I just bought the car for my daughter and I don't know how well it was taken care of.

Everytime I open my trunk water falls and now sometimes my back seat gets wet

My 2000 Accord LX VTEC V6 (125k) suffers the EXACT problem with symptoms PRECISELY as described in the Honda TSB 00-024 "Heat Soak" issue: engine won't start or hold idle after the car is driven to operating temp and then parked w/engine off for ~15mins; runs rough if gas pedal is held or after transmission is quickly shifted into gear; and, MIL will light with resultant misfire codes. Let the car cool down for ~10mins and it'll start and run fine. This problem recurs consistently and is easily induced.

Anecdotes about suggested causes run the gamut:
- ethanol fuel vaporization;
- generally bad quality fuel;
- fuel pressure regulator too small;
- returnless fuel rails;
- problem with main fuel relay solder joints;
- air trapped in coolant;
- overly tight I/E valves;
- EGR issue;
- leaky valve and/or head gaskets;
- bad plugs and/or ignition coils;
- bad coolant temperature sensor;
- blown fan fuse;
...and on and on and on.

Note: the engine ran fine for over a decade before showing the symptoms thus described, making me suspicious this is a genuine "heat soak" issue. I have a hunch some part has simply gone bad, but I simply cannot identify the culprit. Help!

I keep getting code P1456 it tells me it's the fuel tank pressure sensor. I would like to change it out myself. Any and all input will be helpful

I've replaced the main relay, the ignition switch coil ignitor I've checked all the fuses cap, roter before having this problem the speedometer would only work periodically can anyone help me with an answer to this nightmare please

I've had my 2012 Honda Accord LX sedan (4 cyl) for almost a year. In December 2015 I had to replace my 2 rear tires due to dry rot. I've had the Traction/Stability control activate while I was driving a few times due to the roads being too slick for traction but that's generally only when I'm forced to a complete stop while going uphill or when there's water on the road & I can't avoid going driving through it (I still slow my speed even more & I don't mean flood water, think a medium sized pothole filled with water). It's been steadily raining for over 24 hours now but I had bills to pay so I went out this morning. At a very busy & unavoidable intersection in town the stop light is at the top of a hill. If you aren't the 1st car in line then you're forced to literally stop on the upper slope part of the hill. I've experienced this before & knew I had to be careful when the light changed but the traction control normally would engage. Today it didn't & my car went to the right so I had to make a right turn (thankfully it was clear) because I couldn't go straight. I headed home after that but I live far from town. I noticed that the tires weren't getting very much traction after a complete stop yet the light for the traction control never came on & I could tell that it wasn't on.

I check my tires each week to make sure they aren't underinflated (TPMS is unreliable). When I start the car up, all lights that normally come on & go off do so. There's no lights flashing & there aren't any warnings/codes that will run across the dash screen where the mileage/oil life % is. The 2 rear tires went on in December 2015. The 2 front tires were on when I purchased the car but when I got the rear tires they said both front tires were practically new.

I've replaced ignition switch the coil and the igniter the car will only start when I turn the key and all the dash lights come on when drive light won't come on car won't start

The CV axle is bad on my 1990 Honda and I just got some parts off. A 1997 Honda. Was wanting to know if they were compatable

I was told by Honda tech that replacing this will not help. However car still drives and shifts normally. What happens if I continue to drive with this code? Will the transmission seize up or stall? Would appreciate any advice on this problem

White/ish smoke coming out of tailpipe. Car sounds bad now when I crank it. It was sounding like something was dragging the ground but nothing is. Still able to move it but don't want to do any more harm than what's been done to it. Been a great car.

I have an 04 accord and the seat beat is locked up...i to I took it to Honda and Honda stated to me that it will be $70 to be diagnosed and it will possibly be repaired if it is their fault!!!

The wiper keep wiping non stop when I ignite the car. Sometime it will go off (back to normal) after I off the engine and restart but sometime it don't.

I just bought this car used, and the check engine light came on 5 days later. It dies when idling(at red lights/stop signs, etc.) but cranks just fine.
I tested it with a code reader, and the code led to a rocker arm actuator. Can anyone tell me what this is and how much it would vost to replace?

Would it be easier to take it to a detailer or professional cleaning company? Or do I need to replace all of the interior; if so how much does that cost??

cool air blows out with the heat on driving down the hwy. the temp gauge is showing cold. shows normal when at idle.

Why and how to fix it

It doesn't matter if it's on flat land or slight incline. Doesn't happen when in 5th gear and up. Clutch has been replaced in the last few years. Does not pop out of gear. I'll just be driving along and it jerks. Jerked the other day and it's getting rougher. Used to be a slight jerk. Friend of mine has looked at it. Says it's not a belt issue, spark plugs, fuel pump. Fluids look fine. Thinks it might be me. But I've been driving manuals for half my life. I know how to use them. Something has to be wrong. I am usually going about 35 MPH on slight incline when it happens the most. Actually, now that I think about it. Twice in the same spot. I was coming to a stop after a big hill, and it acted like it wanted to cut completely off! I remember pushing the clutch in and thinking that still wasn't gonna help. ANY ideas? =/

Srs light stayed on in my car just want to know if i can take it to the dealership to be repaired free of charge. Or will i need to pay the repairs? Thank you.