problem is constant

i am wondering what types of motors can fit in my 1993 isuzu amigo would a ford ranger motor fit in my car

At 35 MPH kept accelerated, after I parked and about 20 minutes later I started the car and RPM came back normal.

When the engine gets warm. The biog so we'll start running really really bad then it in reverse it runs bad almost all the time I've replaced a lot of parts including the fuel pump and clean the accelerator table and I'm still having the problems I had one mechanic tell me that it was the timing chain but it doesn't do this all the time not until it warms up before this happened it was running fine I had no problems now it does it all the time and I tried everything and taking it to three or four different mechanics and they all say something different

No lights any where we tried to put cables thinking it was the battery but when we put the fire cable on the other car it thows sparkls .could it be the starter or altenater. Thank you

Check engine light is on code reads fuel sensor put gas in truck and it stops intermittently every few seconds 94,0000original miles

Its burning a lot of oils, smokes comes out from the motor when I step on accelerator smoke comes out from the side of the motor, just change the valve gasket and new spark plugs, made it wrost.

Getting no fuel and when I pour gas straight into it it runs until gas burns

I replaced the passenger blendor last year

I have replaced; spark plugs and gapped them, fuel filter, e.g. r.valve, air filter, removed cleaned and replaced throttlebody, and PCV valve. Still 11 mpg. What else can I do?

On the steering column, about halfway down there is a rubber cover. Mine has torn so I'm in need of a replacement. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Maybe I just don't know what to search for exactly.

and hot.but still runs hot in about 2-3 miles.replaced radiator and cap.electric fan works,replaced water pump.and fan clutch. no signs of leak anywhere.

The shop went through the transmission twice after test driving it and they said it isn't shifting correctly due to lack of compression. They suspect that it may be the ecm/powertrain computer, any suggestions? 2002 Isuzu rodeo.

G-day yeah, it just started slipping out of second at first. Made an appointment and then on the way to get it fixed, suddenly there was no gears at all, just stayed in neutral. And the leavers, or the two cables that I could see seemed to be working alright right down to the gear box. So I think the problem is inside the gear box its self. And was just wondering if this same problem has happened to others. And was it expensive, or is there an inexpensive solution? Or could it be a variety of possibilities, however I didn't hear any crunching or snapping noises going on. But it just started slipping out and then almost as if something got wedged in the wrong place I think. But still I am no expert, so that's why I am sending this message hopping for some expert advice.

When I turn my head lights on and press on the brake pedal the passenger side brake light does not illuminate but when I let off the brake pedal it comes back on. And if I have my headlights off and press the brake pedal the brake light on the passenger side works. The only time I have an issue with brake light on the passenger side is when I have my headlights on. I have tried checking fuses and realized and brake light switch none seem to have any issues. Also the harness and wires around it for the brake light look perfectly fine. Was told by previous owner at one time they had an issue with the driver side brake light but they weren't sure on how the issue got fixed they took it to the dealer and had it fixed. I rather not pay an arm and a leg or my first born child to have this issue fixed. Open to all suggestions and will try all even if they are silly. I may be a girl but this girl likes work with her hands and do it herself. Thanks in advance.

The truck is a v6. It has one hose connecting directly to the radiator but I don't know where the other one goes.

how to tell which is bad

Wheels rebalanced 5 times, changed rims, and wheel alignment is fine

When you turn the setting up to another number to blow more hot air out it stays the same. I hear it go thru all the settings but doesn't go any faster. Could there be a heater door stuck or something wrong with the actuator?

The speedometer ,voltage meter ,temperature, meter,gas meter stop working

Two weeks ago gas pedal was so hard tompush. When pushed it would go for 5miles per hour to 30. After just a bit it would be fine. Last Friday almost killed because the car did the same thing at an intersection. Had to put on emergency brake. Tried all gears. Just sat and revved like mad. Smoke etc. Next morning fine then the no pressure with the pedal later that day.

battery checks out fine but acts like it is not getting charged. I can hook charger up and with in a second its starts.