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I don't know which intake systems would be better for the car, can anyone help out please and thank you
I cleaned out the egr valve and the check engine light was off for a day or so then all of a sudden it came back on but started reading a different code error this time as well other than the egr code. What should I d...
I never had it happened to me while i'm driving a ton of smoke comes out of the tailpipe as if i was driving a semi truck or something, however i did just add some engine oil would that have been the problem?
We've taken it to Beck's Garage but it was working at the time. This has never happened before and when it works, it works great but when it stops you can hear the air blowing internally in the dash but it just doesn'...
high idlle, and the transmission feels like it maybe slipping but i dont know
One mechanic says my sway bar needs fixed around $100. The other says the steering rack needs replace $900. I just want to safely (and cheaply) get to work and back. Plan to keep the car till at least the end of the y...
Y my oil dey shot?
My taillight on my passenger is broken and that is the side it drains out of when I open it.
When my D4 light is blinking my car will not start.
What could be the problem.I was told it was a brain box problem. could it be true becos it happened b4 and was corrected
Sometimes I get in the car and out the key in the ignition and it starts right up. Other times I repeat with starting however the engine does nothing! I always take the key out and try it again and sometimes it will s...
Known issue with leaking tail lights. Need to find gaskets to replace body to light seal.
Within the past 3 mos. the fan motor in my 1997 Honda Accord EX turns on after I switch off the engine. According to the temp gauge, the car isn't over heating although it will only do this if I driving for more than ...
Gas leading due to corroded fuel line
Fuses are fine...dimmer is turned up..check engine light abs and D3 and D4 lights all work..but behind speedometer, fuel gauge, and thermometer all wont work. Any ideas!?! Im clueless!!! Thanks.
We have a 2003 Accord EX 4 Cyl...two days ago the car started fine, yesterday when we tried to start it you could hear the engine trying to start but it wont. Today a friend came and he said he could hear the fuel pum...
does this happen to all 2006 models or am i the lucky one
they say it is my transmission going out.I would like to know do the transmission make the speedometer stop working.
oil leak: this engine oil leak is about a quart a month with constant driving , it seems to be leaking from the top of the engine. what can this be?