After starting my car when I try to shift from park to drive the shifter stays stuck in park.

No diagnostic codes showing. Brake lights seem to work when I shut the lights off.

Just drove the car to get a bite to eat without a problem. No prob going to work, lunch, or driving home. Came back an hour later and this happened.

Key fob batted had been saying low battery for a week or so. Not sure if it's related

Started after I hooked up battery after sitting for 6 mos in storage. Ran a 1/2 hr. Went to start again , cranked but no start? Gas in tank! 1st time this happened since buying car.? no fuses blown! possible fuel pump? Location of pumps. No pressure on fuel rail fitting.

I get these messages as soon as I turn on the key.

Light comes on when driving at 55mph, not on ignition.

What makes my car say cruise control not available

When I try to put it down there is a fairly loud click from where the relays are in the trunk. When i push the button the other way, there is a slight click but much softer and it seems to come from same spot. Quarter windows work fine.

It started once and then that was it cranks good no start. Also I use starting fluid to test fuel flow. No start it acts like there is no electric spark to the plugs.

The back shoocks are broken too

We thought it was a sensor that was broken but it could be a fuel pump

The problem is all the time I cannot get constant voltage only switched voltage.

So just recently my 2000 Jaguar S-type 4.0 V8 started running rough when I was idling. I thought it was the spark plugs so I replaced all 8 but that hasn't fixed the problem. Now it runs rough all the time. It lacks power when accelerating and feels like it is struggling to stay running. It is also leaking a significant amount of oil. The car idles normally around 600 RPM but now it will dip down to 400RPM which causes a large amount of Vibration. I don't know what the problem is. Could it be the Coils?

Not causing any problems when driving.

Transmission slipping .

What could be the issue?

I had replaced battery inthe fob key.about 5weeks ago ever since the the car will lock me out won't start and lock the luggage door out it been 4 times ever right now haven't been abell tostart the car i have grocceries locked in my truck for the last 2days it keep stateing restricted performance. check engine light. the person i purchase the car from has a shop and each time i 'd it towed twice to the shop and then as soon as it drop off the car unlockes every thing with out him having to do nothing but turn the key, he then tells me not to use the fob key button to gain enterance to the car and if the button are pressed it locks me out again , in need of some real help PLEASE LOOSING MY MIND

Car starts and runs idles a little rough but does not have any power once in gear

have hard brakes all pads changed

I've checked fuses, replaced bulbs, still no right side tail lights.

I plugged in a scanner that read 12 problems with these codes.po301,303pl313,316,po101,128,442,455,p2 135,po456,pl111. What does all this mean

go until it hits 3 gear and then it drops to 450RPM then chugs and dies. Also noted plugs carbon up. check light on, won't register any codes after I cleared it. hope I can fix, spent already 650.00 and run out of funds.

The system has been going off and on for a year now but I would restart the engine and it would come back on but this time it stayed off.

My head lights on my 2006 Jaguar Vanden Plas flicker off and on, often when I turn on my right hand turn signal. I have the original battery could this be the problem?

Oil is coming from latch that holds top
Top will start to rise then stop

New coil packs, plugs and knock sensors. Checked gas

It will overheat within a few mins if driving, sitting it will overheat within 15-20 mins. I have replaced the thermostat. I don't see any leaks

I would be driving and when I press the excelerator for more power and speed , the car started missing , and sometimes goes into a limp mode , and inside the information message center it would state RESTRICTED PERFORMANCE. And when I stop it would shut down , or if taking a slow corner , or backing up .???

I got a 95 jag xj6 van plas I want to take a 86 engine transfer it to 95 jag xj6 can that be done

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