I want to make sure the car place isnt trying to rip me off. Is it really a must to change the belt when I have no problems now?

I replaced input and output speed sensors and it still Wil not shift it does not slip thanks

Shop said sending unit had short, no power to fuel pump. They replaced sending unit and pigtail at unit .drove about a mile, blew ECU fuse again.
Short somewhere else in wiring ?

Maintenance at 60,000 indicates that insulator for fuel injector should be inspected but only on 2.0L SULEV engines.

It cranks but doesnt start. If it starts it won't idle

Sometimes I push botton on gear shift it works, and sometimes I have to mess with it to work.

open the garage door. The light (at the extreme left of the panel on the rear view mirror) usually is green when pushed. It just stopped showing green and opening my garage door.

tested. No codes came up on the computer at Advance Auto and they told me it was electrical. Just put 800.00 in the car and need to go back to college. Can you direct me where to go to find the problem. Radiator was just replaced with thermostat.

My Elantra has 167k on it. I actually had a new transmission put in at 38K because of a factory defect. Havent had any problems since. When I am giving the car gas and the tachometer is between 1 and 1.5 the entire car vibrates. When the car idles it does so below 1. I didnt think anything of this until my friend was teaching me how to drive manual this weekend, and the same feeling I feel in my car is the same vibration i felt if I let up off the clutch too much before her manual would stall. Its not a violent shake - its that vibrating that happens right before the violent shake and the engine stalls out in the manual.

This transmission has not been touched since it was put in and has 129k on it. I am wondering if I need to get a transmission flush but I was reading if there are already problems with the transmission, a flush might exacerbate those problems.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Engine has thin black fluid on front right and left and right rear outside of engine. Car smoked last week and stopped. Lost power steering fluid. The level is under mid-line. Car was towed to home. Able to drive car into driveway.

brakes either lock up driving or upon starting engine.

I can lock door with transponder but then I can not unlock to get into car. I have to use the key to get in and that causes the alarm to go off. The light goes on with the transponder when it locks but does not when try to unlock. Have changed battery. I have two keys with transponders and the same thing happens with both.

only when i turn right or left. its sounds like metal is rubbing together. Squeaking noise

It feels like its a heavy load to pull kind of acts like a transmission but its not rpms kick in perfect I do need to replace the CV CV joint axle whatever makes a clicking wWhen I turn I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. but it is getting worse and I really don't have much money so I need to know what I need to Replace and make sure it's safe

My air conditioner compressor turns off at highway speeds, otherwise it works great. What would cause this?

The cluster is not working correctly it only blows heat out even with the air conditioner turned on

How many freeze plugs are on a Hyundai Elantra? Do I need to replace all the plugs or just the corroded one? I have 95,000 miles on this car and don't plan to keep the car more than a year, so I want to keep my repairs reasonable. Any other things I should ask about when I get quoted for this repair? I want to be informed so have the proper repairs done and don't get ripped off.

BTW, I had the whole coolant system flushed, pressure tested with water pump, thermostat, gasket, and hoses replaced in January of this year. I live in Nevada.

deer hit the front of the car, got to replace the radiator. don't know how to get the flat cooler "thing" off so we can take the old radiator off.

I have replaced the camshaft postion senor, and the crank senor. The code will not go away. What should I do next???

no noise without brakes

When I don't have the heater on, why does the heater button stays on, and vice of versa the air condition button too. When not in use, is there a way to turn them off?

When I was trying to jump a old car with a V8, my Elantra shut itself off. And all the electronics were dead. I can jump it very easily and drive it. But sometimes after I reach my destination, I will be able to restart it. And sometimes it will all the electronics will be dead again. But it will jump again very easily. When shutting the car off, if I hear a electronic sound, like a fuse shorting or something like unplugging a TV cord from the wall, then I know it isn't going to restart, and the electronics are dead again, requiring another restart. Not sure if it is the computer, alternator solenoid, fuse, or a relay.

No tran indicator light on dash Is this fixable or other probs

When I use turn signals the dashboard lights go off. If I jiggle around the turn signal stick, dash lights flicker off & on, and if I get it in exact right spot, dash lights come back on until I use turn signal again. They've also started going off now without even using turn signals. Why?

I pulled all fuses that are for any & all lights including turn signals but brake lights still stayed on when car is off. That didn't work. So I had to disconnect car battery to make them turn off. And dash lights turn off when I use turn signals then have to jiggle turn signal stick until dash board lights will come back on

This all happened at same time..one light went out, other stays on forever. Not on recall list. Cruise control went out too.