The rings got bad and I decided to just change the whole engine but since then my car has been awful. it makes this hard sound when shifting from gear 2 to 3 always,either when cold or hot..and so slow in responding to fire like it's being overloaded or overworked..and then whenever you try to force it to move and it down shift to gear 2 and as it's about to change to gear 3 it makes this serious bang that shakes the whole car and then the gear systems hooks at gear 3,it wouldn't change to 4 nor reduce to 2 until you turn off the engine and turn it back entire engine sitters are broken as a result this continuous bang..why is this so? please I need help, am fed up with dis one even wants to buy it....its an automatic transmission thank you!!!

Drove the vehicle for 7k, but yesterday the transmission sound like gears grinding and high pitch squeaking.
Car can be pushed when it's in park
Is it fixeble, or I need a new transmission?

i know what code means, but need more specific as to what could be wrong. Also could they have knocked something loose. After reading about similar prob the tach still works and car runs fine

when I push on brake pedal

The emission system has been replaced at a cost of almost $1,000.00.

Good morning! Kindly help. Need to know and have an idea what's the next issue of our vehicle.

Sta Fe 2007 Automatic 4x2

When the catalytic converter warms up or becomes hot, the gear releases by itself. Mechanic is having difficulties finding out what the problem is. Please enlighten us.

Rebuilding kit replaced 2weeks ago. It's been shifting well after that. Until another problem came up. Mechanic said it's the catalytic converter this time.

Many thanks

on but havent replaced it yet. Now i go to start the car it turns over and starts and then dies, could this be the reason the check engine light has been on for about a month now

I don't have my Manuel, but the light on far left stays on. I think it said something somewhere about "gas valves?". Anyway, I took it to Autozone for a free Diagnostics test, and just my luck, the light went OFF on the way there. They tested it anyway, saying they may not be able to determine the problem since the light is not on. They finally said I needed Spark plugs! Well, I'm sure I do, but now the light is on 100% of the time. Should I take it back to Autozone ? I can start from scratch and even go to a different location. Thank you ...

In one year it's happened 3 times

I got this Sante Fe 2005 a couple years ago. Considering this is a SUV, that I would never have, I really like it.
Twice now, I have had the passenger seat nylon pull tab get under the seat because the original holder loop is missing. I can feel the bar and just barely touch the pull tab, but it must be caught some place. How do I get that seat 'up' so I can use the cargo space? I managed somehow, the first time, to trigger the release, can't seem to now. Can't believe my fingers got shorter when I lost weight.

i changed the rear hub and didn't properly compress the caliper, i didn't properly take it off and put it back on, but now all four do not fully retract

The plastic bottle under my hood that holds windshield wiper fluid has a hole in it somewhere and I cannot clean my windshield when I'm driving. Need estimate of Cost to Replace & Install a new one.

My parking lights when i first got the car used were coming on fine, now eventually they take a long time to come on, now I think they are now coming on, but my head lights work just fine

i changed the right rear hub/bearing assembly, these symptoms occured after putting everything back together. i disconnected the ground cable to try to reset. my diagnostic reader doesn't cover abs for hyundai it says

Why do I not have no power still ? Is a relay bad too .? Or something elsa

Restarted and then shut off again. Everything was then shut down and hasn't done it since. What could it have been?

Just pulled into the driveway and turned off the ignition after being on the road for about 1/2 hour. After getting out of the vehicle I heard some type of fan, still in operation. I immediately turned the vehicle on again and then shut it down within a minute or two. The fan was no longer running. What could it possibly be? NEVER happened before. Vehicle has 54K and was recently in for a Hyundai warranty for an electrical issue. Thanking you in advance........ Joe

Ran smooth up until starting it last Friday. Sudden onset. I'm thinking fuel filter? Spark plugs?

That voltage was with battery charger connected. Any Ideas as to what could cause this? The light going out when started indicates it should be charging.

That voltage was with battery charger connected. Any Ideas as to what could cause this?