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We already instal update from acdelco sps section new instal programming of HVAC module,Body control module, and Engine control module. Still the same problem
Constant dinging but it's not on.
what will it Cost for a. drive line service b. replace trans cooler line c. replace oil cooler lines d. replace idler and pitman
rear heater stays on hot when I change it to cold
I can turn engine on at times and my gauges will not work----other times it does work. Called dealer and they had no definitive answer.....bring it in it'll probably be $500.
Ever since I got my tires rotated there is a squeaking sound as I accelerate. Sounds like it comes from front drivers side. I can only hear it between 0-25 mph. Also since then , although this isnt really a big deal, ...
wait till the "pig tail" light goes out and try to start and it won't start
How do you dis alarm the anti theft system
The alarm went off one night and the next morning the truck will not start.
the scenarios are all different. today in the automatic car wash the window popped open any ideas
With the engine running in park my neighbor was pressing buttons. When I put it in drive to go it was like in neutral. 1,2,3, and reverse are the same. My jeep has 4wd high low and neutral in neutral all the gears do ...
The low enging power ccauses my truck to run slow even with my feet down on the gas. Also, the stability system disabled shows up on my screen. Can someone help me wiith this?
This is causing blower motor to short out. How can this be resolved??
I noticed the day I got it sometimes it seems track to the left or right and i have to turn the wheel a bit more than normal to bring it back also will dart left or right from time to time when i am breaking
under normal acceleration from first to second the shift feel sluggish if you increase throttle during the shift it will make a nice firm shift otherwise it feels like its going through neutral before shift into second
Originally I changed the front differential. When I finshed I went for a test drive and my rear u joint broke immediately. I repaired the u joint and 1/2 mile later the u joint snapped again.
the sound from the stereo quit working two weeks ago. now i'vee had a dead battery twice this week. first thought it was a bad stereo amp, now not so sure. maybe the bcm is bad? where is it located and how do i test it?
The temp. control actuator defaults to cold and stays there. This is true in automatic mode, using rear A/C controls, or using fwd overhead controls. I have swapped it with the mode control actuator and the problem do...
stabilitrak warning light , traction control warning light service airbag ,brake service , service brake monitoring system please tell what the reason for that REGARD
Is this maybe something I could do on my own if im a mildly capable DIYer?
when driving truck stall on hwy after 30 min. starts misfiring then shuts down will restart after 30 min
high beam lights still work. dimmer switch may be bad
Get a reading saying battery not charging and also service drive control. Left key in truck while in church came out husband put his key in to open door alarm went off cut alarm off drove to friend house got ready to ...
This has happened twice this year when towing my RV on a hot day. Both times left me stranded on a busy interstate and second time on a busy highway. It will not restart for about 45 minutes, then was able to drive ho...
Checked to see if it was my tire but it wasn't.
Said it would be costly because they had to drop the engine or powertrain or something, to get to the oil pan gasket
Will not start after my husband unplugged the radio components to hook up something to my radio. Only makes a clicking noise and security lock is flashing or illuminated.
I have a 2000 GMC Yukon Denali, the radio comes on with no sound, door locks only work with remote, back hatch dont work, All this quit working at the same time, HELP
The road while driving and will not start up for about an hour its getting worst because it would start up after 10 mins
Start issues also ruff idoling at a light had fuel pump check got good pressure fuel guage sapiens around when starting oil pressure guage reads Fine when drops after driving 20 miles when I Drive not good power on ta...