The front end is giving me trouble when I turn left it sounds almost like metal rubbing together and then when I go on a straight stretch its has a low rumble in the front end as well. Sometimes it's doesn't screech but always rumbles what could this be?

Truck has 100,000 miles on it. Just a long trips. When Im idling the gauge moves.

I changed the rear calipers on my truck and took precautions not to allow air into the system,but i bled the wheels many times and still the brake pedal goes almost to the floor. i have bled brakes on many vehicles but never had this problem.

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user name Richard Whiskey

New wires plugs, air cleaner. Looked under truck and where exhaust meets with block there is gas ,lots of gas out exhaust.random miss fire on driver side. Will idle though.Plz help

Fuel pump is working fine.

The Green lamp light on the dash is on but no daytime lights. The head lights work fine when you turn them on.

My truck feels like it is in constant struggle to run...as if I'm running on less HP and low brakes

It runs great until you get to the speed you need then it studders and jump's.

OK, I have a 2000 GMC SIERRA 2500 6.0L V8. I just recently purchased this truck and have noticed the brakes being a little jumpy occasionally. Sometimes very bad, sometimes very little, and sometimes perfectly smooth. I pulled the wheels off and checked all of the rotors ( front and back ), and they seem to be worn down (1/16" MAX) (more like a 32nd). Anyways, they look like they have very little wear. I tried to use calipers to check for warping while spinning them and it seems that they are fine. (im no expert though). My problem with the whole situation is if my rotors were warped or worn I would expect my truck to jump everytime i brake, instead, it only jumps (or i notice it jumping the most) at lower speeds 35mph or less, and 3-4 times out of 10 it brakes perfectly smooth which leads me to think, something else could be going on. Has anyone ever heard of this or have any knowledge on this scenario? anything at all would be helpful. thanks

I need to replace the studs

after i refill with fluid i have pressure for a while then over night goes away i have to pump up the pressure on pedal

i have pressure once i refill resorvoir but it wint hold fluid over night

the leak is power steering fluid it does not leak brake fluid. abs lite comes on when the fluid is low.

When I activate my washers, fluid is forcibly blown out the top of the reservoir.
I do get fluid onto the windshield but am losing a ton of fluid out of the top of
the reservoir. How do I correct the issue?

Every now and then when I slow down at a stop light, the engine stalls. I can no longer trust that this truck can get me from point a to point b without stalling. Any ideas would be appreciated. If it's a short or loose ground, where would I begin to look?

the plug gap changes to .040 from .060 with stock and platinum plugs. What are the bet plugs to use in my 6.0 liter engine?

I just recently replaced the engine in my truck(6.0L) and the mechanic was very sloppy, and my 4wd indicator switches don't light up and in feel as though its locked in because it is hard to turn and the front drive shaft jumps when switching gears (P-D)and I had trans filter replaced too, what causes this and how can I fix it?

I have a 2000 GMC 2500 pickup with a 6.0 I go to engage the 4x4 in 4 hi or 4 low or auto 4WD and it switches over and just blinks and dose not go into 4WD I replaced the front axle actuator and the encoder motor and the switch panel and still have no different results

no codes just comes out of overflow

won't go into 4x4 mode

very hard to steer and just about no breaks at all, hydra boost has a small leak at joint of casting between the 2 halves. hope you can help

Is there a abs pump, on my truck?
How do get the right ECBM replacement part number?
Can this problem affect the engine idle? Rough idle?
Truck run great, but has rough idle, and when engine is hot, is hard to start.
thank you

my transfer case was not going into gears right with my 4x4 gm sierra 2500 1999 model. i refilled it with the transfer oil. but i am hearing a whistle noise, it is shifting now and not jumping like the emergency brake is on..do you know what the whistle noise could be???? I am stuck in the mountains needing to go back to ms. should i trust it???

how can you check to see if the transfer case for my 4x4 needs fluid

my truck acts like it is holding back and not changing from 4 wheel to 2 wheel i was told to check the fluid to the transfer box where do i look for this at i have a gmc 4x4 serria series 2500 and when i put my truck in 2 wheel it does ok will it hurt it if i drive it in 2 wheel instead of all wheel drive??

I replaced all the brake lines with Cunifer then bled them at the wheels. The one that goes from the control box (under cab) to rear wheels is leaking. It is screwed in fully and tight but when pressure is applied fluid comes out around the line/fitting. I flared them all the same but none of the others leak. I tried to cut and re-flare it, same problem. Does this one use a different flare? Could it be a problem with the control box? Not sure what to do. Help!