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How hard is it to diagnose a failed gas gauge?
When the car is up on the lift and pushing the gas the to make the tires turn. the driver rear wheel will turn slower than the others and then just stop turning, wheel bearing change and still the problem
Car is still turning off going down the road after its gotten hot. I've changed the throttle position sensor thinking that was the issue. It shuts off with no warning.
Changed out battery. Due for AZ emissions 2 days later. 02 Heat Sensor & Evap sensors showing Not Ready. Have driven car over 500 miles & had 3 emissions tests (they just told me to keep driving each time). No Check ...
What size tools do i need, and where is the spark plug located. Need help asap
while driving you can hear a ticking sound.
replacing. Estimator not recognizing name "engine mounts".
I replaced timing belt but still won't start. May not have lined it up right. Does this certainly mean my valves care shot?
Code refered to dealer, mechanics do not know code U0DOO only 1 plug was fouled. Still runs rough, light still on, very frustrating to potentially have to pay for acess all over again.
This happened after I replaced the old one after realising leakage from the cam..
This begun after there was an oil leakages from the cam prompting replacement of the seal... We have tried it over and over again but it still comes off...
on once its put in park and key turned to the off position. Have to allow car to cool down for approximately 10 min so it won't do it again going down road. What could fix this problem? I heard it could be my Throttle...
It sounds like it's not firing.
Have 124,000 miles on the car. Was getting 25 hwy mpg & 22 mpg around town. Replaced the timing belt 5,000 miles ago after it slipped a couple of teeth. Mileage has now been in the 20-22 mpg. Just replaced the spark ...