I have replaced VTEC solenoid (which comes with switch). I replace my oil every 3000 miles. Sometimes my car works fine and the engine light shuts itself off. Other times, there is a tinny rattling noise in engine and absolutely no power. When the engine light isn't on, there is a ton of power. I have to shift down to go up hills (more than reasonably so, and only when light is on), but I can't shift as low as I want because when I approach 3000 rpms, it goes into "limp mode" and I REALLY don't like the jerking feeling when that happens. Last time I got codes run, they were p1009, p0116, p2646 and p0011. It has shut the light off itself after oil changes, after getting gas filled, and just at random moments as well. The engine light always comes on when I am going up a hill. I have only had this car for less than 5000 miles and already changed oil twice and replaced solenoid. There must be something BEHIND this issue.

I have changed the fan assembly it was not functioning but the engine wasn't over heating. I am about the change the relay for the condenser and the radiator and the fuses. Has anyone else had this problem?

The heater is functioning perfectly as well as the fans now.

Off.... However when the hazards are on the blinkers work. All this started after i bled my brake lines. Before everything worked perfectly. Any help much appreciated.

Trouble code 92 is showing on self diagnostic test

*Accord? The dent and scratches are about a ruler length long and the dent is maybe 3/4" deep.

The seems to vibrate anytime I'm at these speeds. It stops shortly after but it is bothering me.

Had the front calibers change and rear shoes and wheel cylinders change and new pads on the front to

It happend multiple times, when I go for long drive (at least continues 2hours with out stop) after a stop when I restart my car, check engine light is stayed ON. It will be On until I refill gas. After refilling from the second or third drive I see that light go Off. I took car to repair shop onve while light is ON but no codes were traced. I know the solution but not sure why this is occurring every time.

Main pulley off of the motor that operates the air conditioning pump and the smog pump and alternator the pulley main pulley has come loose or something it's wobbling what do I do

The main pulley off of the engine that works the alternator and all the other accessories and the air conditioning pump the pulley off of the engine has come off or loose how do I fix it is there a net that come up or what I don't know but it's loose and wobbling how do I fix it

The car started having trouble starting, i cleaned the distributor cap, seemed better but then..the fans stopped working, checked switches and fan it self and they're working fine. Temp gauge is not reading, and ac is not working, the power locks only work when they feel like it, and im at a loss.

When the Engine heats up to normal level and you turn off the engine for longer then 4+ mins, it will not start again until Engine is cool again(blue area on temp gauge). What is the cause and how to fix it?

how to get diaphragm output speed sensor

my 1995 Honda is having serious engine problems...i know that it has a f22b2 engine....my lil brother has a wrecker 1991 Accord that has good engine and trannie but it is a f22a1 will it fit in my 1995???

So my Honda accord starts, but sputters. Most days it starts and stays idling at 1000 rpm for a while then starts to sputter and bring the rpm down. Sometimes it tries to start, goes up to about 200 rpm and dies. I have to try a couple of times to get it started. Only way I can is if I have the accelerator fully pressed while I crank the car so that it can rev up. If not itll just sputter and die. When I drive most times its fine but some days it sputters like if there's some type of misfire. When I get to a stop I have to keep a foot on the gas and the other on the brake to keep it on or itll die on me. Please help...

My car won't pass the DEQ it keeps getting the code p0401. I changed the catalytic converter, EGR valve, and O2 rear sensor. I even cleaned the build up it had in the intake.

Replacement steps.