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I need to trace wires that connect the ambient outside air temp sensor so my cars stops blowing hot air on me in FL!
my 2012 Honda Insight heating system at 75 degrees will blow cold air. At 78 I will get heat and 85/high I will have hot heat. Any suggestions on this one?
My 2012 Insight along with may others appears to be consuming oil at an alarming rate and the "Check Emissions System light has come on. The car has 61,000 miles. Could this be covered by the California 10 year 150,00...
I have a 2008 Honda Accord Sedan with 47,000 miles. I have read online that this seems to be an issue and the ABS Modulator needs replaced at costs of $1000-$1500. Also VSA controle module may need replaced as well an...
Checked fuel cap, it fine.. battery does not seem to be charging, any ideas? Problem just started today, car seems to be running fine.. 73000K miles, original owner..
Car has around 60k on it. Bought it last month. Dealer claimed everything had been tuned up. The other day the oil light came on, checked the oil and there was ZERO in it. Added oil, could not find an oil leak. Flashf...
ima light came on at 108k - do not want to replace battery - will i cause additional damage if i drive on the gas only engine.
My car was driven into at the front. (Reversed into) at around 22 miles an hour. Ever since the accident the car has been juddering when on inclines and at low revs. It also has issues when u put ur foot on the brake ...
Two months ago the IMA battery light came on. When I took it to the dealer to be checked they said it was no longer working and was no longer under warranty and I was not going to spend the thousands of $$ for a new ...
If I turn wipers off, rpm back normal with power on, and now my car wont start.
Can hear faint clicks when button is moved up & down. Fuse is ok. Is this a bad master switch motor?
The headlights were left on over night and the car wouldn't start the next morning. Replaced the battery and car won't start. The locks don't work and no lights turn on inside. Also, gearshift is locked in place. ...
Maybe, I think the problem are there are in the deposit of fuel?..please help me
Recently I had a problem where ABS, Brake System and VSA lights turned on but after check at dealership found out that due to low battery bcoz of no use for a month car had electronic system failure so they reset the ...
Until few days back everything was fine and I move to California from chicago leaving my car there for few days while it gets picked up by transport company. When transport company came to pick up my car it did not st...
Dear Sir My Honda insight 2010 had an accident. I changed the air bags, seat be
It is almost impossible to move the gear selection lever! Honda wants $300 to change it! Plus the part about $135. I have access to a car lift.
this is first time when I am gonna take my car for service is it good to take at any service center or should I take it to dealer? And how much will it cost, there is no damage what so ever to my car?
2010 honda insight 8045 miles on the odometer check engine light on. dealer repaired leak coming from evaporation system and replaced valve. system reset. next day, check engine light on, same defect shown.sys...
My engine clicks or ticks, especially upon startup. Usually when I get on the expressway it stops. Is it the oil sending unit or maybe the oil pump, and how much will this set me back?
and how much does it cost to replace the battery, is it easy to take it to a mechanic?
little over 100k auto,check engine and ima light came on driving pulled up,p1456,p1449.just happened today,12/29/10.could feel power loss compared to before lights came on.
what are the potential causes that could trigger the IMA light? Car has 122000 miles.
On my 2002 Honda Insight, the Gas gage does not work. What causes this condition?
Now. Sat in car have had phone plugged in drained my battery. Help start anybody?
why is my ima light continually on plus my check engine light as well.
How do you adjust the headlights in the 2010 Honda Insight. The lights are aimed too low.