I'd like to know those arrows on top of that mean what are they supposed to be positioned and is there possibly air getting in line if that one line blew off can I use epoxy to put it back in its gotta be somewhere in that connection cuz its one when it blew off it's when all the trouble started the relays have got to be good because it still starts it just acts like it's not getting enough gas or it has bad gas in tank also have changed out the filters I was also told that if you change out the other fuel pump you have to change out the whole tank

My gear box fault light came on and seem like the transmission is going out

it threaded about 1 inch and has a smaller shaft about a inch long.

I can't move it. Anytime gas is given it bogs down. It idles kind of rough. When i rev it, it will sink slow then back to idle. I am not a mechanic. What would make this happen?

trunk(boot) to get at the battery. Cant turn the steering wheel or get it out of park for a tow !! Help111

Also have cylinder 1, 3 & 5 misfire also detected. Have replaced coil packs, plugs, cleaned injectors. Any ideas?

Whe cold start car there is sort of alight tapping sound on the passenger side of engine after a few minutes it seems to go away -- what could this be

when I start the car its as if the idle wont keep the car running, but its not when the car is warmed up it runs great when the gages are in the middle between hot and cold, and sometimes I smell a burning smell but I also didn't fix the gasket oil leak is this something that's going to cost a lot I had a mechanic say its electrical and that he didn't want to touch it to bring to jaguar, what should I do waiting.

Have disconnected battery to reset; was told to use key to lock & unlock door 2 times...nothing works. No engines sounds at all.

My fuel gauge needle is sporadic. It does not always reflect the actual amount of fuel in my fuel tank.

Usually, after I turn the vehicle off, then on, several times and drive it, it settles down.

This said, the range function on my Trip Computer is always spot on -- accurately displaying a mileage consistent with known fuel onboard. The range number does not vary with the fluctuating fuel gauge needle.

Any insights and technical information would be most appreciated.

Just replaced the dccv and refilled with coolant and heat never warmed up and I noticed water running from a pan next to transmission. Car is elevated on car ramps on front

I'm thinking about purchasing a remanufactured ABS module lifetime warranty for 299 is that a good price also what is labor cost to replace the ABS module.it looks like a fairly easy job other than bleeding the brakes.can my local mechanic do it a lot cheaper than the dealership

It is an 8 cyl engine with 52000 miles

Sometimes when I turn it up to 36 (max volume) it is like the average volume I would leave it at if the stereo were working properly, however I want to be able to turn it up. Sometimes in the summer the audio worked perfectly but then it would just die down almost like it lost half of its power. any suggestions?

I've taken the car on numerous "drive cycles" and the oxygen sensor remains "not ready." The repair shop wants to replace all oxygen sensors, I cannot afford this and it seems unnecessary. Is there anything else I can do? Is there a drive cycle specifically for a not ready oxygen sensor? (not heat sensor BTW)

The battery had no charge so I removed the battery and had it charge. When I put the battery back into car the radio came on and the radio was on off.