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does it in all gears I've replaced wires plugs fuelfiler oxygen sensor an airfilter any ideas does it always
How do they calculate and labor costs
Shift shaft seal accumulator seal & 2 pan gaskets. Honda quoted me $436
When i take off the timing belt cover, sometimes the belt is slack near the tensioner, sometimes it is taut...have already replaced the thermostat, and cleaned and flushed the radiator, and checked the cooling fan clutch
it just started today drove fine before went to put key in an lights come on but wont turn over dose not make any noise an it is like it is stuck in gear
whenever i drive and cut off the engine and try to put the passport on park it gives trouble and i havto try it alteast 3 to 4 times before it stays on park.also it wont start whilst on park and i havto bring it down ...
the key doesnt want to go to lock and the engine doesnt lock
But the wires from the aftermarket switch are colored differently than the ones on the original?????
Have checked injectors for pulse with noid light. No pulse. Have pulled and tested spark plug for spark. No spark. Have checked codes - getP1290, P1299, P1295, P1515, P1220. Replaced TPS and checked harness for con...
Which is best for a South Florida climate?
Windshield washer, radio and some inside lights don't work. I think a main fuse must be blown. I have checked fuses under hood and inside. Where/what main fuse's should I be checking?
My reverse lights have become 2nd/3rd gear lights. From what I can find online, this is a common problem on older Passports/Isuzu Rodeos (same car), and on the 3.2L with a 5spd manual like mine, the sensor is $10 and ...
is their some thing wrong with the brain that's what another shop I took it to said
It should go down to 0 but it idles fast. what is doing this. I replaced throdle cable and 4 02 speed sensors and h20 sensor and cleaned the idle control valve. what else can I do?
The timing is set and it well NT run it truns over like it wants to and trys to but well NT I just need help thank u
I have replaced the head,timing belt got it all in time still willnt start also put a new crankshaft sensor its got great fuel and the head has 175 psi on the compression what else can I check to see if it will ran
it was low on fluid so I added more fluid
a timing belt and tentioner. I had a water pump a few years ago. What will I have to pay to get it fixed.
I bought a speed sensor from the junk yard. that worked for a month then the speedometer would jump around and then quit altogether.i just bought a brand new one from auto zone and that didn't fix the speedometer. is ...
Why is it when i put my passport in reverse or drive it starts shaking.... and then feels like it wants to die o ut
I need to know how to reset the trip odometer in my 95 Honda Passport for work. I did it once before on accident while I was cleaning the dash so I know it works but I just don't know how to do it again. Please help!!!
My ABS light will not turn off. Is there a way to reset it by backing car and hitting brakes?
While the car is on, the muffler and or exhaust I believe shakes and makes a ticking noise. it idles and sounds a little loud and sounds like a diesel, or motorcycle even. Is the tail pipe connected to muffler, if so ...
In attempt to fix check engine light, I replaced spark plugs. Which by the way, how do I know If they're installed correctly? Also after tightening a spark plug to fix a high pitch chirping noise, I drove it around th...
all the front brake components have been replaced (rotors calipers,pads and hoses),system bled, all work done by a pro, but still same problem.
It has a release button but I dont know if it comes out