OBDII code P0336 / Crankshaft position sensor A circuit range/performance.

Sometimes two times in a day, sometimes once in two days, my engine stalls while the car is running and power engine light is on. Then, I start the car immediately without any problem and it's running like it did before.
i recently changed the spark plugs, but it doesn't help.

What could be the problem? If it's the sensor problem, where is the location in order to change the same one.

Thank you in advance,


This just started it was working fine yesterday.

Comes on while traveling down a non slick road and also cruise control stopped working also. I suspect they are related

emissions. Monitor catalyst, and Monitor 02 readiness not ready.

Was driving on interstate the other day and car started puttering and when I pulled over it was smoking and leaking oil. Was told by a friend that it might be in the engine rod. How much would a repair like that cost? Is it time to just put her down?

TheESC affected the driving a little, nothing else happened. The battery light would go off at times and then back on, sometimes the ESC,ABS,Seatbelt & battery would go out for a while. After arriving home I was unable to start the car as the battery was weak. After a charge I was able to restart it.

Its a 2004 sonata with 6 cylinders please help

The light comes on but if I reduce speed it goes off, but will stay on after a while. It seems to hesitate going up inclines or from lights. Light stayed on for a day after town driving then went off. It only happens when I drive into SLC in fast traffic.

Car was working fine. One week ago heat gauge registered almost 1/2. Usually it registered a little over one third. Engine does not seem to be running hot. Should I replace thermostat? Or the heat gauge?

The car wil not go out of park either. What do I do to fix this issue?

No noise is heard from the drive train when travelling in a straight path but when taking a turn, a cranky noise is heard from the drive train. The noise intensifies while describing a sharp curve.

Air Bag light keeps coming on, we;ve had it repaired before it was a loose connection under drivers seat. This time we pulled the seat out of the car and no luck could it be under the carpet?

Recently changed a break light bulb could this be the cause and how to fix it?

The locks have been acting up for a while now and I've just come to get used to it, but I'm so tired of locking my keys in my car.
When I unlock the doors with the remote and someone happens to open the passenger door first, the doors will immediately lock afterwards. Then I'll have to start all over.
Sometimes, when I put my key in the ignition, they will all either lock or unlock, depending on whether the were locked or unlocked in the first place.
Sometimes when I'm driving they will randomly lock. I figure it's because my car shakes really bad.
Every time you close the passenger door, they will all lock.
It literally gets stressful and I don't know anything about cars so if someone could dumb it down for me, it'd be greatly appreciated.

cat converter looked reasonably clean , still throaty and lack of power no acceleration ?? checked air intake for splits or cracks found none.

How much does the part and labor cost for this?

I changed the tensioner and idler pully and found the belt was still riding half off the tensioner pully. It appears the crank pully slides in and out and the nut and sprocket are tight.

it is ongoing all the time on acceleration attempts, drives like a slug, even worse attempting any hill climb having to drop back a gear to even just make hilltop.
I have had a air flow meter and purge valve replaced after a diagnostic with no cure, I have put new spark plugs in also.
It makes a deep throaty noise revving up and during acceleration . I noticed today whilst i revved in driveway that it sounded deep throaty noise but during a bit more higher revs it sounded spluttery and sort of tinny sparking noise. best way i could describe it sorry.Hope you can help please as Ive stumped 2 mechanics who helped free of charge.

So I have my top timing cover off and I have my bottom camshaft lined up but my two other pulleys aren't on their timing marks what is the best way to get them on there marks? Just keep using my ratchet and socket to turn the belt till they are in line? The belt didn't break and there aren't any missing teeth it looks like just need to get them in line best way?

The belt was riding half off the serpentine before I replaced the belt tensioner . Now I replaced the serpentine,tensioner and Idler pullyy and the belt is riding on the outside half of the tensioner pully, tried to reposition it but it goes back to having half the belt on it. All the grooves on everything else is lined up and the idler is on the belt completely. I'm afraid to drive it. What can I do?