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The bolt is stripped and the head snapped clean off. It rattles and can drive but I'm getting nervous about the belt snapping and then well... You know what I am at that point... Lol thanks for the help!! Btw 01 civ...
coil 4 was misfiring. But when i swaped the coil with another cylinder, the coil was fine. every time i put a different coil in cyl. 4 it misfires. what could be the cause for the misfire other than the coil and spar...
Towed car home, removed all old parts, purchased new parts. How do I set up the cam gear to be in time with crank pulley timing. Car was running 65mph on highway when belt broke. heard no banging noises when belt broke.
this all happened after a new car radio went in have very little power to the car now speedometer stuck on zero drive 4 flashes car barley drives goes maybe 5mph with pedal to the floor what causes this
It revs between 2nd and 3rd gear, sometimes 3rd and 4th as well depending on how fast I'm accelerating. I go easy on the gas, sometimes even taking my foot off the pedal completely to try and avoid it, but there's got...
All gauges & lights in cluster work except the 'back-light' for the temp gauge? at night, all gauges are lighted properly except the temp ~ 97 Civic EX Coupe ~ Is there a bulb i can replace? Thx Geoff
I purchased my vehicle in November of last year and of course it did not have a manual and no one could tell me at the dealership whether or not it had a timing chain or belt. It is an automatic sedan LX. That is all ...
sometimes its hard to turn almost seems like the steering wheel locks.
What is the drive cycle to reset the catalytic converter?
There is no sign of a leak. What could be wrong?
Can a code p0705 cause sputtering while excellerating with a cold motor and then run fine once the motor gets to normal operating temp? I had several misfires and gave tune up, replaced fuel filter and the ect. The on...
Just replace the cv booth a week ago. Everytime when driving from stop to 1st gear I can a knocking sound (tok), what's the problem? clutch?, suspension? engine mount?
I replaced the altinator and have no power battery is good but nothing
sometimes intermittent is it the speedometer or sensor or both rough estimate costs does dashboard have to taken off