Can't find location. Think it is under back seat but cannot get to it.

Gas level fluctuates

The smaller ones coming from the oil block

The front end has just been aligned, I got new tires and balanced them.

manuals says something water temperature sensor

The car cranks but wont start without a jump start and turns off after a gasping air sound and 1 min being on.

So recently I experienced some issues with my car where it would shut off while at idle. A mechanic suggested to me the symptoms seemed to point to my alternator or battery. The car has 102,000 miles on it and I was told it is not uncommon for an alternator to need replacing at this milage. Long story short, I replaced both the alternator and the battery. I also replaced my MAP and Crank Shaft Sensors. I changed the oil and replaced my main belt as well. The car currently can only be jump started. The alternator is not providing power to the battery according to my volt meter. I took the alternator back out and to the shop where they bench tested it and told me it was good. The voltage regulator seems to be built into the alternator so I ruled that out with the bench test. I tried following the wires to the battery but the wire bundle goes into the car and I lose the wires from the alternator. Can anyone point me in the right direction about what might be the issue?

I was having problems with my clutch and with shifting brought it into dealer. Told me that clutch needed to be replaced. Then they told me the transmission needs to be replaced altogether. There is less than 50,000 miles on this car! Anyone else experienced this? It is covered under warranty but I am very concerned about this.

I need to fix my car because I have a kid now. I didn't put any oil in my car that's why it's not working. Been sitting for about a year.

Had our mechanic replace the two throttle sensors and still does it. Having to towed to dealership in Springfield,MO today.

When driving with my air conditioner off for some reason it just pops on. And sometimes I have to keep pushing it off and finally it pops off then to pop back on. Why does it do this and how can I get it to stop

1994 excel
At running temp check engine light will come on,followed By a loss of 90% of the throttle,u can sit your foot on the top of the accelerator and it will run any more and it will have no spark i can smell fuel..then it will start to rev by itself (butterfly closed)
The car recently stalled and wont start again

Car keeps getting stuck in park or drive, lights (picture of car going down hill and squiggly line).

Whenever I raise my car it's starts shaking when the ac is on, what would be the problem?

I was sitting in driver thru for about 5 min and the temp of my motor rise unusually high. Add soon as I started going down the road, it went back down. I noticed this morning first time driving about 1/4 Mike up the road the temp has already went up to where it usually is as if I had been on the road for a while. Is this normal. What could be wrong? If anything?

My transmission has two leaks i was told by monroe a car repair place not to replace the transmission but too get transmissions sealant.. Someone please help does this sound right to anyone. The leak is not to bad it leave a spot on thw ground the size of a basketball.

Happens everytime i drive the car. Once it was backwards. Put it on auto and the lights turned off. Usually though o have to sit here and keep switching the position for the lights to turn off.

Mostly an issue in stop and go traffic. This is a recent experience.....no check engine light indicator comes on.