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on alldata this calls for the removal of the drive plate cover and I can not find anything on how to remove this or what it is if I can figure that out the job should not be to difficult just not to sure what a drive ...
No clicking sound when the button is pressed.
no ignition in the spark plug. Honda city 2008, 110 000 kms run.
I purchased my vehicle in November of last year and of course it did not have a manual and no one could tell me at the dealership whether or not it had a timing chain or belt. It is an automatic sedan LX. That is all ...
I have changed the resistor, blower, checked all the relays, the compressor is fine and it has gas, even changed thecontrol panel inside and nothing. I turn the car on, turn the AC and you can hear the it turn on for ...
My check engine light is on. Car runs fine, but is in limp mode. Cant rev over 3000 rpm. Plus every now and then the instrument lights flash all lights, but engine continues to run fine.
Took the car into a mechanic shop,to fix the fuel tank breather 15 minutes after leaving the shop the driver door dosent open never had this problem before.
door actuator sticks
Have replaced fuel pump n fuel filter. It will decelerate and cut off. After a while may be a day it will start a drive maybe 50 miles n do it again....HELP!
at times when the car is in motion and brake is applied, the engine will be off and the car will stop. if you switch off the ignition and start the engine again, it starts.
I took it to a mechanic and he told me it was the main fuel relay switch, I replaced it and still having same problem then he goes to say it must be going into vapor lock. How can I be sure this is the problem?
sometimes its hard to turn almost seems like the steering wheel locks.
Son has a 96 Accord Value model, 160k miles. Yesterday the check engine light came on, the speedometer stopped working and then the car stopped accelerating while driving. All power stays on. If you stop the car an...
What is the drive cycle to reset the catalytic converter?
door locks became sluggish at first and then quit altogether. When driving in the car and push down drivers side lock, all other locks respond. FOB still blinks running lights twice. Want to check this before replaci...
This is a dangerous situation when trying to merge into traffic.
My motor mount had broken inside the block i had it change but the motor mount is rubbing against the power wheel pump in also look like the engine is leaning a little plz tell me whats goin on
I have automatic transmission, and i think its stuck in Drive. So i can't start the car. Moving the lever doesn't do anything. So, i want to manually put it in Park. I was looking at online forums and people said they...