I've got 187K miles, and I have to depress the clutch with lots of effort.

My air has been blowing hot hair. However, after purchasing a can of freon, it started to blow cold again. The next day, it was blowing warm again. What could be the problem?

I started my car up one morning, however, the car was running great. After about 1 mile in when the car warmed up, my transmission started to slip. The car started to struggle really hard to go forward. I cut the car off and started it back up. It ran fine for another 1 mile or less and started doing the same thing. I had to keep restarting the car to try to get home. Finally I got home and put the car in park and it make a loud clank noise when I shift it into park.

When I make a right turn, my car shakes really bad. It feels as though the wheel is loose. It has been going on for a week now.

When I am on the freeway I can feel my car pull a little to the right.

I added new freon to the car. For some reason no cold air is coming out of the vent.

It sounds like a loud grinding noise coming from my front left tire.

I have a 2000 Honda Accord EX, and whenever I drive over 40 mph, my check engine light comes on, and stays on until I reduce speed. What could be causing this? Is it a sensor?

I have a 2000 Honda Accord Ex, and whenever I idle at a stop sign or red light, my car begins to overheat. But once I continue moving again, the engine cools down. What causes this?

I have a 2000 honda account v6 and I noticed that my water pump keeps dumping all of my antifreeze on the ground after the car cools down. What causes this?

I 've never changed it since getting the car, about 5 years ago.

I hear a loud squeak when I break.

My odometer has stopped reading the car's speed.

03 accord coupe

Battery is fine, starter is not getting electricity. Verified NO current to starter when key is turned to start position. Checked fuses under hood and under dash. Wont start in any gear, and dash and floor shifter are both indicating the same position. Engine was swapped out and I had to finish swap due to shady and incompetent "Honda mechanic". So I have no idea what was done to the engine/ tranny though several key parts were missing and had to be replaced including all the parts to connect the tranny shift cable to the trans.

well it started off with my starter giving out , bought a new one and replaced it. soon after i installed the new one the car started jerking eventually leading to it sitting in my driveway . it doesn't crank or start when i turn the key nothing happens but i am able to push start the car just fine everything else works fine , had the started tested passed 4 times. also check battery its good , relays ,fuses also good . i changed the ignition switch swell with no luck . anyone got any ideas?

I have replaced ignition switch, key cylinder, distributor and dist cap, soldered the main relay, but still have the problem. Seems like when the ac is turned on it stalls and wont' start

I have replaced the ignition switch, and key cylinder, soldered the main relay, put a new distributor and cap and still stalls. I have noticed it will completely stall and no restart after ac is turned on

clunk noise coming from lower right side only when take off and braking

more recently now chirping when car is running

My car won't start the starter is good and I have replaced the ignition switch but it still won't turn over what else could be wrong with it?

One day, I had to have my car jumped off to start and the lights and radio were coming on just fine. My uncle tightened the cables and my car crank just fine all day. After I shut off the car after coming from the store that night, my car hasn't crank since and everything else is coming on just fine but a clicking noise so I thought it was my starter and purchased a brand new one and there is still a clicking noise and the car will not turn over unless someone takes a ranch and touches the starter or silinoise or in between it but it still will not start. My key is broken from the remote and a chip is in the remote but my key has broken a lot of times before and until I could purchase another, I would always hold the remote with the chip close to the key and it would crank just fine. Please help

I was installing alpine navigation stereo. After instaling everything works except the climate control unit. All the other functions works lights comes on but ac buttons are not responding. Did i break the harness pr something ?

Sometimes my car blows real cold air, then stale warm air with a chemical like smell, then back cold for about three minutes and then back warm. One day I drove it for 1 1/2 hours and it blew cold the while whole time. Had freon check and he said it was a little low but ran the dye and couldn't find a leak. Refilled with freon and charged $115.00. Next day it was doing the same thing. Never can tell when it's going to work properly and when it's not.

Car was fine until I drove in the steep Santa Cruz mountains. D4 light started flashing engine light came on .
Speedometer started jumping.
As soon as I got back to straight road only D4 flashes.

My power steering went, then the car died. I started it and went further with no power steering and heard a racket up front of car. Can driving my car minus power steering damage the car further?

Will not shift into drive e after car warms up.

My car only has 17,000 miles

The positive cable is corroded all throughout the entire wire and car won't start should I replace the entire cables?

Have taken to mechanic several times. Will drive for a few days and comes back on. If driving over approx. 20 miles, car will not turn over (all dash lights come on but engine will not engage) until several hours later. Gas cap is on properly.