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have bought more than one new battery. would a ground be makeing my battery lose charge.
I have been reading quite a bit on the 08 infinity qx56, and I am seeing quite a few forums about handling issues.
Just bought this vehicle a month ago and had to use the 4WD today because of snow...when in AUTO it would clunk and pop and grind and also seem like it would pull one way then all of a sudden pull the other way. And i...
The icon is to the left of the gas gauge on the dash. I have had this car since June 2001 never saw this before. Thanks for your reply ---
Atf light on delay shifting after stop
i was told my O2 sensor was bad, one converter was bad, and one was weak. I have not noticed any reduction in performance or unusual noise.
It runs perfectly fine in park and neutral, however it dies as soon as it is shifted into any gear. I have been told that this is a neutral safety issue is this acurate?
When I get into the drivers seat, it rocks back when I lean back. Could there be a screw that is loose? According the dealer, I need a seat track replacement ($1140) and both front lower control arms ($1420). That'...
My car has had a clicking noise for a while now but it has now become almost a knock. Its been suggested its the Purge Valve and its been suggested I get a new engine. One dealer wouldnt perform the TSB because he kne...
a mechanic said it was mass airflow sensor problem but, car running fine.
do i put it in the container on the left of the engine or do i put it into the radiator?????
Everytime I start my car it doesn't always turn on. Sometimes after attempting to start the engine it immediately dies. So besides having to try multiple times, I've just been pressing on the gas just a little bit jus...
Once vehicle warms up it will shut off and want crank again until cooled off.
Car started missing 3 years ago after filling up one night. Next day started missing and it pops up knock sensor and random misfire on scan tool.i cleared the codes and ces light comes on about 5 mins later. I replace...
For a second consecutive time the water pump has broken just after being replaced. It was a new one.
how much to repair a leaking transmission
Sometimes the gps screen/radio/tv work. But, when it's not, the screen stays illuminated (blank screen), even with car turned all the way off (keys out of ignition). Ultimately draining the battery. Is this an elec...
I have a 6-changer CD player. I have only ever loaded one CD at a time. It might play for a few minutes and then stops or skips. Doesn't Bose system have a lifetime warranty? If not any fixes?
My check engine light came on and showed a code for a vac. leak. My mechanic took off the engine cover found the hose that was leaking, replaced it. Ever since this repair, there is a loud whistle type of noise coming...
brake pedal has to be pumped to get pressure. shifting problem also
I Replaced the pump and it still does it. I have also replaced the tensioner