I have a 1991 Honda Civic Dx sedan manual 5 speed. Only 100,700 miles and for about a month now it's been a pain to get in 5th gear. Sometimes it'll feel like it's in and then pops out and goes in neutral, sometimes it'll go right in to 5th no problem, and then mostly it just won't go into 5th at all and I have to just keep trying and trying either by taking my foot off the clutch when in neutral and just retry over and over until it goes, and sometimes I have to go back into 4th gear and try again. Sometimes it'll grind when it finally does go in 5th and it's worrying me. Also it started doing this right after I changed the gear shifter. I wouldn't see how that could cause it to do that, but it was almost immeadiatley after I changed it. Also I put an adapter piece on the stick part because the gear shifter didn't fit tight when first put on and that made it better for about a day or two but now it's just getting worse and worse everyday. I'm always scared I might mess my car up when having to go about 60 mph in 4th gear until it finally goes into 5th gear, having to keep trying over and over again, sometimes making me almost force it in and a couple times I had no other choice but to force it in. I'm really worried about this. It's never once caused me a problem until now and I've had it for almost 2 years, starting with 55,000 miles and tooken great care of. It basically was brand new when I got it. I know it's 25 years old but I feel like it would be a worse problem if it was because of age. It still runs great, and gets it's oil changed every 3,000 miles religiously. I've never had one problem with it for the two years I've had it. I love my car and hope to have it for about 3-5 more years if not longer because the low mileage and proper oil changes. Please help, I don't want to mess the gears up anymore than I've recently had to. I'm constantly worried and anxious about it, especially while driving. It's starting to stress me out. Could it be the clutch needing repair/replacement? I wouldn't think so because all the other gears are fine and my clutch seems normal, no changes felt in the pressure of the clutch or the height it goes up when taking my foot off. Everything else is or atleast seems normal and fair. Please help. My mom said it could be the synchronizer, does that sound right?

I had to bypass the ignition now i think i grounded out the wire n my car wont start

My key won't work electronically. The middle section of the car went dim. I cannot see any of the symbols, where I navigate the Automatic device (put it in reverse, drive, etc). The lights work and the car runs, but the Air Conditioner stopped working. It is just the fan. It's like the middle section of the car is going dead. I have been driving it cross-country. Got a new battery and oil change, before leaving. Any ideas? Thanks !

And it still not running right it dont want to go up a hill it wants to die it runs ok when its coldand when it warms up is when it starts acting up

I did a head swap and it ran after, but now it won't start. Replaced distributor, main relay, did timing, and replaced the crank sensor. Any idea what could've caused this? By the way I also have good ground connections from motor to body. I even tried holding the spark plug wire to the negative terminal if the battery with a screw driver in the spark plug wire. No spark at all. Wires are also new

What could it be

Last week my Honda temp gauge started fluctuating when idle, but fine when I drove it. A lot of people recommended radiator flush, which I did. That fixed the problem...for 2.5 days. It start up again, but the car worked fine and didn't overheat. Then yesterday, when I started it, the engine sputtered for about 5 seconds and the check engine light came on. What am I possibly looking at?

Deep scratches not sure if plastic or medal on right rear exterior in front of wheel and under rear door on right side

First I replaced the condenser and filter dyer, for the old one was trashed. Re-charged and checked for leaks, no leaks, still have the problem of no cold air.

It started to slip and was hesitating changing gears then it just stopped changing gears completely
If I turned the car off and waited a few seconds it would grab reverse and drive for about 100 ft and then completely fail again.

Never had any inkling there was a problem...worked earlier in the day.

I have replaced the following in my car and the AC still does not work

* AC Compressor
* AC Evaporator
*AC Condenser
* expansion valve
* AC Relay
* Refilled Freon

The AC pressures seem fine. There are also no leaks from the information that I have gathered. My AC system still does not blow cold air despite the above fixes. Can you please suggest what else I can do.


My a/c works intermittently. It will all of a sudden start blowing HOT air. It has been behaving like this for almost a year. I have had several body shops look at it to determine the problem. My trusted auto shop does not feel confident they know exactly what is going on. I have seen many other complaints about the same issue with Honda Civic models 2008-2012 online with no apparent solution. Seems Honda may have a problem on their hands. What should I do?

My key broke and I don't have a spare

My car is missing the part, and I can't seem to find the correct answer on what the actual part is and it seems to be an uncommon part in cars.

I had replaced the A/C compressor, drier, fuses, and all new R134-a. It ran colder for about one day, and then blew out warm/outside air again! I then also had TWO A/C certified different mechanics run FULL diagnostics on the A/C unit and all its parts 110% BOTH could not find out or figure out why in the world it was not blowing out proper cold air? PLEASE HELP! They also checked for clogs and that was not it either?! WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE??

trans ok then it won't move I stop & restart car & it runs fine for 2 weeks . then it happened again

I am wanting to replace the driver side window motor on my 09 civic lx coupe. I want to make sure that I have right part number

replaced new thermostat and flush all coolant.stil not fixed

Trans shifts hard into R and D4 but will shift, however when taking off in D4 it feels like Trans is in high gear and feels like clutch is slipping, can start off in 2 and shift up and seems to work fine but the indicator light around D4 is constantly blinking no matter what gear is selected

2006 Honda Civic, have not noticed any problems with steering.

Charged the a.c. but still wants to cut off or run rough me out

it has done this once before but it just started working again did great but now it has left me stranded

when you park the car the brake lights will not turn off. the car is turned off and they stayed on.

the back break lights. will not turn off when the car is off.

the light will not turn off when the car turns off.

I accidentally revved my car in neutral and when I realized I panicked and shifted to drive. Now my car makes a grinding noise when I accelerate and now it shakes a lot