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The socket is reachable inside the trunk, but there must be a trick to releasing it
When the car runs until warm it shuts down and also when driving if I push on the gas pedal it Willie power
I hear a light ticking not a knocking sound. The rpm gauge jumps when idle.
Only dove it on Saturday around town. Took it in today and they say the radiator is cracked. Could they have done that when fixing the alternator. I wasn't having any trouble before with it. Should I have to pay for it?
car was running check engine light came on still running i turned it off to go to store came be two hours later to find that there was no spark and no fuel pump priming when cranking
and also my rear window defogger stopped working. Had problems in the passed with the indicator light when it rained but it always came back to normal when it dried out. This time that's not happening. Took a test on ...
even when the car off and the key out.which part not working.BCM or fuse panel.and windo work with out key.other direaction light not working.
I could only get my shifter down as far as N. it wouldn't go all the way down to drive!! i had to forcefully slam it in Park& shut my car off 2 get wont start now.I have it tore apart it's very hard 2 move the...
I have to Rev high then slam into drive to get going But if I put in park it stalls
Front Windshield wiper replacement size?
On Tues, had a radiator replaced, thought it was fine, was out in the boonies the next day, far from home, and it ran hotter than usual. Then went into red, but came out of it at times. Probably had 10-15 mins of runn...
So he put injector cleaner in it and now it won't start at all.
keeps draining battery. drive great for a couple days then needs jump start. Battery is good and replaced alternator
Check engine was for few months now. But dealer is saying Hydraulic pump and fuel sending unit plus break switch change @3500 plus tax This sounds too much and when I check I can't find anything like Hydraulic Pump...
The sound goes away when i increase the speed. I hear it around 1200 rpm
need to replace radiator and need an estimate