Car smells like gasoline immediately on startup (cold) inside of car

I tried to find used head lights found 03 had same problem found 04 had same issues all the internal adjusters had shattered

Anytime car is driven then sits for a day or so, battery goes dead. Can recharge and start. Generator does not get charge to battery. Voltage regulator is in generator. I am stumped for ideas.

new alternator, new belt, new cables. Alt light is not on when cold, but when warm, during running randomly blinks on and off and after shut down, while warm, start it up alt light goes out, but after a few minutes it will come on and stay on. Shut vehicle off for 30 seconds , now sometime a couple times to get alt light to stay off.

This is also right around the time the engine reaches normal operation temperature.
My XJS has 96,000 miles. She sat (un-driven) for about 3yrs but I went out and start her up every so often over the three 3yrs and now this problem.
Fuel is good (New Fuel Pump and Filter), battery is good. I have replaced both Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (ECTS) and my Intake Air Temperature Sensor (IATS). Could it be my Fuel Pressure Regulator and/or my Ignition Module (IM) A and B Bank? Please help. Thanks.

I dropped my oil pan on a no start xj8 I bought to see if there was any plastic pieces from worn tensioners. The pan was clean. I turned the key to the on position and heard the fuel pump run for a second. About 1 hour later I looked under the car and fuel was on the floor. What Im asking does it only come through because of leaky injectors?

Forward alert can not be turned off so runs down battery.

The owner's manual says premium gas only, but, I heard that regular gas is now much better than it used be. Do I need to keep spending the big bucks at the gas pump?

What could be wrong

I just want to know if the XK8 is getting more expensive and if so tell me why thank you so much

i am getting errror messages on voltage bank sensor 2 and response bank sensor 1

What happens on my 1990 Jaguar you put the battery in wrong what will it cause problems on

What happens when you put the battery in wrong on a xj6 1990

The car wouldn't get into gear so we changed the gearbox. After installation of the new gearbox, a Gearbox fault error came on the dashboard and it doesn't want to clear.

Having transmission issues for a while now and seems to be slipping there's no noise at all just doesn't want to accelerate seems to be sliding RPMs continue to rise put it on put it on a code reader and the only code that it spits out is p0175 for the speed sensor not knowing whether its the transmission sensor itself or the wheel sensors the dealership said we might be able to get aftermarket for the transmission sensor because they no longer carry it and it cannot be ordered

Car missing it starts fine it sounds like a knocking sound coming near the fuel injector

What should the temp of engine be when filling transmission fluid

Also the driver side blows cold and the passenger side blows warm when I have both climate control temperatures set to 65°AC

Even though the driver side is colder than the passenger it still isn't ice cold like it used to be anymore, what's the problem?

It's missing real bad it makes like a rattling sound and where is bank 4

Accelerate book said it in limp home mode
What does it mean?

Once engine cools off it will start.

I have restricted preforming light and when I give gas it skipping

My Mechanic charged me around $1400 for total including labor.

Amber light is olso on

Compression reads 65 psi. Car has 110k miles. Fuel and spark are present. Car has rough idle due to misfire of and also makes a steady ticking noise near cylinder 8 which sounds like a valve noise. Does head need to be pulled? If so can it be done with engine in car? Oil and coolant are not mixed and car does not overheat.

Runs good till it warms up then it will turn off

Car temp went all the way to the right , all red lights came on.

I live on Gulf Coast & this problem started in July and most frequently during the day.

I don't know where the owner manual is. Is there a code for this? And what does it mean?

It cause my engine light to come