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Idling high need tap accelerator to lower idle, would not start with jump.

The car wash a jerk but continue to stay on then there will be a clicking sound under my dashboard in the car will shut off. It happens at least 3 times a day.

I pulled out this jump wire, I was told this is why my battery won't stay charged even while driving, is this true?

My 2003 Sonata drives fine at high speeds, when I drive below 45 mph, I have to put the accel pedal almost to the floor, and the RPMs go sky high, n its very sluggish. This all started by #1, can only use brights, #2, cruise won't work,#3, heater doesn't work all the time. What is wrong??

When I go over 55, the car is all over the road and the steering wheel feels like it wants to lock up. Dealer replace steering wheel column. Took it back-dealer said HECU was bad. $1600, problem still exist.

I pulled the jumper wire from the shunt that is still in the Trunk Fuse, why would this jumper wire be there ands exactly what is the shunt for?

My 2015 Sonata is 10 months old and the battery has gone dead 3 times in the last 4 months and had the car towed twice and a new battery installed. Hyundai service department tells me I don't drive the car enough. Is this possible. 5500 miles.

When I start the car from a cold start the ABS & Hand Brake Light goes off. After a warm start the ABS & Hand brake light stays on.

I am looking for my first car, and have today been out trying a Honda
Accord 2003 (90,000miles, 4cyl) and a Hyundai Sonata 2004
(88,000miles, 6cyl). Both at the price of $3,500. The Honda seemed more
smooth in its drive, however, it needs a windshield repair due to cracks
and a new back light. The Hyundai felt heavier and not as smooth as the
Honda, but looked almost as new + had a more trustworthy seller. Any
suggestions on which one might be better to consider?

Hyundai Sonata 2004 Gls 2.7 v6

Drain system has been cleared of debris (leaves, etc.) however, same problem still happens. Problem: when it rains, water appears in the floor of the back passenger side - has been as much as 3/4 inch after a prolonged rain. was told that a connecting part in the assembly was deteriorating. can this problem be repaired?

It has over 100,000 on it. Minimal maintenance.
Sears just checked it out, ran an engine cleaner and replaced some fluids. Battery is old but it's not due to battery. Sometimes it restarts, but now it will not restart.

not registering nor is my tachometer. What could cause this ?

I turn on the heat/AC and the AC light flickers, but immediately goes away. Heat does not work and AC switch will not even light up if I hit it. In the past few months, the heat/AC would cut off randomly while I was driving, but come back on after a while. I talked to my regular dealer about it and they said that it may be a short in the switch. It appears that whatever the problem is has gotten worse and that my AC/heat has stopped working completely. I would like to know the problem and a ballpark estimate on how much it would be to fi it, if possible. It really is going to be hard to defrost my windows without either of those working. Thank you in advance.

Nick Spearman

Replaced my radiator, which was cracked. I think the crack was because the fans are not working.

Then the RPM SHOOTS TO 4000. replaced timing belt.

says they are causing the tires to cup

gas gage levels are erratic
falsely reported alternator problem
falsely reports low tire pressure

can't find any holes that might contribute to the problem and no one seems to be able to come up with a solution

The noise first started out that I noticed like my tire rubbing the wheel well.

check engine light went on after getting battery changed code#p0106 what would make thiscode come on how do I fix

checked under carriage and also column to see if "worm" is a problem. mechanic said it is not. what should i check next. noise occurs at startup when wheel is turned in an idle position.