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The engine light is not on, and it takes about 5 minutes to put $10.00 of gas in my car every time I gas. I haven't filled the take for awhile since it takes so long to do so. Please advise, Deana
But would start after several tries.
when i try to pump gas the nozzle wont go in all the way it seems like something is blocking it. is there a recall cause of this
all sensors on motor have been replaced .motor has 159,000. on does this after it gets hot.fluid has been changed and checked.
Noticed problem immediately car was repaired and painted at body shop.
Was told by the dealer it was the transmission. Was still under warranty so the transmission was replaced. Car is still doing the exact same thing, bucking when shifting between 20-25mph, after 20 minutes of driving. ...
start if radio was left on. Battery jump it is ok. does not mean it will restart. supposed new spark plugs. wipers on the drivwrs side went dring sorm ended up being a mechanism? can you tell me/show me the alternato...
Been like this for 3 months. Thought it was the head gasket but it wasn't.
I got my head gasket fixed but now the car shakes. He said that its because i was running on 3 cylinders and now that its running on all 4 you can feel everything or something. He told me its the motor and T something...
When I start my car it says that the passenger airbag is off. Have no idea why. The light came on and it stayed on. Another problem that I am having is at times when I drive the speed is fine, then all of a sudden my ...
It sounds like it's in trunk it's worse when I put stuff in trunk or when people sit in back seat.
check connections and wiring to TPS with lab scope. car runs well need to get it through inspection
After the car sits all night there is a strong smell of gas in the car. the access to the fuel pump appears to be tight and no signs of a leak
DOIN 65 ON FREEWAY it started smoking severely. Pulled off.Oil all over, dipstik dry. Not over heated. No oil light went on
I have a hole in the hose behind my exhaust panel and I was wondering what that specific piece to the hose is called, how much Is it, and how simple to replace?