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It only does it when I accelerate. It doesn't do when the car is in park.

For some reason i checked my coolant level and found it was empty. Filed it up with coolant. Next night I was driving when red light s saying car engine hit came on. No place to pull over for approximately 2-3 miles. By time I stopped white smoke or steam was coming from engine. Waited for it to cool and checked coolant levels to find that it was again empty. Put in more coolant looked under car and saw a steady dripping of the coolant coming from front center of engine. Coolant may of leaked from the front drivers side of engine because I could see a drop trail going across the bottom. I assume I should have car towed and not drive it as in I don't want to blow the engine. What happened?

I bought the Jag with 47000 miles and I've never had a tune up. I have 167,000 miles now and what kind of service should I have done?

My power brakes work only 50% of the time. Could it be a bad power brake booster or engine vacuum tube?

when i lock door some times it does the doubble beep and sometimes it dosent. after 3 or 4 minuets the alarm goes off. it does it even when i manually lock door. how to reset?

Need a shop in my area to give me a price on replacing timing chain in my 98 xk8 jaguar.

I want to change my leather steering wheel (SW) to a part wood SW, but the two switches described below are missing.
Are the two SW controls pull-out, plug-in, or hard wired from the switch.
They are the two in the rear of the controls. It appears by the look they could be plug-ins.

Right says "RES"
Left has two icons, "telephone & dash w/a triangle"

at first is was the right front now all doors will not lock

I just had the pump replaced (noisy) and it runs for about 20seconds

Where's the solenoid located on a 92 jaguar cake6

son unlocked it before it was in park and now it wont unlock or lock

Pipe under motor thats connected to the exhaust get extremely hot and turns red what's the problem

When I start the car both reverse lights are working all the time also when the transmission is in Drive and no lights are turned on

The alternator was fixed but now the car will not move because of the restricted access feature.

beeper sounds solid beep.

the car sat for 5 months when I try to start I realized the trunk is locked and the battery isn't accessible

Electric door locks wont work gas tank door cover won't work truck won't work either want to know if everything's on the same fuse line or not doors do work manually but can't get trunk open or to gas tank

But I don't see no leaking anywhere , the leak is in the coolant is what they said...Is this price right to have fixed?

A hose burst all the water ran out i kept driving the car and the motor locked up i had the motor replaced about a week later the transmission started acting up

My 1996 Jaguar xj6 won't go in gear windshield wipers won't come on the blinkers won't come on when I used to put my key into the door to unlock the door my security system goes off as if it was someone breaking into the car after so long it Gos off by itself do you think it's the reason it. Want turn over and shut the car down?

Fail safe mode light came on car would not start

My 2002 Jag 4.0 V8 S type has been sitting under carport covered since Nov with a a 1.5 amp battery charger on it. When I started it it fired rightover no hesitation so I took it out for a ride and noticed the Lamp indicator was on. Do you have any ideas?

It happens every morning especially if its cold out until engine is at operating temp. Engine light is on an codes say both banks are running below efficiency.

This happens every time you drive the car for more than about 15 to 20 minutes and sometimes more frequently. No codes have been thrown at all the check engine does not come on alone ever only when all flash. While all this is happening car runs ok but after a while it bogs down sporadically.

how to remove 1990 fuel tank

Driving home dies out, starts idles for very short time dies out ,if you give gas dies out. I have had no problems with engine before.

Land on the street in my 03 Jaguar X-Type Cruise not available light pops on the dashboard causing my car to skip and jerk

Towed it home, no crank, its completely dead. Nothing happens when I turn the key. Batteries new, and it is charged.

light is burned out above the high beam headlignt (the running lignt)

car engine fan stays on for a few min after car is turned off