My sparkplug got loose and came out while engine was running. Shop says head has to be replaced. Really? Why can't it be fixed with a helicoil?

Dealership told me that the engine harness is badly corroded and needs replacing. Would like to investigate to see what would cause this, as the cause may be under warranty, as the harness replacement is not. Anyone else experience this? Thanks!

Problem first evident this May... during first warm spell.

code says 2nd clutch pressure switch is stuck or stuck on. What is the price of fixing this? Is there anything else, I should also have changed?

The back left speaker makes a horrible(loud) static noise only when turning left. Seems like some kind of loose wire, but everything's been checked out. Next step is replacing head unit. Anyone ever experienced anything like this?

Had struts replaced and then came along an annoying clunk on drivers side rear and I am told all is tight back there etc. Could it be the stabilizer link? How can you tell if they are bad? I have 94,000 on pilot...Great vehicle otherwise. Honda cannot find the problem and makes me wonder if they train their guys enough!

I've had the two error codes P0420/P0430 for years and need to pass inspection. Ive already decided to get the catalytic converter replaced even though its an old car bc its been great, almost no problems since Ive owned it. My questions are since its an old car and Im only going to keep it another year or two can I get the cheapest Cat converter I can find that fits and should I order both a front and rear cat converter. thanks!!

And I also noticed that the transmission seemed to be slipping after stopping and then going

05 Honda Pilot, 200k miles, need new engine and transmission. We don't know if we should do it or just trade in for new car? Money is an issue...

Had power steering flushed but noticed leak

what is cost to replace timing belt and front axle seal



I recently started to hear "knocking" noises from the front left side of my 08 Honda pilot when going over any sort of bumps in the road..more so at slow speed.. Or that's at least when I can hear it most clearly. I'm not sure how serious this issue is. My cars been in two shops the past month. One was to instal a new radiator because there was a leak and the second was for a power steering line. Now a week later this knocking noise... Does everything tend to go at once?

Any ideas/ price to fix estimates would be appreciated!



Removed exhaust already

Last summer, I started having an issue with the climate control. When the weather started getting cooler, if I switched from A/C to heat, it wouldn't switch back to A/C with the climate control knob. After a few trips and a few more tries, it would switch over. After we switched it to heat for the winter, it obviously wasn't an issue. Now that the weather is heating up, we desperately need the A/C back on, but can't get it to switch back. Even with the unit completely off, heat seeps out. Any help would be appreciated.

After I changed the car battery, I cannot reset the clock. I push the 'clock' button but there is no sound and the time does not blink. Pushing the hour and minute buttons does nothing.

no codes show up