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Stopped at traffic light in drive with foot on the brake. Light turned green let off brake hit gas van didn't move. put in park then back in drive and it drove fine. Happened once in the 2 weeks i had it. It still is ...
I have had the door locks-lock and unlock when the car is setting in the drive way with the engine running. What would cause this to happen?
This only happens when the doors are closed. I replaced the passenger side sliding (manual) lock actuator. That got rid of the grinding noise, and I hoped it would take care of the current problem since they both cam...
when i start the car it runs fine but when it comes to temperature it starts to shake and vibrate especially when standing still and when accelerating,,
the left rear door does not open. I can hear the motor making noise when i press the remote button or pull the door handle. I am not a at all good with mechanical or electrical components
or should I say how do I dismantle the dash to get at the check engine light.. Is there a lot of screws or can I just take the two screws in front of dash which shows the odometer reading and all other lights on the d...
unfortunately he said if no check engine light will come on the counsel it will be an automatic fail. How can I get it to come back on.. or why did it turn off?
sometimes when the doors do shut, they don't completely shut and the beeper comes on.
check engine light display....
Did the fuse pull out and replace. Door will operate normally a few times then same thing will happen. Error message comes on the dash and door will not work until I do the fuse pull out and replace procedure. Door op...
Went to the store, 15 minutes later , came out tried to start vehicle, absolutely NOTHING. It is very cold, the Battetry is new and has a lot of power. Lights work, radio, fan etc. now I cant open hood. Pull lever and...
When driving in the mountains the engine light and TCS light came on as engine started to starve. Ran good otherwise. Replaced air filter and still surges at 5000 rpm when running it in neutral. The diagnostic code s...
I want to replace the PGM-FI relay. The vehicle is cranking but does not start unless I pump the gas one time then crank. I have read on many online forums this is a common Honda problem often caused by faulty relay.
I wash the motor when this problem started, it will star but ones you star runing it it will slow down and stop
The noise (whining) comes when I turn wheels at low speed. Seems to be worse after I drive car.
I have taken it in numerous times. They even put in an updated DVD device. Same problem after more than 3 years!!!!!!
Radio stopped working, found the fuse box not holding fuse tightly, corrected that issue, radio was working again until the brakes were applied blowing the fuse? Any help would be appreciated
is idling high in drive and when u stop it goes regular but gage goes up and down.
Door should be unlocked as right door works fine. Get beeping continuous sound when button to open is pushed.
I can keep turning the key car starts up and then stops turn the key again and does it againthe runs for about 4 seconds and shuts off
my passenger rear sliding door stopped working. what do I do??