It is old and flaking off

The car is a 1996 Honda Civic with 255,000 miles.

overheating i think

Gearbox problems

Tires slip almost everytime i apply the brakes

When I am on the freeway I can feel my car pull a little to the right.

I added new freon to the car. For some reason no cold air is coming out of the vent.

It sounds like a loud grinding noise coming from my front left tire.

I've been replacing the filter in my Toyota Yaris for years now, but this is a new (to us) car, and I wonder if the replacement is fairly easy for someone like me, who is not mechanically-minded, to do.

My car has 250k miles on it.

It's a manual transmission.

It also seems to burn some oil as well.

I've been unable to find any damp spots or any signs of mildew

My headlight glass is smoggy and kind of yellowish

I think it might be related to my removed heat shield

I've had my car ten years, and have no idea about her previous history. I'm concerned about the airbags. Do they expire? Should they have been checked or replaced at all?

Want to learn DIY method.

Want to learn DIY methods.

Another car ran into me at a stop light. My bumper is scraped up. How do I know if the damage is just cosmetic or could there be a more serious hidden problem?

I am trying to DIY repairing to save money.

Happens sporadically. Notice it as I'm driving. I immediately check the hand brake and it's not engaged.

its a b18b1 engine. the timing belt broke. is this a low/zero tolerance engine ?

I have a 2000 Honda Accord EX, and whenever I drive over 40 mph, my check engine light comes on, and stays on until I reduce speed. What could be causing this? Is it a sensor?

I recently damaged my car and want to know how much it would be all together with the installation.

I have a 2000 Honda Accord Ex, and whenever I idle at a stop sign or red light, my car begins to overheat. But once I continue moving again, the engine cools down. What causes this?

I have a 2000 honda account v6 and I noticed that my water pump keeps dumping all of my antifreeze on the ground after the car cools down. What causes this?

My ac isn't as cold as it was, I need to know what kind it takes.

I believe it needs to be replaced because it has erratic shifting.

My battery completely died, and after replacing, my radio/stereo control unit is not working. It is asking for a code. Where do I get that code?

When I am in mud the tcs light comes on and it makes a grinding noise.