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It stalls every time the car is started. What could be the problem? I am a mechanic.

placed new speed sensor last week but that doesn't mean it hasn't gone bad

It's always after it has sat for a while, like overnight or while I'm at work.

Everything test ok

tested fan wires, new sensor and new thermostat no leak i have to leave a/c on for fans to cool engine if not it will start getting hot.

Battery.light came on got new battery light still on next day slow starting drove down street the aba light poped on and it died

How often should transmission filter be changed on 2012 accord V6? Two Dealers stated I shouldn't bother and just change fluid every 30K miles. Seems fishy. Then independent quoted almost $500 do flush trans and swap filter. Is it that hard?

Car sat for 4 yrs started occasionally ,battry ok spark ok fuel at sending unit seemed starts then dies..restart, no go ,unyil next day...dame thing

Alternater and how much could thos cast

The screw was loose on my shifter husband tightened it then shifter wouldn't move at all. So he loosened it and now I don't have to push in the button on my shifter nor do i have to have the brakes applied to take it out of gear. how do we fix it so its right?

Car died,cranks but no start,oil in plugs,no spark after cleaned oil & no wipers or turn signals.

I had my alternator replaced and the mechanic said it needs to replace the battery sensor also..

I have changed the battery , alternator and selanoid B (which was an issue that was generated the computers diagnostic). All of these are getting power. I reset the battery also. The car looses power after a few minutes and I have to have it jumped off to start again. What other remedies are available for this issue.

I usually will drive like a few miles and it'll rev but not accelerate, then I turn the car off and it will not mess up for another few miles.

It ran low or out of gas and was parked o an incline. When gas was added battery seemed to drain and still would not start. Accidentally crosses jumper cables so replaced battery. Finally started but would not remain idling. Makes a loud ticing noise. Dont know how to check any relays or other possible causes.

my car did not sound all night and this morning it went off 3 times randomly until i finally dicided to keep it unlocked.

100,000 miles on 2000 Accord and neither have been replaced yet.

I changed all mounts and I still have a vibration when I put in gear. Any suggestions?

on the top of the valve cover there is a pretty big crack in it. will that cause problems.

when it was running for that time the ideal would rev up then drop back down

My car is leaking coolant from the back side of the engine the side that's closest to my windshield I don't know what it can be but it's overheating and spilling out calling like crazy from the back

I need a new door

the alignment is terrible and it feels like the wheels are going to break from the car. whats going on>

Fuses good....both inside & under hood.
Thanks judy

Also input on using an "engine clean product"? Or fuel system cleaners ?

Also the headlights and radio work but nothing else turns on the windshield wipers doesn't work neither does the check engine light or the security key light come on?

i put a new distributor on is it timing or something with rhe computer box .some guy said battery but it has new battery starts up and keeps cutting off changed transmission control module already even guy at shop dosent know ..please help id be so grateful im single mother of 2 who lives paychec to paychec ...please someone hlp me out

check engine light came on while driving in stop and go traffic w/ the D4 gear light blinking...blinking stops after car is parked and turned is shifting fine as well after I turned the car off. This has happened twice

How much should fuel pressure be on a 3.0

My car will go in drive but not reverse need to know what it is so I can fix it.