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checked. OK. Replaced battery. Is there a 'link, relay, switch' associated with clutch that may be causing this problem?
4 wheel drive 3.2.I need to access a leak on the manifold crossover pipe :( :P
Just buy the truck and i had to change 4 oxygens sensor on two pipe. But i don't see the old catalytic and where to install them, They told me to buy two catalytics
After I drive off, I hear water running through pipes in dash or behind dash under the hood.
whats the order to tighten bolts and the torq lbs used?
Replaced plugs, Replaced cam shaft, crank shaft sensor and battery
I just drove my 2002 Izuzu Axiom on a 1,000 mile road trip. Mid-way through the drive as I was pulling away from a gas station, I noticed first gear would not engage and the RPMs would soar when I tried to hit the gas...
The filter and gasket was replaced 4 months ago.what would cause dummy light to start blinking?
It a sounds like water running through the pipes in the heater or cooling system
I was told the timing chain broke it is a 4 wheel drive. And someone told me it had 3 chains for timing. When i call for the parts im told its 1 big timing belt and there is only 1. I need to know if this is true or n...
I could hear the fuel pump turn on when I turned the key to on, but no ignition. Happened first time this morning
My trooper keeps popping out of 2wd and going into neutral. Then it makes a constant grinding noise untill I can come to a complete stop, put it in park, and shift it back into 2wd. When keeping pressure on the transf...
After replacing the clutch disk, pressure plate, and slave cylinder the truck wont shift into gear, after bleeding the system there is pressure in the clutch pedal but it still wont go into gear
wasnt like this last winter but replaced the clutch 2 months ago...since its been cold it is VERY hard to change gears until truck warms up..normal or should i have it checked? Thank you
When you turn the key you hear a click and it blows a fuse. We replaced the starter with a new one and it still does it. It has been to a mechanic several times for repair. They changed out 2 relays even though it cr...
I have checked the fuses. I didn't find one that was out. The fan is working or blowing. My A/C compressor turns on. It's very cold and I have run the engine to warm the car.