This vibration only occurs under load and feels like it is coming from the transmission. When vibration starts and I turn off the overdrive the vibration goes away.

steering wheel is making a creaking sound

Replacing engine, replacement engine does not have plug. car is manual trans. replacement was automatic (I think). Don't want to remove pulleys if I don't have to.

need a 04 honda crv knock sensor circuit diagram and test instructions

Back doors and rear door lock and unlock without problem using the remote. It is only the front drivers and passengers doors that do not lock or unlock with the remote. The driver's door can be locked and unlocked without problem when using the key. The front door locks appear to be stuck in place, will not go down or up with remote.

check engine light came on at idle while accelerating car hops hopping stopped light stayed on while driving home light has since gone out

ed on while driving home light has since gone off no hopping

Had battery checked by technician and was told it was fine. The AC will cool only at the beginning when turning on but turns to warm air after that.

I can fill it, but I'll never know how much is inside. It runs perfectly fine but it doesn't say how much gas is in the tank.

I've taken the car to the repair shop 3 times AFTER new radiator.thrmostat, hoses and leaks repair. THEN, they did an engine test to see if that was the cause but shows no leaks, no engine issues. I've spent a fortune yet radiator stays bone dry, but coolant is up to full level.It's still overheating. I'm out of money and options. Can you help?

Is this a major or minor repair. I still have warranty coverage but there's a $100 deductible.

Light came on immediately after leaving garage. Read that I may need to have VSA reset

just started-cant turn them off had to disconnect battery

The steering wheel vibrates at faster speeds (65 & above) & also breaking at these speeds. I have had the tire balance & air checked & was told it could be something with the breaks, rotors/ lining & or pads etc. does that sound right? I'd like to fix whatever is wrong.

I just had my spark plugs, air filter, cabin filter, oil and oil filter changed and two weeks later, the check engine light came on, whats next?