Having transmission issues for a while now and seems to be slipping there's no noise at all just doesn't want to accelerate seems to be sliding RPMs continue to rise put it on put it on a code reader and the only code that it spits out is p0175 for the speed sensor not knowing whether its the transmission sensor itself or the wheel sensors the dealership said we might be able to get aftermarket for the transmission sensor because they no longer carry it and it cannot be ordered

Car missing it starts fine it sounds like a knocking sound coming near the fuel injector

What should the temp of engine be when filling transmission fluid

Also the driver side blows cold and the passenger side blows warm when I have both climate control temperatures set to 65°AC

Even though the driver side is colder than the passenger it still isn't ice cold like it used to be anymore, what's the problem?

It's missing real bad it makes like a rattling sound and where is bank 4

Accelerate book said it in limp home mode
What does it mean?

Once engine cools off it will start.

I have restricted preforming light and when I give gas it skipping

My Mechanic charged me around $1400 for total including labor.

Amber light is olso on

Compression reads 65 psi. Car has 110k miles. Fuel and spark are present. Car has rough idle due to misfire of and also makes a steady ticking noise near cylinder 8 which sounds like a valve noise. Does head need to be pulled? If so can it be done with engine in car? Oil and coolant are not mixed and car does not overheat.

Runs good till it warms up then it will turn off

Car temp went all the way to the right , all red lights came on.

I live on Gulf Coast & this problem started in July and most frequently during the day.

I don't know where the owner manual is. Is there a code for this? And what does it mean?

It cause my engine light to come

Water is visible between head and block,
at #3 cylinder, gasket blew on outside instead of inside .

Sometimes when driving, the wipers will come on automatically followed by air conditioner vents closing. Then certain issues arise.

Under 100,000 miles? between 100,000 - 150,000 miles? Or over 150,000 miles?

My 03 S type will not start battery charged etc. I have no key fob. It has been suggested the security system is the issue. Can you help?

The parking brake on light is coming on and the parking brake is not on. It dings every time I accelerate from a complete stop and the red light is on that's his break in addition 2 the parking brake on light any ideas? How can I turn the light off?

I dont understand what happened. My jaguar vanden plans just stopped charging right after I got gas. Any ideas on what happened or where to start?

goes on. Am told car doesn't keep engine ck codes when turned off?

There is a 6 inch or so scuffs and light scratches on rear number...how much would cost to repair or replace at a body shop

Hi, Is there a sequence to reset the alarm on my own? I need to open my trunk to replace the dead battery. Manually and jump post options did not work. Thank you

Windows do hot roll up wipers do not work. Lights radio work the car just stopped in the road I have been told it is something with fuses

when turning when in lower speeds


Where *Exactly is the pull cord located behind the arm rest on the back seat? The battery is dead and I can't pop the trunk. I had someone pull out the backseat but they said they didn't find anything. They were looking for a lever. Hopefully it was overlooked!

Can't opened hood,one of the two cable broke when I was trying to opened how can I fix that

water is some how filling in the area that surrounds the fill area around the gas cap