Sounds like bad gasoline

up in down in temperature

It fires but won't start

The whole rear of the truck sways badly

Car was parked outside on sunny mid 80 degree day. When wife got in she could not steer car. She sent me a picture that shows the steering column cover expanded and warped. I had her tilt wheel up to steer it, but the wheel binds on column cover in her normal position.

Has anyone else had this issue?
Thanks in advance

Light started flashing. Removed pinchmoter cleaned code ones still not working. The gas gauge will make from off position to empty and stop, help!!

i have a 96 infinity G20 model 4D . has a penut buttery color on the oil stick . timing belt sounds like it needs to be replaced , oil change & tune up . how much to an estimate , do you think i will be spending to replace these items ? or how much should i sale it for ?

I just had filters replaced two weeks ago and still shutting off ....trying to smog car eont pass ...the tech said to drive car 50-60Miles since car has been sitting for about 2 years.

A not working heat blowing all the time

It's a 1995 infiniti g20 t

i wanted to know wether the safety parts of 2000 infinity i30 like airbags,seat belts and the sensor system could fit in 2001 infinity i30?(any responce would be appriciated)

I cannot locate the air flow sensor. Please help !

The car also idles low when the light flashes.. Head light dim at the time also.. But car runs fine. Can some one please help me out by letting me know what could be causing this.

Should not the damaged seals have been identified in one of these repairs above l spent almost a 1000.00 and still have oil leak

Why would it do that?

Is there reboot option or computer glitch preventthing the doors from locking?
Door will lock if the physical lock button the car door if pressed in.
On occasions, the back driver side door doesn't lock always.

Driving home abs, air bag and maybe a few others lights all came on , huge loss of power. Then it started idling funny . It died and the battery went dead. Tried it a little later ran normal for a minute then same problem.

The code is p0110, which is "intake air tempoeratue circuiot malfunction. I cannot get my car smogged until service engine light is off.

It happens when I drive a high speed like on a freeway.
I was told that it could be trailing arms on the rear side but I wanted to make sure before I get it replaced.

Break light and battery light went on

Absolutely nothing electrical is working. Battery checked and is fine. Tried cleaning the terminals as there was corrosion, put them back on and it worked. Half an hour later car won't work again. Checked the battery again, it has full charge. The first time I tried turning it on everything flashed and then the car went dead. No lights, radio, dash lights, or ignition. Also if it helps it has a 1996 Infiniti g20 engine in a 1995 body. Almost everything other than the engine and alternator are 1995.

My battery is new, I has the alternator checked and it was fine. New front brakes.

changed throttle positioning sensor because that's what diagnostic said was a problem but still made no difference and check engine light is still on. what could it be?

Sometimes the gps screen/radio/tv work. But, when it's not, the screen stays illuminated (blank screen), even with car turned all the way off (keys out of ignition). Ultimately draining the battery.
The heat works but you can't see what's it's on or nothing

First the hose pop out and leak the transmission oil ,I drove it to 3 differents shop and each has said different thing.They change the filter and oil.