Iv done a oil change and the next day pretty much all the oil was gone and looked a little milky or watery. Plus white smoke comes out of the exhaust when I crank it but usually stops after a couple minutes . Not sure if there is a oil leak or it's just burning threw the oil way to fast. I have to constantly add oil everyday. Plus I can smell a faint burning smell inside the car when I drive it. The car had about 240,000 plus miles

do you have to replace a timing belt on a 4 cylinder honda accord

I changed transmission and a few sensors but it still doing it what sensor do I need

Just purchased a used 2013 Honda Insight. The drive home was about 26 miles/ 45 minutes, mixed highway avg. 65 mph and city driving. Very few stoplights.
I expected to see a good mpg. The best average number upon arriving home was 27 average mpg.
I've been scouring the internet and the owner's manual to see what the problem could be. The econ button was on the entire time. Everyone else seems to average well above 40 mpg.
Honda will still cover the car under warranty for another 5,000 miles.


car makes squeeking noise when you turn steering wheel

i lost my keys and they dealership is telling me i have to order a new mobilizer etc is this true?

i lost my keys and they dealership is telling me i have to order a new imobilizer etc is this true?

i lost my keys and they dealership is telling me i have to order a new imobilizer etc is this true?

security system light on driver door lock not on-push buton lock on driver door only works when car running- key fob will program but not function

the lights and radio work ,but when i turn the key nothing

How to change a timing belt on a 2002 Honda Insight

I can't fold backseat of my car I need little help plz anybody it's 2014 Honda Accord hybrid thanks

Right side passenger Power door slide cable broke. I'm unable to close door . The sliding door is stuck open half way . I would really appreciate any remedy to fix this problem .

Engine its hot and fan doesn't kick on.

The cable on the passenger power sliding door snapped broke. The door is stuck open at mid point. How can I close the door .

Power sliding door cable broke. Door is stuck open at mid point. It costing to much to repair.

In theaat 6 months, I have replaced my IMA battery, the catalytic converter, engine battery, and the egr valve. The check engine light still never quit and the IMA light came back on the same day. Codes indicate that all replaced items were faulty. I've had it back in the dealership 7 times, and they finally decided to replace the IMA again. I repeatedly asked if it could be a comouter error, they said no, there was no code indicating an error, but no matter what we did, these codes kept coming up. The day i took it in to have the battery replaced a second time, the heat stopped working and the car overheated badly, causing the radiator to require replacement as well as other issues. They said the PCM went bad and failed to operate the cooling fan. They had to manually test the computer to find out it was bad, so I'm wondering if the comouter may have been the problem all along. Does any one have any idea?

I lost my remote key and im trying to use my vaket key but the alarm goes off when i unlock it. Even when i start it, it doesnt stop. After 2 minutes it stops but the anti theft lock still blinks what can i do

i replaced the accessary relay and checked the fuses they seem fine

car engine shuts down while driving.Does it sporadically. Starts right back up immediately.Already replaced the fuel pump and the distributor.

Changed 80a fuse. 30A is blown & will be changing it tomorrow. . Should this fix the issue? . . My son joined the military & all I am trying to do is sell it to make his $ back for him.

1999 Honda Accord 4 cyl Automatic will not move in first gear once warmed up - Works OK cold. Took out solenoids and cleaned filters in one. Only one filter had any trash and wasn't totally clogged. All tested to work. When I put them back in and ran the car, it shifted normally when first driven, as though this fixed the problem - but D4 light was flashing. Once it was restarted, the D4 light no longer flashed and shifting went right back to not having first gear. Other gears shift normally. Have to manually select second to get going once the car is warmed up. It will not go when first is manually selected either. It can be put in first but barely can move much at all even when revved. Acts like torque converter has no fluid when warmed up or that fluid is too light a weight. First gear only.
Just got car for junk price, from "lil' ol' lady" who didn't drive it much and knows nothing about it or what she might have done or had done.
Gammlin that it can be fixed without spendin a fortune.
Reset ECU by pulling battery cable. No change.
How will overfilling affect this? Dipstick shows it to be WAY over full. How much I can't tell.
Engine light is on. Transmission fluid looks like new - red and clean - no sign of debris. Don't have any idea of what kind of fluid is in there.
This is DIY only project. No shops or dealers, so exact and correct answers are needed and appreciated.
Took car to parts house and had them run their scanner. It returned the following codes:
P1491 - Emissions
P0705 - Range sensor circuit malfunction
P0706 - Transmission Circuit Range/Performance
These seem to indicate Neutral Safety Switch problem.
Swapped the old switch out for a new one. Set it to click (neutral) and installed with transmission in neutral. That took a couple of tries to get the gearshift lights to come back on.
Result was that it operated exactly like the old switch - no first gear, no matter if D4, D3, or 1st gear is selected. Info found, as well as diagnostic codes, all direct me to the Neutral Safety Switch.
Still have no first gear. How to get it to work is the question. First gear only works when the car is first started and the fluid is cold. Once warmed up it does not. No problems shifting between other gears once first is bypassed. Having to take off in second then shift to D3 and/or D4.
Can overfilling the fluid do this? Which solenoid can cause this?
Neutral Safety Switch does not look like it is the problem. Even though the error codes pointed to this part as the issue, replacing it with a new unit did not fix problem. Click stop is not audible. Can be felt when devices are rotated, but not heard. Car will not move until this click is set.
The car runs fine EXCEPT it has no first gear after initial warm up. It will only pull the first few minutes while the fluid is cold. Might this be the indicator of what the problem actually is? If it can pull with cold fluid, then the transmission itself is probably not bad.
Can overfilling the fluid do this?
Is it possible that a solenoid is the culprit? If so which solenoid(s) can cause this? Please post diagram. Only found one that had screens/filters. Cleaned it even though it was not dirty. When it was put back in, the car drove normally on first startup but the D4 light blinked. I restarted the car and the D4 light went out and so did first gear.
Fluid is healthy red.
Need information for this model with this exact problem. Did extensive searching on web for information on this without success. No info on having first gear only, not working.

My car had been heating up for a while went to get it checked told it was the water pump leaking but now it wont start

Where is the fuse for this

Have new battery and the alternate is good

My lights and blinkers stopped working and for a while I could get them to work if I played w the key in the ignition while engine running. now that doesn't work.

i have been told the housing, also the gasket

I've been driving the 2008 Ridgeline for 8 years in Dallas. No off-road or towing. Light hauling on local roads and freeways. I want to buy a new 2017 model. Will I notice a difference if I buy the less expensive 2-wheel drive model?

My car was having trouble starting but after a few turns I have always gotten it to start. It started getting worse, meaning it would take more turns to get it to start. It also started a wheezing sound as well. A mechanic told me it was the starter motor but when I took it in today they said it was the ignition switch and after installing the ignition switch they are telling me that the starter motor is going as well. Later in the day it was having trouble starting again. I don't know that they were right about the ignition switch.