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Test says shift solenoid C is bad in the transmission. There are a few of them, which one is the C solenoid ? Thanks
Its very sporadic may work several days then stop or come back on.I think its in the switch somewhere ,your opinion is welcome. Do you think its a switch or the blower motor? To add: A Door the back driver will no...
the controls that regulate where the heat comes out into inside of car ( vent, defrost, floor..) does not lite or work heat onle blows to floor, can not change? any help would be appreciated
Looking for a few ideas on where to go here. Car starts and runs fine, then it dies and battery is dead after 15 minutes. Battery is new and load tested good at 2 different shops. Alternator is replaced and new, bo...
I changed the battery on my car now all the lights flash and it won't start I believe it's the anti theft kicking in but I don't have a key fob is there any way to rest the ecu manually to hopefully fix this problem?
The 2009 Hyundai Sonata GLS (2.4L I-4 engine) has been intermittently starting over the past month. The battery has a full charge and the terminals are clean. When I try to start the vehicle, 1 of 3 scenarios occurs...
Check engine light on and car jerks while on drive or reverse
While driving rpm will jump up on there own does not change my speed they just jump up and thAn go down speed stays the same and twice my car acted like it did not want to start like if it had no gas?
My car rpms will jump up while I'm driving. Does not go any faster stays the same speed I'm driving. Also a new symptom it happened twice after shutting it off. Acted like it did not want to start, like it was not get...
The car was running rough and engine light came on, someone told me that my two cylinders were bad. He made the light turn off and the car wasn't running rough, but now I started my engine light is back on wondering i...
my 2001 Hyundai sonata, the engine cradle is rusted through, is this under a recall. How much will it cost to fix.
drove car ,went to store came out and started to miss
right blinker light stays lit up on the inside of my car but blinker lights won't blink on outside. Also when I switch the blinker on all my lights light up in side my car (radio light, heater light, gear shifter lig...
Cost to replace timing belt
Where can I go to have a Drive Cycle done on a Dyno? I can not do the drive cycle. It is too hard & time consuming to be done on the freeway or expressway. Any advice would be appreciated.
we tried spraying ether to see if it was fuel pump related and it still wouldnt start. after waiting a while it starts up again
There is also a strange white powder film that is covering my parts under the hood.
Also there is a strange white powder film under the hood.