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Timing drive belt when to replace

Battery shorted out and car stalled while driving in slow traffic. Nothing worked even brakes only emergency brakes. Local service center said alternator starter were ok battery recharged. Suspect defective electrical wiring

Won't go past 20 mph

My car has a new battery, alternator, and new belts .

These indicator lights come on but don't always stay on. I just bought from dealer and can't show that the lights come on. It's a 2009 hyundai santa fe awd 4Dr 3.3l, but I don't think it has been driven since 2012. Stock #T8558A engine au62 type crw5j161e sequential #70434. Does something need to be reset or do I have a problem. Alberta Canada

This is the third time it is leaking.

Has been shifting roughly into drive, all other gears fine. Have to hold shifter so it doesnt pop out of drive into neutral while driving.

2004 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.7

what should i look for repair/ mechanica wise l or stay away from ?

What is happening to the refrigerant if there are no leaks?

Had opposite sides do the same thing. Do not know what shop did, but they got the brakes the last time to work.

left rear and front passenger side

My Son in law (mechanic) but out of state listened to video& sound thought so also.Only makes sound when engine is cold or has sat.

When pulled I get nothing. How do I open it

Hood latch inside just pulls with no release.

light up when it does the transmission works fine reverse always works an so does park the light come on then everything will work

Thought it needed a new light bulb, replaced it but now neither light are working.

What should i check now

It happens when I step on the break slightly and continues until I press hard on the brake. I have had the brakes, calibers, rotor, CV joints checked and they all checked out and no new tires. The car does not wabble or shake just makes this annoying noise.

where is the rear motor mount. how to replace

The power steering pump went out and was replaced with a few new ones from different makers and it still will not work..

My Car came up w/ po700 and 741

Tach is working but not registering speed or distance on cluster

Some time it's work done time not

I've changed feul injectors oil egr valve spark plugs coil packs wires valves also seem to rattle when I accelerate I had a p0304 code but that's gone now

The clicking seems to be coming from the fuse box

check engine light is on and the code is P0150

It's turning over but won't fire up

After driving I turn the car off and it still runs.This has happen since my sister used it and over filled it with gas.Can the evap system make it do so.I checked the ignition switch and it is working great.I have to pull the ecu reley to shut the car off.

my a/c compressor has gone out can i bypass the a/c pulley till i can have the compessor replaced