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The emergency brake light came on a few days ago and was flashing the check engine light came on at the same time but went right back off. The emergency brake light keeps's showing a code by flashing 5 tim...
1988 gmc vandura I'd it on a timer or something the on Motion won't shot it off
put new rods in and need to know how tight I need to set them
smission.Why are the bolts hitting something inside the transmission?
I have a 1990 gmc vandura 2500 which just had tune up, oil change and fuel pump done within the past month. I barely drive it and mostly local runs anyway. It's been doing this since I got it back from the fuel pump a... two weeks ago I received this van from a friend. It has been sitting since july 2014. I was driving from Cocoa Beach, Fl to Jacksonville, Fl...the van died after about 120 miles. All symptoms pointed to a...
Turn lights on no power stepping on gas take them off van drives nomal
When putting brake on it vears right.its getting fluid..
Was driving van and it stalled. Oil pressure low. Put in new oil sensor switch. Not the problem. Oil pump seems to work. Could it be the main bearings or rod bearings?
center link has a longer space between tie rod connection and pitman arm connection and idler arm connection..
A/c compresor looks like it has an extra line coming out pointing to the backand tow lines from the heater hoses
thermostat has been changed, I've added 2 gallons of fluid, there is no noticeable leak, occasionally it will start getting warm then it stops goes cold
can some one help me decide which one to buy for my van i'm tired of replacing the one in the tank
Interior lights used to work then intermittent. Then not at all. What do I look for?
My back side door glass is broken on the bigger of the two doors the broken Window part flips up like on a hinge, I need to know how to remove it so I can replace it .. thank you wayne.
I've changed the bulbs (4), switch, and there are not any fuses in the fuse box still no lights. Thanks
Acting like the rear is seized when you start to pull off (feel drag) thenit clears up and goes ok. Checked and added gear oil, checked transmission fluid and added very little. The problem isnt constant. Just on some...
My van has lost brake pressure and from what i can tell the part that was used in 1995 is no longer available due to issues. what can I use to fix this problem so that i can get my van running again? I have replaced e...