All other lights work.

Could the brake switch be bad!

So a few months back I had a overheating problem, which was a leak in my hose. I replaced all hoses. My radiator was also replaced a few months prior to that. I also re did all spark plugs, replaced wheel bearings, hub assembly's for the front, tie rods, and end links. Then I started to get a backfire. It doesnt do it when the car is cold. It's not consistent. But it does do it when I am at a stand still in park or traffic, and sometimes when accelerating. I am not running any codes.

replaced the cluster with a newer one and still speedometer or any other gauges

My wife drives a 04 Tiburon, the transmission fluid needs to be changed and all I need to know is can I use Castrol import fluid or do I have to buy the fluid from the dealer at $20 a quart? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thx

Cold or hot it cranked easy but now for a week its hard to start,is it the plugs?

It will kill the engine but the key won't come out unless battery is disconnected

I had my car checked to see if I can get it passed for an inspection so I can register my car in Georgia. The inspector said everything looked good and passed besides the SRS light. He said that the air bag should have came on and slowly fade away. My SRS light never came on or flashed. I was wondering what could be wrong and how much would it cost to get my car checked for the SRS issue from a local shop.

I know I need to pull the intake manifold, because you can't get to the three rear plugs.Is this the only way?

the suggested battery cranks out 700 cold and 850 (32degrees) but it will not start car unless i boost it and it wont hold charge?? but it works with a marine battery perfectly fine?? anyone know why? i even returned the suggested battery thinking there might have been a dead cell in it but the new battery wont work either?

The driver side door doesn't seem to shut tightly any more and the "door open" alarm goes off and the inside lights go on when I make a left turn.

Do you think I need to replace my timing belt on my 2004 tiburon V6 with 70,000 miles. It is a car that has been a trip car for us. 90% of it's miles are interstate. It has always been garaged.

unplugged my maf sensor due to problems. ran with unplugged for 2 weeks, get off work, crank car and its all of a sudden quiter and my gitiup and go is gone. ive replaced maf sensor and bank 1 sensor 1 o2 sensor. im now being told it could be one of the catalytic converters

i took out my Kenwood stereo and installed a Kenwood DX371 display, but for some reason my dashboard lights won't turn on or the center console lights.

My 2003 hyundai tiburon interior is all screwed up. My dome lights do not work my clock doesn't save memory and my radio doesn't either. I really want to fix it anyone that has any ideas on what is wrong with it email me at trent20mckenzie@yahoo.com

when you turn the key all lights appear on but when you try starting it, it just clicks and will not start. i replaced battery and still same thing, i heard it might be a fuel problem because it died when my husband was driving it home. any suggestions please help.

I have replaced several sensors, coil, alternator battery. My car misfires when cold, the rpms jump and it almost stalls when accelerating. Now the lights dim and the battery light come on. The alternator was tested and was good. This is driving me crazy. I would appreciate any input. Bcm? I tried another ecm and that didn't fix the issue.

In spite of replacing all O2 sensors and not having any check engine light on my Tiburon is still testing "not ready"

I'm driving along on the highway, I go to accelerate and my cars bogs out, completely stops at 4k rpms, can't push any further past it, I let off the gas, at this point my motor sounds like a go-cart engine, I push the gas again same problem...a test shows my oxygen sensors malfunctioning, cylinders 1,3, and 5 misfiring and a random misfire, what could cause all of 1 side to misfire?

when holding speed 40,50,60 mph car surges and jolts like its starving for gas. I've replaced plugs, wires, coil, fuel filter, mass air flow sensor and injectors. Still nothing. Any ideas?