I have to buy the wire but 1st I have to drive to the store & then drive another 15 miles. Is it OK to drive the car w/o the wire?

was told transmission clutch needs replacing. need a quote.

Car was fine until I drove in the steep Santa Cruz mountains. D4 light started flashing engine light came on .
Speedometer started jumping.
As soon as I got back to straight road only D4 flashes.

I just replaced the climate control unit, AC work good but when I switch to heat, it seems like the valve is not opening.

the key does not move when trying to start the ignition

My power steering went, then the car died. I started it and went further with no power steering and heard a racket up front of car. Can driving my car minus power steering damage the car further?

Now car wont idle right and stay running. I reset ecu by undoing battery cables and pulling fuses it said on line. What else do I need to do or what could be wrong ? The new parts are off a Japanese engine. My factory engine wasn't Japanese

I've replaced the alternator , have a brand new battery. Good engine everything works. I jump the car and the car won't hold a charge for to long.

Went thru 113 degree desert with hot air only

Recently had 3rd and 4th gears pressure sensors replaced. Now cruise control does not turn on/set speed.

Will not shift into drive e after car warms up.

i am using my original key

When I drive at high speeds there is a rattle from under my front passenger side. It will eventually get to the drivers side but primarily passenger side.

Bought car used with 137k miles. Looks to be well cared for.

My car only has 17,000 miles

The positive cable is corroded all throughout the entire wire and car won't start should I replace the entire cables?

The air conditioning will stop blowing cold air, then sometimes, come back on. Or, when that happens if I switch between Max AC and reg AC, it will come back on.

Have taken to mechanic several times. Will drive for a few days and comes back on. If driving over approx. 20 miles, car will not turn over (all dash lights come on but engine will not engage) until several hours later. Gas cap is on properly.

I'm not sure what's going on but my check engine light came on now my friends aren't working

What blew and what do I replace.i tried putting Freon in but wont take.the clutch wont engage.answer please

I have a 95 civic EX and everytime I make a instant stop are comein up to a stop light the car cut off but starts right back up with no problem... about a weak ago I had the heads and valves redone

replaced alternator, battery is new, its charging fine. The only problem is battery light keeps blinking on and off. Checked for loose cables, corrosion anything, there is nothing. Could it be a fuse or a fuseable cable the problem? Or will the system reset its self?

I have check the cooling fan one fan kicks in when the AC is on but the secondary fan doesn't turn on at all. Check the connector for both fan and power is coming from the one with the AC on and no other one doesn't have one. Wires are tie in together? Any solution

Won't unlock mamially or with key

Won't open with key

It turns on but won't move. It more likely to move when the

And I hooked up computer it's not reading the codes.

we had vibration in steering while and went back to dealer where purchased

It was raining and I drove to the doctor, as I was leaving the car shut off and would not start. Had it towed and when I stick the key in the lights flash and then goes out.

Noticed hood smoking when I got home from the store about 5 days ago, turned off my car and popped the hood. Antifreeze was everywhere mainly on the passenger side under the hood. Saw a small hose about thumb length had a hole where antifreeze shot through. Replaced the hose, easy fix, then started car and it ran for maybe a minute then died. Hasn't started since. It will turn over though, starter isn't a problem. Distributor cap was flooded with oil, cleaned that out and gave it another shot, still nothing. My car turns over and sounds like it's going to turn on but still hadn't. Not sure what I should be looking for here. Why did it die? And why does it still continue not to run? Could it be a big problem? Transmission is brand new as of January 2016. Alternator was replaced last November, fuses are good, starter is good, fluids are good, I'm a little confused. Much appreciated any opinions.