my daughter has a 2000 gmc sierra 1500 4.8 ltr 4x4 . at first start up engine has a knock sound for 2-3 min then is gone for the day. No check engine light visible doesnt burn oil tune up piugs/wires with in 3 mos. . sounds lower end noise not top end. what do i check and how. is it a knock sensor possibly?

I live in s.Fl. Which is the kicker

My purge valve keeps getting stuck open! A new one lasts a couple of weeks and then it gets stuck open too! I've been through 5 in the last few months! What could be the problem?

it just started. i smell the coolant fluid inside the truck when i drive. is this a big problem?

To fix one day they just turned off and never came back on

Will the engine give problems in the future as it is repaired. The truck has done 190,000km.

Not consistent

I have read that the baffle needs replaced and is a common problem in the vortex engines. How much does it cost to repair or is it time to trade?

While driving down the road, once i get to about 58 mph my truck will start shaking. It increasingly gets worse up until about 70 mpg it dies down. Around 62- 63 is definitley the worse. I just got brand new tires, replaced the pitman and idler arm, its been alligned, i dont know what else to do with it.

Truck has 215k miles on it. Im thinking its misfiring? Maybe a coil pack? Help me out please

Vermin entered the heater ducts over the winter and died there. How much will it take to disassemble the heating ducts to get them out? Is there danger of compromising the air bags with this repair?

It will run ok on flat land. It seems to shift ok when in town. But if you throttle it to pass or climb hill, it falls and acts like it is braking and downshifts.

Dont know. Much history about truck the previous. Owner. Has passed. But i put an obd2 on it an no codes fuses are good spedo Works . I've. Also beleve the trans is good. Anyone have any ideas it sure would help

It runs fine after the engine warms up to normal operating temperature. Why or what causes could there be?

Struck can not trun down or off unless pull the fuse

After Driving to store truck wouldn't restart After some testing found alternator failed so replace. Started find
drove few miles again wouldn't start. Tried jumping- check starter & battery
Disconnected power to Alternator after 10 min. reconnected truck starts fine WHY???

Started about two weeks ago. Today's date 12/24/15

it drives fine until i can hear the engine get to about thrd gear when the truck wants to get to about thirty miles an hour and then it idels super high and i have to throw it into tow and haul to get enough power out of it to get up to speed, but it doesnt stay there? Ive seen a couple Q and A"s that have said some thing about vacuum seal leaks and i do have a leak as well...please help

When both lights on the auto 4wd selector switch are lit up the switch gets hot and there is a grinding noise in the transfer case. When only the orange light is on everything is fine. Which light on the 4wd selector switch should be on when the truck is running?

When the vehicle is jacked up and I rock the rear wheels back and forth forcefully, I hear a clunk. It sounds like there is play between the axle and the crown gear.... or something!