Twice in the last couple of months, my car didn't start up after it had been sitting 3 or 4 days. Mechanic checked the battery and alternator, but found no problems there. I finally bought a Stanley Fatmax professional power station, and the instructions want to know whether my car has Neg or Pos grounded system.

My 2009 Hyundai Sonata has a flashing check engine light, mildly shakes when in park and when I accelerate it starts to shake a little bit more.

Steering pressure hose first. Which should I believe?

El faro derecho delantero tiene un bombillo indicador y de ciudad el indicador funciona pero la ciudad no y ya le pusimos un bombillo nuevo y hace lo mismo

Un dia corrimos el asiento hasta el tope de atras y ahora no corre hacia adelante

When i have my seat belt on while in driving it chimes and will not stop

So my pedal, while driving, when depressing it, feels like the car "pulls back or idles". It does not shut off, and 5 seconds max later, it accellerates fine. But during this time, rpms drop to under 2k. "Flooring it" does nothing, and it kinda feels like the pedal isnt working.

It happens periodically, every 3 to 4 min max. It started when my esc light came on, and subsequently, my brake lights stopped turning off.

Im changing the brake switch tonight, and im hoping all of this is entertwined. I want to do this all as cheaply as possible, as to be frank... im broke.

Please help. Im stressing.

Happens everytime i drive the car. Once it was backwards. Put it on auto and the lights turned off. Usually though o have to sit here and keep switching the position for the lights to turn off.

Mostly an issue in stop and go traffic. This is a recent experience.....no check engine light indicator comes on.

So my "expert" roommate decided he'd add almost a whole can of r134a to my 2009 Sonata and I believe it's overfilled. How do you discharge and get the pressure back down around the correct amount?

The check engine light appears to be burnt out during my car inspection. If I could get some instructions on how to access this bulb so that I can change it with a fresh one it would be greatly appreciated. Also if someone could provide me with the type of bulb I need to replace it that would also be very helpful.

I do know to to remove the casing under neath my steering wheel and how to remove the plastic portion that is just above the steering wheel as well. Just need instructions on how to access this bulb and if it is possible for me to replace myself.

I had it checked by a shop that yes my solenoid is bad and needs to be replaced, so I'm gonna replace them all, but where are they? Is it difficult to get to? I can't find anything online to show if it's a simple fix or not

I had it checked by a shop that yes my solenoid is bad and needs to be replaced, so I'm gonna replace them all, but where are they? Is it difficult to get to? I can't find anything online to show if it's a simple fix or not

Everything else drives fine except when driving and trying to speed up the car is also slightly sluggish or bogged down.

I have a 2013 Sonata GLS. I was inspecting my headlights and I've found that though the wiring appears correct from all videos I've seen, the high beam, which is supposed to be in the INSIDE on both sides is lighting up on the OUTSIDE of both sides. What the heck is going on? Better yet, how can I repair this myself? I'm fairly handy.

This was my reading when it went through Emissions.
Monitors Not Ready:
Oxygen Sensor
MIL Remains lit at key-on-engine-running
MIL Commanded On
1 Trouble Code Reported:
P0056 HO2S Heater Circuit Bank 2 Sensor 2

I have checked the fuses, I don't know what this could be. I drove it 9 hours earlier and it was fine. There has never been any kind of problem with it. The only thing I've noticed is the negative post cover is very loose. But do you have any other ideas?

I heard a whne noise/growl when turning steering wheel a sharp turn so almost all the way to right, checked pwr steering fluid it was only down about a tablespoon so got fluid put it in and noise stopped totally. Checked the boot by taking clamp off and there was fluid in it. Is this normal? Does it mean the rack is bad and if so how do I change it. I am a mechanic. but not up on Hyundais so wanted to know how to change the rack. thanks!