I have a 2000 Honda Accord Ex, and whenever I idle at a stop sign or red light, my car begins to overheat. But once I continue moving again, the engine cools down. What causes this?

I have a 2000 honda account v6 and I noticed that my water pump keeps dumping all of my antifreeze on the ground after the car cools down. What causes this?

My ac isn't as cold as it was, I need to know what kind it takes.

I believe it needs to be replaced because it has erratic shifting.

My battery completely died, and after replacing, my radio/stereo control unit is not working. It is asking for a code. Where do I get that code?

When I am in mud the tcs light comes on and it makes a grinding noise.

I 've never changed it since getting the car, about 5 years ago.

I hear a loud squeak when I break.

The service light has been on for a couple days but I don't have the money to take it in yet. How long can I afford to leave it?

My odometer has stopped reading the car's speed.

Neither my husband nor myself can travel in the car for any length of time. It hurts! Any ideas for fixing this?

We replace the fuses and it works for a while, but then they stop working again.

The passenger side lock re-locks within 5 seconds of unlocking.

Is it possible to fix this on your own?

It only happens when the car is cold

How much would a remote-start addition cost for this model and where would I go to get it done?

Only vibrates while braking, not accelerating or cruising.

I need some help

When the temperature drops I can be fairly certain that my check engine light will come on and remain on all winter only to go off again in the spring. I have had it checked by mechanics in the past but it still happens every year

Cracked 1 year ago, too damaged to repair

I can't find it near my radio

My car has 38,000 miles.

The disgital clock has not been working for months. Probably just the fuse but I have no idea where that is located or how to change it or what part to buy.

Some sort of elec short? When this happens, green key light doesn't light or flash, also shift lock won't unlock when brake is stepped on during problem. Sometimes a light to medium bump to the steering wheel fixes it...shift lock clicks and releases, then it starts. Again, it never fails to turn over, just no spark or no fuel. ?? Its happening more lately.

03 accord coupe

I had the fuel pump assembly replaced couple of months ago, New Ignition coils, New spark plugs and new Air filter.

We recently purchased our Honda and it has a couple mysteries. We test drove the car and at that time the speedometer desided to work and we were pleased to see that it only had a 144k on it....but then it quit, then re started again so that is the first issue. The second thing is the temp gauge. It never has worked but the gas gauge directly across from it works fine. I did take the cluster out and apart to look for anything obvious but things looked fine. We would love some experience on these issues if possible?

The fans don't work. How do we get them to working? The air blows cold when going but blows hot when stopped at a light or in idle. Also how do I turn the passenger air bag back on.

Every time I unlock the in bed trunk it blows the power door lock fuse. I hope there is a way to bypass this so I won't have to do any rewiring.

My car has 31000 and its starting to show starter system along with check starter system. Tool it to the dealer and its not the computer not the battery not the starter. And when i turn it off. And try to turn it back on it wont turn back on after a while. Anyone have this problem also?