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the alignment is terrible and it feels like the wheels are going to break from the car. whats going on>

I am in the market for a used car. Preferrably sold by owner and I don't have a lot of money. I find cars that I can afford but the mileage is always extremely high. My options at this point is a:
2003 Honda Element with 174,000 miles OR
2007 Dodge Caliber with 106,000 miles. I hear Hondas can go well beyond 200,000 miles with ease which is why I even looked at that one. But I haven't heard much about the Caliber. Any thoughts/suggestions/recommendations? Thanks in advance.

my Honda is stuck in park and was told it could be the fuse

it happened suddenly. but the mini van didn't loose power

Fuses good....both inside & under hood.
Thanks judy

have let gas go empty twice and indicator light did not go on; let oil go down past time to get replaced and didn't go on; Fuses were checked and all were fine.

one door opens in manual mode the other is only operating in automatic mode. should both work in manual mode

SRS light stays on all the time has been on for about a month or two. need to know how much it will cost to be diagnosed and repaired and wondering if it's something I could do myself or is it too complex?

Also input on using an "engine clean product"? Or fuel system cleaners ?

Also the headlights and radio work but nothing else turns on the windshield wipers doesn't work neither does the check engine light or the security key light come on?

I'm am having my exhaust pipe replaced, how much should the labor cost

i put a new distributor on is it timing or something with rhe computer box .some guy said battery but it has new battery starts up and keeps cutting off changed transmission control module already even guy at shop dosent know ..please help id be so grateful im single mother of 2 who lives paychec to paychec ...please someone hlp me out

check engine light came on while driving in stop and go traffic w/ the D4 gear light blinking...blinking stops after car is parked and turned is shifting fine as well after I turned the car off. This has happened twice

I have a 2015 Honda Civic lx coupe, and it has bolt on wheel covers. Can I just put the bolts on the sterile without the bolt on wheel cover, and then buy replacement non bolt on wheel covers?

How much should fuel pressure be on a 3.0

Hello, I recently slid into a curb on a turn and my LF wheel hit the curb because of icey road conditions going approximately 15-20km/h. This caused the wheel to be set back in the wheel well leaving about an inch or less of clearance before rubbing on the fender. I am able to turn and accelerate fine but when I slow down it rubs. I think it may be a bent LCA but I am unsure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My car will go in drive but not reverse need to know what it is so I can fix it.

I purchased the car in 2015 & it had 163,000 miles on it. I've been told that it should be replaced every 100,000 miles. How much should it cost for a mechanic to check the belt & how much time is involved. Ho w much does it cost to replace the belt. I had a mechanic to tell me that the original belt is on the car. Can this be possible?

When should you change the axle seals

it also shows 15 on the screen

Disconected the speaker used the key in the door and now it wont start ... help me please

Car's emission control light comes on, car looses all power. been to dealership 3+ times, now tell me it's throttle body replace at cost of $1095.00. Is this an appropriate cost. Am retired, can't afford new car, can't afford this kind of $ for repair. Should I try some other mechanic?

My over head map lights both work when I manually push them on. When I open front doors they do not come on but the other overhead lights do come on. This makes no sense to me as it affects both sides, and only when a door is opened, but both work when manually turned on. And yet, the other overheads work either way.

rattle dosnt come when weather is cool or rany. when weather is warm or heat we can hear rattle noise.
can you guys fix it.

the key is stuck in the ignition will not
come out when turn off. it was occasionally now will not come out

it stays on

My Charge/Assist and battery level indicator lights quit working about 3 weeks ago. I purchased a hybrid battery that was reconditioned and supposed to only have apx 30k miles on it. I have installed the new hybrid battery as well as replaced the 12v battery but I still cant get the IMA system to charge the hybrid battery or get the Charge/Assist, battery level lights to come on. Also, my auto stop does not work now. I have also installed a hybrid grid charger and charged the battery. Not sure what else to check/replace.

front motor mount bad

After replacing fuses still no headlights. Been snowing a lot and lots of snow/ice buildup under carriage. What should I look for now?

leaking power steering fluid