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it stops after about a minute when the car is moving.
Emission test showed "not ready" for evap system and oxygen sensor. Oxygen sensor may have been disconnected for recent flex exhaust pipe replacement
The pressure plate on my transmission is bad and I am replacing the whole transmission. The shop I took it to told me I need to replace the clutch too. The clutch is fairly new and I'd rather not have that extra exp...
can you show me where the solonoids are located in/on the transmission of the elantra 2000
everytime it has to shift into 3rd, especially in the mornings
Replaced AC/Heater control unit and cabin filter. AC blows strong out of defroster vents. I get low volume of air out of dashboard vents.
I want to know what that bolts called and where I an find one at.
I have an engine start/stop button on my vehicle. About an hour later, the brake is no longer stiff & the car starts. Why does this happen every so often?
I stopped at a stop sign, and when accelerating to go, it barely moved, and sounded like I was reving up my engine. I stopped again, put the car in park then back in to drive and then it was fine. Drove great all the ...
after checking the spark plugs spark are getting spark and check the fuel line is still game to end up getting on the line it won't start
I get heat but not ac I replaced the whole control panel and it only blows on face mode
I replaced a part of it I cant seem to fibd a blueprint of tge fuel line system on the internet just need to know where the line goes from the tank to the motor like how is ran
bought relay flasher, installed it now i don't have blinkers or hazards
When i move from N to R and then back to N the car start normally
can i get an estimate
i recently changed my power plugs and plug coils and i noticed that the gear selector ligh blinks at random in addition to the 'D' highlight when i drive . This problem occurs as often as i drive . What could be the ...
There was no response when I hit the unlock on the key fob. I tried putting the key in the door and it didn't unlock. Oddly enough it happened a previous time when
The light does not blink. It just went on. The code was 121 when we checked it. But i do not know what it means
transmission, how much is a new trans. for a standard car?
Just bought a used 04 manual transmission Elantra with no issues. After draining the tank of gas and filling it up the first time, it would not start. After 20 attempts, finally got it running. But the tranny would...
My passenger side front of car was making a squealing sound, so we put new brake pads on front tires. Now the car is making a banging noise in that area. Someone thinks it's the ball bearings, but I don't, I wouldn'...
Everytime you drive the vehicle it starts jerking and wont pick up any speed.They say its the fuel pump staying on or either it need a gas line.Nobody seems to know whats wrong.
My car is stuck in 2nd gear, the code is for shift solenoid A, I bought the part, now how do I know which solenoid is A?
has fluid/water but fails to squirt!