do you have to pull axel

When accelorating during takeoff rpm increase and motor sounds as though it should have shifted already.

To spanish. How do I get them to stay in english?

The heated seat indicator comes on and I shut it off and it constantly comes back on automatically. Any suggestions what the problem would be?

Replaced the front pads the first time @ 137000 mi the rear the first time at 154000 mi. Since then have gone through 4 sets of rear pads and none on the front. Now at 298000 mi rear gone again compleatly front still half there. Without rear breaks there are none front dosent work to hold when in gear.

I've never heard of this .the only way to cut it off is to pull fuse under hood.other wise it will just keep running with switch off and no key.please help

the 4 wd switch is dead rear windows are dead a/c dead

The sound came on fast & is almost constant. Sounds like something is about to seize??

Do you have to remove transmission to replace the oil pump seal like you do when replacing the rear engine seal? I have a severe oil leak that is blowing oil under the entire truck underside. I believe it to be the oil pump seal and not the real engine seal.

How do I remove the starter?

Lights flash, but don't stay on and the seats don't heat up.

The first time we had a problem we had gone to the Dr.and when we came out to start the truck it started and ran for about 15 seconds then died. It would crank but not start. About an hour later after cranking for a few it started. we had a diagnostic done on it it threw a code for crankshaft positioning sensor. We replaced it with a Napa part. As soon as the temperature outside would get above 90 degrees it would quit again. Another diagnostic and the same code came up. so thinking we got a faulty part we had it changed again. Again as soon as it got hot outside it would quit.So we talked to our mechanic and he suggested we try a Delco part that GMC vehicles will only work with Delco parts. So we ordered one. They are on nationwide backorder, so I am assuming this a problem a lot of vehicles are having. What I dont understand is why it only has a problem when the weather gets over 90 degrees. And of course we live in the cenral valley of californa and it is extremly hot in the summer. Does any of this make sense to you? Any thoughts on this problem would be extremly helpful we are just lost at this point. This truck has been such a great vehicle. Oh and btw it only has 48000 miles on it.

My 2004 3500 Duramax loses power while pulling a 35 foot 5th wheel and speed drops to about 40 mph fuel consumtion goes up and engine runs real rough. I stopped and checked trailer brakes and then it ran OK. Also if I shut the engine off for a few minutes, it runs OK. It only deoes this once or twice a day. GMC said it was fuel filter and replaced it, didn't help. They checked computer and it showed no problems. No warning lights come on I'm afraid it is going to leave me stranded one of these days. What do I need to do?

I have removed the wheels, caliper, the axle, and the screw nut in the wheel housing. I see the bearings inside, and the rotor/hub is loose, but it will not slide off. It seems like the bearings are holding the hub/rotor in place. How do I get it to slide out?

Even with ignition off and Key out the blower motor runs. Went to local dealership they say it is not uncommon and I need a new Blower resister module. So I get one and replace it. Still have speratic functions and now nothing. Control panel works fine all fuzes good. no blower. no heat. what am I missing?

mileage was at approximately 18,000 miles when odometer stopped

will not show mileage

Do I need to get them repaired and if so what is the best way? Any that I can do myself....

Where is the heater control valve for the passenger side? What does it look like?

When I turn the a/c on the drivers side and the passenger side
the a/c comes on the driver side but the heater comes on hi even though I turn on a/c high

Brake pedal goes to the floor when applying. I have new rotors and pads all away round the truck, new master cylinder, but the brake pedal still goes to the floor when applying the brake.

Ive got no sound, no door chimes ,no phone or onstar not working the radio seems to function other than no sound.the fuses have been checked ok and it has power running to the stereo. is there a pre amp and where do I find it.

The ABS light goes on and off randomly as I am driving down the road,where is the ground located on 6.6 duramx ,which battery?

while driving my odometer slowly continued to gain speed as I traveled. It continued faster until it couldn't go any higher. When I stop the engine it drops back to around 90mph and then proceeds higher as I start moving

I want more towing stability pulling my 5W travel trailer, but don't want a new truck.

changed motor oil and filter changed feul filter engine still smokes

I have a 2006 GMC 3500 truck and am having problems with a loss of power. I notice this loss of power takes place when my check engine light comes on. I have had the truck looked at but nothing has been found. Is this a defect? Has anyone else had this issue, and if so, how did you resolve it? Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks