2006 Honda Civic, have not noticed any problems with steering.

Charged the a.c. but still wants to cut off or run rough ...help me out

it has done this once before but it just started working again did great but now it has left me stranded

when you park the car the brake lights will not turn off. the car is turned off and they stayed on.

the back break lights. will not turn off when the car is off.

the light will not turn off when the car turns off.

I accidentally revved my car in neutral and when I realized I panicked and shifted to drive. Now my car makes a grinding noise when I accelerate and now it shakes a lot

i hooked a omz converter to my factory stereo every thing was fine till it stoped working i have found a fuse blowen and a cut in a tucked wire if i replace this will sound come back stereo has power but no sound lights but no whistle HELP PLERASE!!!

Don't work no tail lights or brake light

How much should replacing an idler pulley cost

Is it possible that the guage is failing and would need replacement? What is the cost of replacement? Every other day.

I moved my car to higher ground during a flood. Had to back it up in water that got a few inches above the interior floor. Now, sometimes when I'm at at low RPMs or at red lights, my car dies completely and I have to re-turn the ignition. Best solution is keeping a foot on the brake while increasing RPMs to around 1000. What are some of the parts that might have been damaged to cause this?

Buy the parts and do it myself