I have a 2007 ascender. My vehicle service stabilitrak message lite stays on permanetly

one of the frequent problems

when I press on the horn to long it will blow a fuse

when I try to sync it "pops" out after the on/off cyle and will not respond to the fob. The rear deck wiper and washer do not work and may have begun at the same time. My research indicates that the BCM may need to be replaced. What is the cost for the unit and expected labor costs? Is this a reason for my to sell my ride?

My remote transmitter once unlocked and locked my suv doors,but now I have to lock them manually. The dome light comes on when vehicle is started but has to be turned off manually, rear windshield wiper doesn't work either, everything malfunctioned in the same week. All the fuse were checked and their good. Batteries changed in remotes still nothing. No diagnostic codes. Tell me what could be wrong.

I can see a water trail running down both front pillars under my dash. Where are the drains to unplug or clean? Thanks all.

I think it might be rain related but not sure. My rear washer motor leaks and it sounds like a pully is starting to whine. Any connections? Gonna wash it tomorrow. Thanks folks, happy holidays! -J Mark

After I drive off, I hear water running through pipes in dash or behind dash under the hood.

Replaced plugs, Replaced cam shaft, crank shaft sensor and battery

It a sounds like water running through the pipes in the heater or cooling system

the rpm ,oil gauge

my heat and air wont come out but the moter runs

I also think it's the ignition or starter. It has power so it'd not the batt. But stranded and can't get it started please help .

I'm thankful to find this site. Everything described here is what is happening with my Ascender. I can't drive it for fear of getting ram when the truck pulls/jerks/shifts and slows down. Am now hopeful I can get my SUV fixed without having to replace the transmission.

There is a hole in the top

when i turn on the heater it turns off the engine i replaced the map sensor and it is still doing it can someone help please .?????

I shut it off. But when I turned it on it was still on. I disconected the flowmeter sensor and the message shut off. I bought a new flowmeter sensor turned it on everything was great. But 5 minutes after it started again and I have not been able to usa it sense.

seals and retainers were replaced a few months ago. steering box was leaking heavily and car was used frequently. after replacing the seal, leaking stopped, pressure was normal. now the steering wheel turns freely with no stop. what could be causing the problem?

New Battery...new fuelpump...had oil in spark plugs but put new gasket in...idk