how to get diaphragm output speed sensor

my 1995 Honda is having serious engine problems...i know that it has a f22b2 engine....my lil brother has a wrecker 1991 Accord that has good engine and trannie but it is a f22a1 will it fit in my 1995???

So my Honda accord starts, but sputters. Most days it starts and stays idling at 1000 rpm for a while then starts to sputter and bring the rpm down. Sometimes it tries to start, goes up to about 200 rpm and dies. I have to try a couple of times to get it started. Only way I can is if I have the accelerator fully pressed while I crank the car so that it can rev up. If not itll just sputter and die. When I drive most times its fine but some days it sputters like if there's some type of misfire. When I get to a stop I have to keep a foot on the gas and the other on the brake to keep it on or itll die on me. Please help...

My car won't pass the DEQ it keeps getting the code p0401. I changed the catalytic converter, EGR valve, and O2 rear sensor. I even cleaned the build up it had in the intake.

Replacement steps.

The car drives smooth until it gets to 45 mph then just revs at a high rpm and doesn't shift.

Relay on the green and yellow power source reading: 11.67 and green/white wire reads 11.77. Do you think that the fuel pump relay is defective?

It started with just when I started the car but know it's doing the noise also while I am driving

Everytime my car is still, the temp of the thermostat goes to H

Engine won't start. No codes. turns over good and tries to start but only fires for a half second. Tried starting fluid with no results. Getting fuel to the fuel block. Injectors are being pulsed.

V-6 Ex-L options

The check engine,brake lamp and the S lights are on

I just bought the car for my daughter and I don't know how well it was taken care of.

Everytime I open my trunk water falls and now sometimes my back seat gets wet