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the pedel travels much to far before engageing. thanks for helping
Car ran fine except for one time for a couple minutes 2 months ago. It is continually running rough now.
I guess honda built a safety mechanism in the ignition switch I just wanna know if that's what it is. There's power but it won't turn over or go into gear.
It leaks a lot of water right above the oil filter I've been told two things that's is freeze plug and a pipe but idk what to actually think
Changed termostat from 170 to 180 works fine,flushed heater core not dirty engine tempere gauge works fine control temperature knob moves fine ,just takes long to get heat 99 accord vtec.what could be wrong engine is ...
I have 94 Honda accord some times while driving down the road I will hear a clicking noise in my dash and the engine will die majority of the time I can put the car in neutral turn the ignition of the it'll fire right...
It's crack where tha manifold meets the motor bolt housing
My f22a1runs great when you start it from a cold start but sometimes when you take off and try to ease into the throttle it cuts out(almost like a cylinder misfire) but all cylinders are firing fine). It has a check e...
I have 160,000 miles on car. Problem occurs usually after it has run then it is parked for 10-20 inutes then the problem starts. When I press on accelerator the engines chugs as if choking or hard to get gas to engine...
Is there 2 computers? One PCM (for the transmission) and one for the engine?
Bolt housing is cracked all the way around the where the bolt goes to the engine
Is there a difference between abs nd the (abs) in like a bubble because mine is just abs
Front and rear brakes
The light does not read on the dash board nor the cruise control
it has a yellow spark and put a civic distributor in the accord