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I drive a 96 GMC Surburban K1500 SLE 5.7 . Had my transfer case serviced not long ago because of a grinding sound. My 4 wheel drive hasn't worked in years. 2hi indicator is not illuminated and get no response from sw...
its been making this horrible popping for about 3 weeks and getting worse, what is it and how much to fix?
Won't start if left off for more than two days. Once started, starts again first time every time within 2 days. Then won't start unless jumped and gas pumped repeatedly. Battery always checks out good. Dealer says no ...
When these stopped working the transmission stopped down shifting. I can manual shift but it takes off in second gear. This happed once before and I only had to restart the truck to fix the problem. But that doesn't ...
went to start in cold morning for warm up, 8 degrees, started with no problem but shut off after a few minutes and will not start now at all. Never had issue before. It sounds like it wants to turn over but just crank...
I was seating there and my heater shut down first then I lost all power
Only in 2wd but it used to only do it in 4wd. Code p0430. Just put on muffler because I bought it without one and that's when it started. Also oil leak from front of engine? Any help fellas?
The vehicle makes a high pitch whine when braking to a stop. Once stopped it feels like the brakes are stuck and the check engine light flashes on. It will go away if the brake pedal is pumped.
front disc brake pads needed changed, cylinder is completely depressed and the new pads are on... I know it is supposed to be a snug fit but it wont go on ... am i missing something?
repair pit crew said that first thing computer test reads is pass lock system how do I fix this problem or can u fix this problem
At first engine light was on unhooked battery to reset computer after these problems occured..before having flywheel repaired there where no other problems
I have replaced both shift solenoid's,the code keeps returning i tested both solenoids for continuity , they are within the specific range. the code is erratic, sometimes it goes off continuously and other times it d...
Also burped cooling system for 30 min at 2000 rpm Any clues why?
Occurs while car in motion. What is this a symptom of more serious problem. Is it safe to drive. Is it likely to quit all together?
when you push harder the brakes want to put you through the windshield. all of this is at low speed