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Is the shifting forks broke

honda replaced the blender motor and found the blend door is binding. They say entree heater bow needs to be replaced. Thoughts and cost?

Lower timing cover was tore up when the belt broke and won't have new one for 2 weeks need car to go work have put new belt on so car runs

I barely got it less then a week

some claim trans warms better in neutral in very cold weather. Not in the civic manual so is it an old wives tale?

The part number is pcs-113

my car did not sound all night and this morning it went off 3 times randomly until i finally dicided to keep it unlocked.

100,000 miles on 2000 Accord and neither have been replaced yet.

I bought this car after a minor accident , No history before I bought it , however it was all minor cosmetic damage 103,000 miles , idles a little rough , installed new plugs , wires , cap , rotor , still the same , seems to clear up when RPMS get above 1300 or so , seems to run a little on hot side from under hood , but temp gauge is normal , any thoughts ?? Also want to ad no odd noises or smells , exhaust has no odor from antifreeze or smoking issue

I changed all mounts and I still have a vibration when I put in gear. Any suggestions?

Pump showed no pressure and there was 4 gallons of water in the gas tank. He replaced the fuel pump but the car is still skipping and sputtering when cranked.

The flex pipe broke the 4D light started flashing no speedometer and it seems like the alternator is out not working

When the lights are off the display is the normal brightness.

on the top of the valve cover there is a pretty big crack in it. will that cause problems.

It just came on this morning. Need to know if it can still be driven until I can get it to shop

when it was running for that time the ideal would rev up then drop back down

My car is leaking coolant from the back side of the engine the side that's closest to my windshield I don't know what it can be but it's overheating and spilling out calling like crazy from the back

just happened today. I can crank & move the vehicle but when I turn off the engine & shift to Park, i cant get the key out..

Checked fuses they are OK and checked the bulb it's fine too I don't know what else to do

I need a new door

Had 4-wheel alignment and tire rotation. Car started making a humming noise afterwards.

I want to go digital

I took my valve cover off to fix the seal and put it back on and now it's doing the engine light click and the radio resets to whenever it clicks

I have a 2004 honda civic and one morning when going to work it didnt stay on as in when i turned the key it would power on but wouldnt stay on unless i was giving it gas? any help?

the alignment is terrible and it feels like the wheels are going to break from the car. whats going on>

I am in the market for a used car. Preferrably sold by owner and I don't have a lot of money. I find cars that I can afford but the mileage is always extremely high. My options at this point is a:
2003 Honda Element with 174,000 miles OR
2007 Dodge Caliber with 106,000 miles. I hear Hondas can go well beyond 200,000 miles with ease which is why I even looked at that one. But I haven't heard much about the Caliber. Any thoughts/suggestions/recommendations? Thanks in advance.

my Honda is stuck in park and was told it could be the fuse

it happened suddenly. but the mini van didn't loose power

Fuses good....both inside & under hood.
Thanks judy

have let gas go empty twice and indicator light did not go on; let oil go down past time to get replaced and didn't go on; Fuses were checked and all were fine.