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I have a bunch of water on my passenger side floorboard. I was told to check the AC drain to make sure it's not plugged. Sounds simple but don't know where it is located. Thank you for your help in advance.
Scrapping and when u put Ty our foot on the break to take it out of gear you hear a pop
It will stay on max 80 for 20-30 seconds, then drop to 0 for 10-15 seconds, and keep repeating this pattern. Engine light has come on as well.
radio indicator will not light up. The service man at FH Dailey informed me I need a new radio. Please verify that it is ture.
hi pressure switch melted on back of compressor. replaced switch compressor not engaging put scanner on truck showing a/c request but not engaging can ground one leg of relay and a/c engages .at PCM #43 green wire a/c...
this has happen twice and the last time I soldered the connection but still melted plug
Does anyone know if this can be repaired or replaced?
Cannot lock locks with either the remote or using the lock button on the control area. Also, started truck and shut off. Motor stopped but all dash lights and radio remained on. Running boards and mirrors do not wo...
i tried to swich off and reswich it on again but still nothing change, tried to check oils also every thing is fine. i dont know why gear not shifting to down to R or N ..ect. be noted that the gear's arm is moving bu...
i have tried to change key switch door button wiring harness door switches nothing has worked so far
It always works at first but then stops once it gets warm.
All of sudden while driving yesterday I heard a loud grinding noise and thought maybe the driver wheel had popped off...after stopping the wheel was still on but when I put the truck back in gear to drive it makes a v...
Terrible shaking when brakes are applied. Front left caliper and rotor replaced. Both back rotors replaced, but not pads. Still shaking. If pads in back are replaced will this stop the shaking?
When opened manually it closes prematurely. What's likely happening?
I've replaced Vavle cover and I'm worried about a Rear main seal leak vs Oil Pan Gasket vs. Crankpressure vs. Timing Cover issue. Any advice on how to investigate and fix this in a cost effective manner would be gr...