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Know my check enginine light is coming on slow responce to bank one sencor
In the last year or so, my car makes what I'd call a squeaking/bubbling noise when cold. It's not very loud or anything, but it's noticeable -- even more so when the clutch and/or gas are depressed. This only happe...
The two bolts are going on into the water pump.The bracket comes towards the front of the car where you put the tensioner in. They connect with one bolt going vertically into a metal block, as another passes through t...
would not start, had towed to Firestone, diagnostics reported fuel pump which was replaced along with strainer,sensor, inline filter and injector service, now cars keeps stalling every couple blocks, they have had it ...
I always fill up at a quater tank. When I turn on the ignition to take of the car shuts off. I start it up again and again it shuts of. After the episode is over I have no problem when I start the engine until I fill ...
Its been doing it right after I bought. So about a couple of days now. Only does it when easing on and off the gas. If you hit the gas hard it doesn't do it. Changed plugs, wires,cleaned idle air control. What else co...
I have to step on the brake otherwise it will go very fast. Thank you very much. Rafael Suazo sr
When I'm driving down the road/highway/freeway my Tiburon will give a slight jerk back when I begin to push the gas pedal. This will happen slightly when I am driving and turn the AC on.
On hwy if fine. replaced alternator. Also loud elect hum coming thru speakers.
5 th gear at 60 mph im running 3000 rpm that seems to high ?
it doesnt do anything ,no crank no dash lights only inside dome and hazard lights work
Okay. So my husband was driving my car, 2000 Hyundai Tiburon. He said the power steering was leaking. By the time he got the car over to get looked at it was spurting out power steering fluid all over the engine. S...
What would cause this issue? It some time goes above 4k or 5k to get to 80 mph
I had the uel pump replaced but i am still have a problem.
The a/c blows really cold just when i switch it to heat, it never gets hot
have to keep car unlocked while at home, work and school
check engine light came on OBD2 codes are P0452 and P0449
When I firmly press in the knob it works and I can feel the heat but when I release the knob nothing happens.
While driving down the road, my daughter's car died. She was traveling around 55 mph. When I got there she had full power, but when you try and start it, it only clicks like once and thats it.
All I was doing is changing front brakes and this happened..i dont understand why? Is it expensive to fix?
Had to jump start the car-turned on but turned off. Second jump worked but now the check engine light is on. Is the alternator? battery or something worse?
first the door locks didn't work, now the radio don't work either
Where are alll the grounds on the car?
Is there a time frame on recalls?
30 mins or more and the gears jerks when I first start it and drive & when I try to pick up speed it jerks. Also I just had the alternator fixed.
When I turn off my vehicle, I continue to hear what sounds like an electrical hum for a few minutes. I don't know where it is coming from, maybe the sunroof. The sunroof doesn't open or close immediately when I push t...
I hear a strange noise from the left rear wheel while driving for the past few days. When I checked the wheel, there were black marks (like burn marks) around the Hyundai hub cover. Any ideas?
The person we bought it from said it would cost about 350.00 to fix but not sure what the problem is & cant reach the one that sold the car to us.
right rear caliper and hose is brand new but it started to lock up