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I'm installing another transmission on my Santa Fe after the original trans broke. The wave spring broke into pieces and got pulled in through the filter and right to the trans pump then pump blew open. So I changed t...
I took it to the dealer and they say iits the passanger seat sensor that tells system if anyone is in the seat. Is this on a recall or how do you fix
This has been happening about 6 months or so. Every time I shift into reverse the locking mechanism with click 3-4 times. I don't notice the lock actually locking/unlocking, but clicks. Any suggestions?
looks and rides like new; should I change the timing belt because of age? What other services are recomended?
I don't have problems with starting the motor, nor do I have a trouble light.
While driving, every so often, the car would feel like it had a lag in it. The car just stopped running. The car will turn over but just not engage to start up. The battery is good. What could this be? fyi... the ck e...
When I step on my gas the car vibrates and it is very annoying. I took it back to the place that fixed the other things (above) and they say they do not feel the vibration. What do I do as I know my car and it is no...
how to remove an alternator on a 2004 Hyundai santa fe 3.5L V6
My air conditioning compressor pulley is going bad. I've hear u can not bypass the pulley to slope replacing the whole compressor but now I'm hearing you can bypass it
I have to put the gas in very slowly and it will still continue to shut the pump off.
I taken mine in and now a day later the transfer case is busted. Whats up wit
The engine light is on and had it checked out. I was told it was the intake manifold. SUV runs great, is there a possibility the 02 is faulty?
Cold air is rushing in, even when the heater is running, from the passenger side footboard. This gets bad when driving above 50 miles/hour. In a recent trip to Minnesota, the passenger side was getting cold due to air...
left rear indiator lamp wont work after I drive car 20 minutes,i get rapid flashing as if bulb was blown, checked blub,when car is cold, it works
It seemed to happen when I was using my turning green lights.