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Now I hear grinding in the front so I'm suspecting it's the front wheel hub assembly
I have a brand new 2013 civic sedan and every now and then my car won't start it will be perfectly fine until I turn the key then it won't start and I have somebody jump the car and it starts upand now it's doing it m...
The clutch has been described as "having too much play," but I actually prefer how easy it is to go from one gear to another.
My vehicle lost power now would not start, engine compression on all 4 between 1 and 3. Whith hi tech valves sometimes open can it be rings?
I have a 2000 Honda EX 4 door AT with 230000 miles it stalls if it doesn't get over 35 mph quick enough. I have to pretty much floor the car just so that it doesn't stall. Once I put it in park it starts right back ...
engine is goiung bad, trying to get all out of its life. need temporary fix.
My Honda 99 civic, used to stall at anytime, and now it will not start? Thought it was the fuel pump or fuel pump relay, replaced my battery cables, is it the ignition switch?
Car will turnover and then die out. Thought it was the fuel pump, but it's good.
Had my mechanic look at all motor mounts. All look good. The one by the passenger side control arm has some wear. Thinking not the issue. Car only has 45K on it. Doesn't run well and makes rough sounds during operatio...
doors do not automatically lock - but constantly click while I'm driving as if they are trying to. Also - unable to use key fob to unlock - have to insert key.
And they barely work .and how can I fix the problem on my own?
I heard american honda will give up to 90% for the cost of a cracked block. My honda is showing an error code po420 . Could be the cat or sensors or could be something more seriouse
In Dec. my husband used a key to open the door. I usually used the remote and this is the car I usually drive. He said the lock was sticky and didn't work. I opened the door with the remote but it then locked immediat...