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check engine light is on and shop said it was the sensor
Is there more repairs that are needed after the module has been repaired
The front blower has not worked for several weeks now. What can be done to check and fix this problem. Is it a bad switch?
while driving, between 50 and 80 mph, 2004 Isuzu Ascender hestitates...feels like driving through a puddle...hit gas, engine revs excessively and then engages... any ideas?
My suv dies. My son jumped it. Then the door locks, a/c radio, etc. didn't work. Had a large fuse replaced. Replaced battery. Now when I have the a/c on and I stop at a light or stop sign it dies.
I have checked the charcoal filter, and the little filter on the sylanoid and both seem to be working fine
the oil gage stays all the way down past the 80 mark. but when i disconect the batery to reset it it goes back to normal @ 40 , and in about 4 to 5 days it drops again does that mean its the computer or the oil pressu...
Where is the oil filter located?
and if so where is it located or could b that its a bad battery plz help thx
I was told that I have to replace the intake manifest casket. Can this be the reason why the check engine light is on and why my car is shaking?
For years all fan speeds except 4 worked. Recently 4 started working but I would smell a smoky odor sometimes on all speeds. Now nothing. The fan will not blow on any speed. I have checked the fuses.
Mine fell off and is dangling by the wire
the other day i thought i ran out of gas but ever since then when i trun the key it trues to start then nohting no noise but th egauges going up and it won tgive me anything now.
the light just came on...the oil level appears to be fine....
check engine light comes on hours after it has been cleared and it says to change the purge solenoid.
I am having a problem when I run AC hot air comes out of passenger side and cold out of driver side. Is there a cheap fix? I am recently divorced and broke...any free help/instrcution would be appreciated.
I just want to know what the basics are
when starting up there is a low grinding sound. Also, at times when you shut off
What is the estimated cost to replace the speedometer (parts and labor) in a 2004 Iszuz Ascender
Speedometer sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. It will some time stick on one number like 80 and then go back down to zero and stay there.
When accelerating my Ascender makes a real high pitched whining noise from the front end. When I decelerate the noise quits. I am unsure where exactly the noise is coming from. Any advice would be greatly appreciated....
Spee.dometer and rpm will stop working and start back up on it's own
Code is on all the time. I have change IAT sensor Cleaned Fuel injectors. Also replace MAP sensor Still no Luck.
After fill up the fuel gauge goes from full to empty for 30 miles then goes back to full. Also check engine light comes on unless you remove fuel cap and reseat!
The rear windshield washer fluid is not spraying onto the rear window.