What blew and what do I replace.i tried putting Freon in but wont take.the clutch wont engage.answer please

Won't unlock mamially or with key

Won't open with key

Noticed hood smoking when I got home from the store about 5 days ago, turned off my car and popped the hood. Antifreeze was everywhere mainly on the passenger side under the hood. Saw a small hose about thumb length had a hole where antifreeze shot through. Replaced the hose, easy fix, then started car and it ran for maybe a minute then died. Hasn't started since. It will turn over though, starter isn't a problem. Distributor cap was flooded with oil, cleaned that out and gave it another shot, still nothing. My car turns over and sounds like it's going to turn on but still hadn't. Not sure what I should be looking for here. Why did it die? And why does it still continue not to run? Could it be a big problem? Transmission is brand new as of January 2016. Alternator was replaced last November, fuses are good, starter is good, fluids are good, I'm a little confused. Much appreciated any opinions.

Needed tune up did thay next morning no spark so i changed icm , coil distributor wires cap rotor plugs all fuses good under hood and inside car. I dont know what else to do or check please help.

My '94 Honda Accord Vtec is having trouble starting. When it does start, it struggles to hold an idle and constantly dies. It started doing this about a month ago, though the problem recently got worse. When the car does hold an idle and is driven, the car will die while in motion and I have to keep starting the car. The ignition key seems to be loose in some way, the key will fall out while driving.

Car cuttoff when drive in rain water filled street 6h later I try to start about 3 times the stating sound was good but dont start....20 min later the 4th trial I hear a bad loud strong sound I was afraid from the sound leave it to dry off in the sun light

It's not the A/C

when you turn it off, it won't restart for about 20 mins. Now it won't start at all. What could possibly be wrong? I've read several reviews & lots of people are having the same problem. The car is actually a 1989.

engine overheating

I have just had both replaced but the battery goes dead when the car is running. If I leave the lights off and air off it will take a little longer to go dead though.

We're do I find piston 1

Door locks are pesky! Front pass door won't lock or unlock using auto-lock, rear doors only sometimes. Depends on which door using auto-lock. Driving me crazy! Help!

Went to close window and the glass fell into the door panel area. I cannot afford $300-$500 to have a shop replace regulator and mounts. I will try to do it myself.

backed into to dumpster and broke driver's side taillight lens - cannot get it inspected. what is estimated cost of repair

The sound that is made is like a loose pan or loose muffler connection. Because I am not that mechanically knowledgeable, I was wondering what else could be the culprit for me to troubleshoot?

I have my light that says the oil is low can i put oil in it

Replaced battery, starter, and cables. Thank U for your time

Breaks was replace, now abs lights stays on.

Breaks abs

the car leaked 2 quarts of oil in 2 days, about 70 miles

2001 honda accord ex. 4 cylinder

Fuses? Bulbs? What? :(

The air worked fine on a drive home after I get home it sit for few hours I start it up to go to town and it blows hot air I checked the belt I can turn the clutch by hand I checked the relays

I'm looking to see the best way to get to the intake side sensor(front sensor) what I should remove to make it easier to get to the bolt and then removal of the sensor to swap it out with a new one. Any help would be much appreciated!

I bought a brand new battery and alternator and my car will still die when it is going down the road. I even exchanged them thinking I had bought faulty stuff but those are not my problem. Fuses are good and no problems with the wiring that can be found. When the key is in the switch no battery light appears either and the alternator is only putting out 12 volts what could be my issue

Car stalled! New battery replaced within 4 days! Electrical malfunction!

The car runs fine

I hace the following codes,, p2227, 2646, 0122. What are the meaning of the refered codes.

I will turn my lights on at night and the lights in the dash will turn on for a short time or they won't even turn on. Sometimes if I hit the top of the dash they will turn on again but for a short period of time. Can this be due to a loose fuse? If so where is it located?