There has been a large crack in my dashboard that runs along the arch above the main instrument panel for several years, but because it's behind the steering wheel, It's not noticeable and hasn't bothered me much. In the last year or two, several smaller cracks on the passenger side have appeared as well as a small gouge on the corner. It looks terrible. My daughters Mazda dashboard was recently recalled for this problem but I haven't been able to find anything from Infinity or Nissan. I love my car and don't want to get rid of it.

It also make a loud, "vibrating" noise when driving in forward gears. As weird as it sounds it is more predominate when turning left than it is when turning right.

I hit a dog. Airbag deployed. Can't drive to get estimates. Need airbag repaired.

for electrical

seats,sterring wheel

My car shakes a lot and I can smell the fumes and it shakes like it wants to shut off

Why does my 2002 qx4 have no take off. When I try and pass somebody or take off from a red light it Seems to spider and then eventually starts to take off what could it be does anyone know?

Ive had some flanges repaired. The exaust leak is in the engine compartment coming thru fresh air vent. Its worse during a cold engine start after sitting but can be noticed at all times. No engine lights are present. Is it a rich/lean problem? Is it an O2 sensor problem? Could it be a fuel control problem? A catilytic converter problem? Ive taken it to 3 mechanics and non can find the colpret...plz help.

Installed a rebuilt AC compressor pulled vacuum filled up with freon had ice cold AC for about an hour then it made a squeal and started blowing warm when the AC is on the clutch moves but when it's off it moves sometimes and sometimes not there is still freon in my account and it still has pressure but it's not blowing cold and no leaks is something not connected right or did I get sent a bad compressor

As I drive faster

key signal on dashboard..engine won't start until it is program what do I need to do?

this problem started after i had the oil changed. the shop cleared the codes and checked an o2 sensor. it had an o2 code bank 1 . was working fine before the oil change. i have used the shop for years but it has them stumped.

I always have breaks problem.I fix them every 5-6 months.What is the problem?

While driving on the highway all dash lights when off an on several times while the key light on the dash was lite, after 3 mins car died ( while on the highway) got it started after a few mins, did not shut it off . Took it right to the dealership where the car would not shut off. Now after 5 days there , their response to me is that nothing is wrong with the car lol but we did have to disconnect the fuel pump and battery to shut your car off . Any suggestions on this problem

Security System works, but Horn doesn't Beep when Set! Has happened before, simple fix, no Charge, but can't remember how to reset

I'm hearing low frequency hum/rumble that sounds like it's coming from the driver-side front wheel. I replaced the OEM Goodyear tires with Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 tires in July 2015.

Sounds like bad gasoline

up in down in temperature

It fires but won't start

The whole rear of the truck sways badly

Car was parked outside on sunny mid 80 degree day. When wife got in she could not steer car. She sent me a picture that shows the steering column cover expanded and warped. I had her tilt wheel up to steer it, but the wheel binds on column cover in her normal position.

Has anyone else had this issue?
Thanks in advance

Light started flashing. Removed pinchmoter cleaned code ones still not working. The gas gauge will make from off position to empty and stop, help!!

i have a 96 infinity G20 model 4D . has a penut buttery color on the oil stick . timing belt sounds like it needs to be replaced , oil change & tune up . how much to an estimate , do you think i will be spending to replace these items ? or how much should i sale it for ?

I just had filters replaced two weeks ago and still shutting off ....trying to smog car eont pass ...the tech said to drive car 50-60Miles since car has been sitting for about 2 years.

A not working heat blowing all the time

It's a 1995 infiniti g20 t

i wanted to know wether the safety parts of 2000 infinity i30 like airbags,seat belts and the sensor system could fit in 2001 infinity i30?(any responce would be appriciated)

I cannot locate the air flow sensor. Please help !

The car also idles low when the light flashes.. Head light dim at the time also.. But car runs fine. Can some one please help me out by letting me know what could be causing this.

Should not the damaged seals have been identified in one of these repairs above l spent almost a 1000.00 and still have oil leak