechanic I know says it can be fixed underneath without having to take out the engine from the top..

I was told that number 4 was showing signs of failure. I had the #2 replaced and that did not solve the restricted performance and ignition light still displaying. there were indications that 4 was showing fails I bought another coil pack now I need to know which is 4

The 3 lights that stay on all the time is the left turn light, battery light and brake light (all of which work fine). All gauges stopped working-rpm, speedometer, battery gauge, oil gauge, and temperature gauge.

need to replace ecm

I disconnected my dead battery in order to take it to battery shop for replacement while waiting for ride to take me to dealer. I had closed my trunk in the meantime, but now can not get in the trunk - my remote and trunk release in vehicle do not work with battery disconnected. Obviously, there should be a manual way to get into the trunk to replace the dead battery

I live in southern ca. we've had some cold nights, car is parked in garage and when start in the morning, when leaving for work the air suspension will not rise. When leaving for home they work fine.
Warning indicate: vehicle to low/ air suspension fault, check air right front tire.
If answered before end of year, use this email (nate.hutcherson@horacemann.com)
Your help is appreciated.

went to have my jag inspected and was told I had two misfiring pistols and would cost $2,700.00 to repair I need a second opinion before spending that kind of money and don't have too

I bough some bad high grade gas, and was told I had two misfiring pistols and his mechanic could repair it for $2,700.00 so I need a second opinion before having it done