This just started. Everything on dash resets every time it is started. Does not interfere with the performance of the car.

Someone put in a radio and since then, the brake lights, headlights, sunroof, and air conditioner do not come on. Fuses seem to all be okay inside car and under hood, could it possibly be crossed wires, or something deeper?

Smoke was coming from my exhaust then the check engine light came on and the rpm hand was moving by itself and then it shut off.. it starts up then turns right back off. What could it be?

sometimes it just wont start

Took to mech said computer not reading temp correctly.He changed t-stat,then i changed temp sensor.disconnected plug and fan came on.also turn on ac and heater and temp goes to hot.Could radiator or water pump be issue,drove on street and got a little hot,just below half,took on freeway ok.seems if air flow good temp stays just below half.

is there something I can do?

Is firing replace coil runs 5 minute s starts doing same

My car stereo has stopped working ever since I "crosswired" my battery cables. I'm suspecting a blown fuse, but the one I
located inside, under dash
looks okay. Isn't there ano- ther one?

first time it was just sitting in the driveway with 1/4 tank of gas and started up no problems the next day...second time going through a drive thru and it happened when i was going around a corner (put it in neutral then pushed aside) then started again, once again it was 1/4 tank of gas...the most recent time i had a full tank of gas and i was driving slow in a neighborhood
i had it towed to a hyundai dealership then it started back up again and they couldn't get any codes to show up they even relearned it and after a week and $100 later they still had no answer
Any ideas?

all the other electrics work fine so don't think its the battery. but when the car won start and my key is not in the ignition I can roll down my electric window?

tried 2 different ones. Did not work. Any suggestions? Catalyst & 02 sensor not ready. Should I unplug the ECU as mentioned to someone else?

Prior to this I had no spark.now I have spark but seems like no fuel now.relay was also replaced

I took my car to North Hills Exxon that's on your list. My car was shutting off and they replaced the position sensor. Now the car is making a grinding noise

I have a check engine light on my parking lights turn on everytime i press the brake pedal or have my headlights on my brake light are on to and when i press down on my accelerator it doesnt respond sometimes. Someone please help me this car driving me nuts explain what i need to do

The car has a pretty rough idol when it warmed up and in drive. Not as bad in park or neutral.

It happened first time today. After about 10 minutes it turned off but came on again when I started the car again. Car ran great with no other problems. Battery is 3 years old, cables are tight and look pretty clean. What I think may be the alternator belt looks good and tight.

There are a bunch of little things going on in my car:

-Power locks don't work
-Clock inside the dash board doesn't work
-The memory on the trip clock doesn't keep the information when I turn the car fully off and then back off
-I can't open the trunk without the car being turned on (the key turned in the ignition)
-The lights in the cabin don't work at all

Everything else functions pretty well. Car core functions, headlights, ac, radio, etc.

Anyone have any idea what could be the source?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

This problem coincided with the check engine light. What is the problem?