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Honda civic ex

I'm having issues, and am at a deadlock. My car started overheating on about ten hours into a fifteen hour trip. I stopped, changed the thermostat (because the heat was blowing cold, thought it was stuck shut.) Let the car cool down, and finished the trip with no problems. Same thing happened on the way back home. While running a head gasket sealant, I noticed that my radiator fan wasn't working. I changed the fan switch, still wasn't working, switched the two fan relays, didn't fix the problem, changed the coolant temp sensor, Nada. I also flushed the coolant, hard wired the fan, and some other crazy things. This fan will only come on when the AC is on, and I'm at my wit's end. What am I overlooking? I'm ready to just wire a switch to the dash!

It was after the battery was replaced. It was working fine before that

engine light came,went to the garage ,was told it may be the emission controls

I have recently had the motor mounts all replaced due to rattling but now I have another problem. When I put my foot on the gas & then when I take it off the gas, there is this weird clunking noise. It's sounds mainly on the passenger side. It also seems connected to the fact that when I hit a small bump, the driver side has no effect but the passenger side seems to get hit harder by it.

When I start the engine it starts rough and when I'm driving in any gear(cvt) transmission the entire car begins to vibrate really badly, I changed the spark plugs, cleaned the mass airflow intake sensor and the throttle body, oil used is 0w-20 for now with 64k on it. I noticed when I go down a hill a put it in neutral it smooths out completely. I will admit I was overdue for an oil change by 10000 miles but even before getting it changed no vibrations until aftewards. I also recently changed the tranny fluid as well, I can't figure this out for the life of me. I know there are many causes to this but can you possibly narrow it down ? Any help is appreciated, thanks

I have a 06 civic coupe manual and sometimes it won't go into 1st gear is it an easy fix?and what can be done

3 door hatchback DX model, 100k miles, auotomatic. Only 1 problem b4, main relay went bad. .. While driving, speed gauge & key chime goes crazy & all dashboard lights go dark, car turns off. Now car won't start, it cranks but won't turn over. Main relay is new. When key turns while in the ignition, dashboard is still dark including all lights for defrost, a/c, air, lights for all gauges, all dark. Car Cranks bit won't turn over. Headlights, break lights work with or without key in ignition. Thank you for your help

I have drove it for over 90 miles already

I sometimes feel like I Skip oil changes

It is old and flaking off

The car is a 1996 Honda Civic with 255,000 miles.

overheating i think

Gearbox problems

Tires slip almost everytime i apply the brakes

My car has 250k miles on it.

It's a manual transmission.

It also seems to burn some oil as well.

I recently damaged my car and want to know how much it would be all together with the installation.

I had the fuel pump assembly replaced couple of months ago, New Ignition coils, New spark plugs and new Air filter.

We recently purchased our Honda and it has a couple mysteries. We test drove the car and at that time the speedometer desided to work and we were pleased to see that it only had a 144k on it....but then it quit, then re started again so that is the first issue. The second thing is the temp gauge. It never has worked but the gas gauge directly across from it works fine. I did take the cluster out and apart to look for anything obvious but things looked fine. We would love some experience on these issues if possible?

my car is 2006 Honda civic coupe ex 1.4L automatic, had a crash on the drier side. when i start driving the gears shift properly but some of the days i start driving and by the time i hit 60 mph, the 5th gear kicks in and the rpm drops to about 2000 rpm, but it will stay at forth gear and rage at almost 4000 rpm.

I've replaced the battery and the alternator. All in a five month period . What else should I try ? I don't have email so don't write to me please. I'm book making this site to read any replies . thanks

Recently I had my motor done via recall. I was looking at my tires, and glances over on the passanger side. There are 2 bolts missing. The look to be from the subframe to oil pan. I can't find any part info. Please help.

Driving down the highway and I shift into first, halfway through 1st it like bogs down and has no acceleration or pedal then out of nowhere goes back into gear. Does this with every gear or it will hop as soon as you go in gear. Has check engine light but couldn't make it to auto parts store before it shut down completely. Let it sit 30 or so minutes and it will start but won't hardly go. First time Honda owner, used to v8 ford engines so looking for any helpful advice on what it is

It turns over fine but just not firing.

The copper fitting came with my new compressor clutch and dryer I do not know where this part goes can you please help me out

Tried brand new battery an checked fuses under hood. Car starts the dies and loses all power.

95 Honda civic is missuing the #3 spark plug wire. I have to return something g, get the money ad drive about 25th miles to do it. Can I drive my car w/o the spark plug wire to do that?

I have to buy the wire but 1st I have to drive to the store & then drive another 15 miles. Is it OK to drive the car w/o the wire?