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Just started having a leak of coolant under My It's I nice size puddle But truck isn't acting craazure....But What could be The problem
could it possibly be a bearing as shaft goes into the carrier assembly? Or am i looking at a stripped gear or bad carrier assembly? it started a couple days before she told me about it, had her park it as soon as she ...
Brake system bleeding,is it right rear, left rear then right front,then left front last?
While going down the mountains in AZ the steering seems to briefly hang up while braking.
After driving for an hour and a half my dash will say reduced engine power and stability system disabled and when I shut it off for a few minutes it goes away and I'm wondering why??? Any suggestions..Thanks
bright seems ok
Mechanic has been driving accordingly. it's been driven for over 250 miles. still have not heard anything yet> do you have any suggestions? Thx. Vincef
The remote key still unlocks/locks, just will not start the car anymore.
The display works for all other info displays just blank on the three listed. Is there a DIY repair for this issue. Happened one day at normal under normal operating conditions. No codes were thrown as I expected. ...
The ABS lights are not on, the only thing reading is service tire monitor
Tester shows P0121 Throttle Body Sensor. Should I replace? If so, how difficult is it? Advice?
I have a new pittman arm and very well maintained vehicle it usually happens when backing up wont do it stopped and turning wheel back and forth Thanks,Roger
I have five accessory power outlets and only one works, the one closest to the steering wheel.
Sometimes happens more in cooler weather while driving truck stops and says reduce engine control check engine light reads sensor can i change just the sensor or what is the cheapest fix I can do
I was driving down the road and this taribble nois came from my car. it was the front breaks engadging and locking up. Help!
a leak there around oil pan assembly i went many services stations some of them adviced to replace all oil system include gasget and cylate and othe parts, the other one said i'll change drain and let see if its enoug...
I recently purchased a used 2002 GMC Yukon XL Denali with 106,500 miles. She has a 6.0 and is AWD and was the cleanest full size SUV I could find in a 75 mile radius. All the others I found had issues and at least ano...
The Temp gauge was rising. At that time I had the air conditioner on. I immediately pulled over turned off engine. after 2 minutes started it right back up. temp started to rise again. I turned off the air conditione...
I was told the water pump leak is do to too much preasure in engine block and gasket leaking exhaust ?
Power steering fluid low and leaking around master cylinder.