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Will not engage into 1st. gear from a dead stop, like a stop sign, always takes off in 2nd. then shifts in the higher gears OK. Would that be one of the shift solenoids...Thanks
I had a mechanic replace the timing belt and water pump. The day I picked it up, the car did not start. It would engage, like the lights came on but it would not turn over. The mechanic said, "Oh, it's ok. It just nee...
I removed distributor cap and lot's of oil inside. I replaced O-ring but didn't solve problem.
So I bought an aftermarket radio and installed it properly (did not connect the orange wire). After about 2days, my dash and taillights stopped working and I realized it was the fuse. Every time I changed the fuse it ...
I changed the switch or censor on the injector mouth I would'nt know if it is responsible as the acceleration also increased, it does not produce black smoke but it sucks so much fuel. Please what can be the problems.
My local honda dealer quoted 2,700 for genuine honda parts, and 1,700 for non honda parts. The car is 13 years old with 161k on it, nearly 3k for an exhaust system seems a bit ludicrous.
also I would like to know the cost of the valves?
When i would give it gas it would do like it dont wanna go but when it would catch it would drive fine
Had to replace my car battery. Now my radio/cd player is not working. The display says I need to enter a code. Looked it up in the handbook and the book says the radio will reset itself in a few days but its been over...
The driver side door in my 1998 2-door Honda Accord EX, doesn't have any power. The power windows do not work when I use the window switches (no sounds either). Also, the lock switch does nothing when I toggled it and...
looks like coming from under distributor cap
My son's Honda has been throwing a check engine light for the last 8 or 9 months and we can't seem to get it fixed. Have changed the distributor cap, two different temperature sensors multiple times and the manifold ...
with new battery or a newly charged battery get all four gears and transmission works fine
I bought a speed sensor for the transmission
It cranks, has a full tank of gas, but won't kick over. I put water remover in twice and that worked both times. I had the same problem today and added the remover again but now that is not working. Any idea what it c...
checked spark and its good, checked main relay and its good, brand new distributor, but checked it anyways and its good. Dot understand why wont start, plz guide me with troubleshooting
2nd gear shifts with a "bump", the other gears shift smoothly, need to determine what is wrong.